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Get Set Go! 7 Ultimate Ways to Prepare for Your First Marathon Run

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Get Set Go! 7 Ultimate Ways to Prepare for Your First Marathon Run

So, you have signed up for your first Marathon Run! Now, what’s next? Many thoughts are striking your mind, such as, “What I am up to?” A marathon may seem tedious and intimidating venture. But, with appropriate planning and preparation, no one can stop you from making through the 26.2 miles aptly.

Moreover, you will be proud of your amazing accomplishment in your upcoming marathon event.

Therefore, are you ready to lift yourself for your first marathon? Just follow these 7 simple ways, and you are all set. Here you go-

  1. Pick the Suitable Training PlanYou can’t tie your laces and start running. Find a plan that helps you build up your endurance and mileage.It is advised to pick the plan that coincides with your current running level. Your plan should include specified mileage and suggested number of days for running to determine if it is viable.

  2. Fueling and Refreshing
    Undoubtedly, you are going to feel hungry after your running session. But, having the right foods at the right time can help you prepare for your first marathon run. You need to ignore oily meals even if you are craving for them.It is recommended to consume foods with a ratio of 3 to 1 protein to carbohydrate to regain energy. Moreover, you can refuel by drinking chocolate milk or protein shake.

  3. Don’t Overthink!
    Just follow the training plan; don’t worry about its results. The great accomplishment for a newbie is to complete a marathon in one go.Regardless of your upcoming event is 15-day away or a month away, keep on increasing your weekly mileage by no more than 15 percent. It reduces the risk of injury over time.

  4. Mental Preparation
    The confidence and mindset level that you established during training influence your outlook and performance on the race day.Know about the event before the race by going to the venue where the marathon will take place. Thus, there will be nothing new for you when you are running the final race.

  5. Physical Fitness
    Whether you are recovering from any serious illness or have just twisted your ankle playing football, it is imperative to go through a medical check-up.You need to see if you are fit and well for your upcoming marathon event. After all, it’s not a walk in the park.

  6. Run 3-4 Days a Week
    For your better training log, note down your run times, daily mileage, and race times and distances. It will help you learn from your training.Moreover, keep one long run, two short runs, and an optional recovery run day. Focus on your run pace one day, and work on it accordingly on the next day.

  7. Always Listen to Your Body
    If you feel tired, rest. If you think training is hard, have one day off, but don’t break the loop. No matter what your training plan says, your body is your good friend during the marathon. Always listen to it and practice up to your stamina level.

Give your best while experiencing your first marathon race.

How Citywoofer can Help You!
If you haven’t signed up for any marathon event yet, but wants to, Citywoofer never lags to introduce you with exhilarating upcoming marathons.And of course, if you want to register your event, you are most welcome from the people of this fanatic city who turn out every year to support the runners taking part.Thus, ditch the headphones and soak up the good-time atmosphere that marathon events generate.

Walkathon & Cyclothon – A Sports Meet For A Better Future

By Citywoofer Team
Walkathon & Cyclothon – A Sports Meet For A Better Future

As responsible citizens of ‘the land of five rivers’, it becomes our duty to ourselves and our nation to pay due attention to the water crisis and pollution that the world is suffering from today. And here is a Walkathon cum Cyclothon that aims to do just that.

What  : UBS & EFSO presents Walkathon and Cyclothon
When : Mar 25, 2018 | 6:30AM – 8:30AM
Where: Gandhi Bhawan, Punjab University

With two manmade lakes in our megalopolis, and an unending stream of rivers flowing through the Punjab-Haryana heartland, we citizens of the tricity may have grown accustomed to abundance of water. Nevertheless, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that the world today is dealing with a major water crisis and very little is being done about it.

As the second most populous country in the world, India is a major contributor to planet Earth’s water crisis. A number of India’s rivers are considered holy, and yet due to overuse and abuse of our holy rivers, most rivers have become so polluted that it is impossible to use them for water consumption. Moreover, industrialisation has played a major role in contributing to the water crisis. As a result of biological and industrial waste, over 70% of the nation’s water is polluted in one way or another. Moreover, groundwater reserves have also been significantly contaminated due to industrial waste. Most rivers have been deemed unsuitable for human consumption, thus paving the way for water scarcity problems.

Water scarcity should no longer be ignored. Not only are we facing an impending drought, but even day to day water consumption of the everyday citizen is already at risk. Additionally, water is an important resource for growing crops, i.e. the very food we eat. Water pollution poses an imminent threat to irrigation of crops and that in turn will affect the food that we consume. Food chains of the Earth’s ecosystem are heavily dependent on water for survival. However, water from lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans are getting more and more polluted by the day due to littering and improper waste management.

Recognising the need to increase awareness about India’s water pollution crisis, the Business Club of University Business School (UBS), Chandigarh in association with Eco-Friendly Sports Organisation (EFSO) is organising a walkathon and cyclothon event on World Water Day. The water problem is no longer a problem of the future, but a present day crisis that is affecting the everyday survival of humans, animals, and plants. Come be a part of this event in order to work towards a solution for this impending disaster.

To register yourself for the event, click here.

Samavesh – A 15km Cycling Expedition

By Citywoofer Team
Samavesh – A 15km Cycling Expedition

If you’ve been frequenting the Panjab University campus in the last one week or so, you’re sure to have spotted NCC Cadets cycling all over the place like it was their sole aim in life. We have news for you – it’s all in preparation of the upcoming cycling expedition, Samavesh.

What  : Samavesh Cycling Expedition
When : Mar 10, 2018 | 7:30AM onwards
Where : Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab University

If you think about it, the cycle has been one of the oldest independent modes of transport in our country. From back when there were no cars and scooters, there were only bullock carts and the like. But the problem with those was that one had to be dependent on an animal to move the ‘vehicle’ from one place to another. And then came the cycle! Possibly one of the first means of transport where you needed no external source (except your own strength) to run it.

Even today, the cycle remains the only mode of conveyance that requires simple human force to move it, without the need for any additional resources such as that in cars, busses, etc. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, cycling has today become more of an exercise regime and only a very small percentage of the population uses the cycle a transportation vehicle. Be that as it may, cycling will never go out of fashion. And for those who solely indulge in cycling for its fitness quotient, well, more power to them!

The National Cadet Corps of Panjab University are out to promote a similar attitude to cycling through Samavesh – a 15km cycling expedition. The expedition is open to any and everyone who wishes to participate in the expedition. Starting from Gandhi Bhawan inside the university campus, participants will ride up to Sukhna Lake and then back to the university. NCC cadets have been out and about promoting this expedition and spreading the message of health and fitness, through freeze mobs and cycle rallies. If marathons and fitness challenges aren’t your thing, then perhaps try this one out. What’s more, you’ll even be rewarded with a medal, a certificate, and some cool refreshments for it.

A One-Of-A-Kind Fitness Fest in Chandigarh

By Citywoofer Team
A One-Of-A-Kind Fitness Fest in Chandigarh

Fitness has become the latest trend in Chandigarh, what with marathons and health-centred events happening all over the tricity on an almost weekly basis. Here’s a one-stop event that brings together healthy-living and physical wellness for all those out there who are conscious about leading a proactive lifestyle.

What : Fitness Fest Chandigarh
When : Mar 8 – Mar 10, 2018
Where: New Lake, Sector 42

Online healthcare venture BioProNut has collaborated with Chandigarh Tourism, SwatiModo, and World Healthal Trust to bring about the Chandigarh Fitness Fest – a one stop platform for fitness freaks to understand and engage with the health and fitness industry – consumers and investors included – and gather insight into the range of services and goods available today. The motivation behind this initiative is to generate awareness, development, opportunity, and more for those who lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Their aim is to Make India Fit and to promote fitness and health awareness across India by raising awareness of the health issues a lay man faces today due to significant changes in our lifestyles and the environment. In accordance with this objective, the three day long fitness fest will provide various awareness tools such as a free medical checkup and mass diagnosis, along with providing medical digitisation. Additionally, live fitness activities and sports will be conducted at the venue, with a focus on encouraging cross-culture fitness.

The thing about fitness is that there is no one way to approach it, and the organisers behind the Chandigarh Fitness Fest themselves recognise and endorse this opinion. Thus, activities at the fest will not only focus on athletic modes of fitness but also on dance forms and martial arts and meditative practices that bring about a healthy lifestyle. Workout sessions will include Zumba and Desi Bhangra, along with yoga camps, running challenges, and freestyle dance competitions. A Mixed Martial Arts show is also in store for those with a more rugged approach to fitness. The competitive kinds can partake in the exciting fitness challenges lined up.

Along with a medical health check up, the organisers have made provision for medical digitisation that allows you to avail discounts at various medical services online and at your doorstep. A free diagnosis camp and a cancer camp are also going to be present at the fest. The organisers have also made arrangements for a detailed and informative discussion on the importance of preventive healthcare and the need for health insurance to safeguard our survival in this increasingly unhealthy world.

The enthusiastic lot will have access to public interactions with bigtime fitness celebs to take inspiration from. Moreover, a fitness centric food fest is also in store for those looking to make a dietary change to their lifestyle. So head on over simply because it’s such a one-of-its kind fest, you may not have the opportunity to visit one again.

What Makes The SBI Green Marathon Different From Other Marathons

By Citywoofer Team
What Makes The SBI Green Marathon Different From Other Marathons

There’s plenty of marathons happening out there, big scale and small. But if environment is your cause and you simply like to run, this is the marathon to attend.

What  : SBI Green Marathon – Chandigarh
When : March 4, 2018 | 6AM onwards
Where: Chandigarh Club Road, Sector 1

State Bank of India, in collaboration with Radio Mirchi has set about organising a marathon with a cause, i.e. environmental sustainability and the impact of human activities on nature. The SBI Green Marathon is being held across six major cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahemadabad, Chennai, and Chandigarh. The initiative intends to promote the idea that sustainability is a lifestyle choice that every individual must adopt and to create awareness about the grave imbalance caused by humans, in nature as well as within their own lifestyles.

The six city event focuses on how running events such as this marathon can minimize environmental decay and create a social impact that the future generations, and the earth itself, will benefit from. Being such a large scale and influential bank and radio station respectively, SBI and Radio Mirchi have taken it upon themselves to spread the message of caring for the environment while caring for society. Moreover, a sustainability report will be generated about the various steps taken during these marathons to minimize carbon footprint and generate social impact. This report will be in the form of a public document accessible by anyone who wishes to partake in this initiative.

This one isn’t just for competitive marathoners, but also for those who simply want to contribute to the cause. Running categories include the timed 21k (half marathon) and 10k race, along with a 5k and 2k option for amateurs, beginners, and anybody who wants to run for fun. In keeping with the theme of the event, the participants will also receive plant saplings, soluble bibs with seedlings, and an exclusive recycled t-shirt. Perplexed yet? Allow us to explain.

The organisers collaborated with PlasticIndia Foundation and recently unveiled a special t-shirt made out of 2,00,000 plastic bottles, thus making their way into the Guinness Book of World Records. No, this is not what the participants will be given to take home. However, t-shirts for participants have been made out of a special cloth created from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Moreover, the running bibs have been designed with a vision to be planted after use. They take their commitment to the environment seriously in the hope that you will too.

The promise to yourself and to the environment is the most effective takeaway that you will come back with, along with a sapling to implement your promise. Environmental destability is a serious concern for us and the generations to come. This is not an event to just admire from a distance, but one to actively partake in for a better future for us all.

Advantages of Jogging in Chandigarh That You’ll Definitely Agree With

By Citywoofer Team
Advantages of Jogging in Chandigarh That You’ll Definitely Agree With

Chandigarh has always had a healthy and thriving jogging culture among its people. If you wake up early in the morning and walk to the nearest garden, you’re sure to find men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes and age groups out and about their daily morning exercise regimes. Be it walking, jogging, sprinting, or just body exercises, the gardens are alive with fresh, energetic activity all the way to noon. Come evening, the vigorous and lively spirit of the city picks up again around these hubs of outdoor activity. If you’re a jogger and you’re fond of exploring the gardens and streets of Chandigarh, then here are some advantages of jogging in the city that you will definitely agree with.

It’s a beautifully green city:
That’s right. That’s the very first thing that any of us – whether native to Chandigarh or not – experience on our very first run in the city. The greenery is never ending and the verdant shades of the vegetation around constantly changes, presenting us a whole palette of colours to admire while jogging. Flowers in full bloom are an additional perk during spring and summer.

The friendly neighbourhood Spiderman:
Well, maybe the Spider Man doesn’t exist. But the friendly neighbourhood certainly does! Fellow walkers and joggers will always pass with a welcoming nod, and the odd one here and there will sometimes stop to admire you or to motivate you. The vibe of other runners and joggers is great on any given day, making jogging all the more fun amidst all that greenery and colour.

Mountains are a stone’s throw away:
Well, not literally. But that’s the charming thing about it! If you need a flat surface to jog on, obviously there’s no dearth of long straight roads and running tracks in Chandigarh. But those looking for the one-off experience of trail running don’t have to go very far either. From the surrounding hills to even the forest reserve behind Sukhna Lake, an offbeat muddy track is always available if you want the uphill – downhill endurance push.

Public toilets ‘round every corner:
Remember when you were a kid in school and to excuse yourself for the loo you would walk up to the teacher and say, “Ma’am, may I go to the corner?” Well, this one can be taken literally. Thanks to the Chandigarh government’s dedicated service to its people, there are multiple public urinals and cleaning facilities available in every sector. All you have to do is be on the lookout, or better still, just ask a passerby.

Bright and sunny with a dash of clouds:
The weather on a given day can heavily influence your daily jog. Luckily though, the gods above Chandigarh seem to be plenty pleased with the city. Be it summer, winter, spring, or autumn, the morning and evening skies draw the old and young out of their homes on a daily basis. Though summers can get plenty hot and monsoon can get pretty humid, for most of the year the weather remains pleasant in Chandigarh, ideal for a regular jogger.

Pit-stops! Pit-stops everywhere:
And certainly enough to drink. A big glass of cold refreshment after a long jog – such delight! From fresh juices to bottles of water to warm chai, it’s all available in pretty much every market of every sector across the city. Heck, it need not even be after a long jog. You could simply be taking a break and can go right back to your athletic workout after a refreshing glass of your preferred beverage. Remember to carry your wallet though!

There’s something in the air:
It’s true, isn’t it? The air seems to be forever fresh and clean, especially inside parks and gardens. Though it is also true that with increase in population there is rapid increase in air pollution. And yet, those who want to seek will always find little spots that contain the fresh smell of wet earth, of mowed grass, of fragrant flowers and of ripe fruits. The pleasure of breathing in all this healthy air at the thump of every step is an experience not found in most big cities across this country.

Runner’s Groups in Chandigarh That You Should Know About

By Citywoofer Team
Runner’s Groups in Chandigarh That You Should Know About

Earlier this year, Chandigarh was adjudged the city with the most number of runners in India by a famous sportswear company. We’ve always been a city of healthy citizens who step out for their daily walk, morning and evening. And the wide variety of gardens sprawling all over the city beautiful are further testimony to that. In the last few years, however, there seems to have been a sudden burst of fitness enthusiasts. The lazy lot are stepping out of their comfort zone and giving rise to a new running community in the Tricity. Here’s a look at some of the established running groups that are spearheading the athletic revolution on our homeland.

Chandigarh Runners
In September 2014, a handful of Chandigarhians came together with the aim of turning Chandigarh into the running capital of India by promoting a healthy, fitness-centric lifestyle. Thus was formed the first and oldest of running groups in the tricity, i.e. the Chandigarh Runners. As of today, the group has an active following of 800 fitness enthusiasts and claims to be the largest running group in the tricity. Members meet every Sunday morning for a weekly run. Each session is conducted at a new location, usually on hills and trails on the outskirts of the city. Additionally, special occasions round the year, such as Independence Day, Diwali, et al, witness the group coming together to celebrate said occasion in a healthy way. Chandigarh Runners has been actively conducting large-scale sponsored running events such as Night Runs, Reebok Sunday Runs, etc, that sees active participation of running lovers in the city. To get in touch with them, you can visit their Facebook page

Chandigarh Distance Runners
Chandigarh Distance Runners, or CDR, was formed in mid-2016, with a group of about 8-10 members, with the sole aim to pass along and benefit from information regarding healthy running. Over time this group has gathered momentum and today claims to be one of the largest running groups in the tricity. With its members participating in half marathons, full marathons, and even ultra marathons, the Chandigarh Distance Runners have surely had a role to play in the overall rise of the athletic community in the Tricity. Apart from short distance running sessions, they also hold long distance running sessions every Sunday. Additionally, an intense training and endurance workout session is conducted once a week. The sole motive of this non profitable group is to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle within all spheres of life. You can get in touch with them via their Facebook page

Weekend Runners
The Weekend Runners is a platform that believes in the power of small motivational runs that eventually contribute to a person’s long term fitness journey. In October 2016, Gangandeep, a fellow Chandigarhian, took to running on a regular basis so as to keep his health in check. By February 2017, the Weekend Runners had taken birth. Today the group boasts of approximately 20-30 active participants as part of their weekly runs, while special events receive an attendance of at least 45-50 running enthusiasts. The group gathers at a chosen spot every Wednesday and Sunday morning at 5:30am, from where the respective members can push for a 5km, 10km, or 21km run, as per their individual capabilities. Additionally, each member is expected to post their daily workout updates on the WhatsApp group in order to retain their membership. The membership itself is free of cost and open to anyone willing to be part of the initiative. To get in touch, visit their Facebook page

The Run Club
The Run Club was officially born in January 2016 but had been casually operating amongst the founder group of friends since July 2015. Today the group is a healthy 60 to 70 members strong and is all about spreading the joy of running in the city, while also emphasising on the need to create friends and build camaraderie within the running community. They actively hold running sessions four times a week, with the added option of evening runs for those who can’t make it to morning sessions. The choice of track differs per session, though limited to roads that remain relatively light in traffic, such as the Rose Garden Road or the Lake Road. Short treks are also organised once a week at the outskirts of the city. Additionally, the club occasionally holds charity runs, the proceeds of which go towards sponsoring a sports person who lacks the financial support or opportunities necessary to pursue their discipline. To get in touch, reach them at