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Fri, 3 Nov 2023, 5:05 PM - Thu, 30 Nov 2023, 5:05 PM

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When was the last time you had a hearty laugh? We're talking about the kind of laughter that makes your sides ache and your cheeks hurt. Well, get ready for an evening of just that! Manoj Prabakar's Thinking Out Loud stand-up comedy online show is about to hit your screens, and it's a guarantee for non-stop giggles.


Why not round up your loved ones, prepare your favorite snacks (popcorn is a classic choice), and make it a family affair filled with relentless laughter? Manoj Prabakar is a master of clever humor and witty storytelling. He's here to take you on a rollercoaster ride of hilarity that will leave you in stitches.


Circle the date on your calendar, and get ready for a barrel of laughs. Thinking Out Loud is the perfect recipe to brighten up your life for a while and bond with your family. Stay tuned for the show's release on 03 November 2023, and be prepared to laugh until you drop!


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