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Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of Panjab University, Chandigarh, appeared socially with the motto “Giving Wings to Your Ideas.” Think of an idea, and you can execute it with EDC. Its main idea was to replenish the conventional problem-solving model in the world that was simply not as effective as was thought earlier. We at EDC believe that Entrepreneurship is the most vital key to reach a better pivotal level of growth and prosperity. All great things take time. Since our establishment, we have created a nurturing environment for budding entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial minds by conducting workshops, events, seminars, boot camps, interactive sessions, pitching sessions, and many more such endeavors proven to be stepping stones for many individuals and teams alike. 


Vision: EDC insight has always been to be the helping hand that helps you take your baby steps, the unfazed shoulder that sticks around during tough times, the stepping stone that becomes the basis for your leap forward, and then the pathway that leads you to your success. We know of your seemingly impossible dreams. This is us telling you. “They aren’t so incomprehensible!” We’re here to guide you and, in turn, be directed by you. We’re here for the better. We’re motivated. Are you? 


Upcoming Events: EDC Intern Fair 4.0 


Past Events: 

  • Udyami 2018 
  • Udyami 2019 
  • Intern Fair 2018 
  • Intern Fair 2019 


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