TiECON Chandigarh 2019, an Event for Entrepreneurs | Startups

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TiECON Chandigarh 2019, an Event for Entrepreneurs | Startups

TiECON is an oasis of timeless knowledge and expertise that aids in creating a positive ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors. It has been motivating up-and-coming entrepreneurs and helping them have an edge over others by holding regular workshops and networking meetings, along with providing one-on-one mentorship too.

What: TiECON Chandigarh 2019
When: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm, 16th February 2019 (Saturday)
Where: Indian School of Business, Mohali Campus

The mission of TiE is: “To foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education, funding and incubation. With a focus of giving back to the community, Tie’s focus is on generating and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

TiECON has acclaimed business leaders from all over India and abroad, who in the day-long summit, inspire the aspiring entrepreneurs with their thought-provoking ideas, mentoring sessions and discussions. It is also a great opportunity for them to mingle with various other like-minded and driven individuals, offering them so much to learn in just one day.

TiE Chandigarh has come up with yet another edition of its flagship event TiECON Chandigarh 2019. The 4th edition of this elite conference is scheduled on Saturday, 16th February 2019 at Indian School of Business, Mohali Campus. Expected to be the biggest entrepreneurial event in the northern region, it will lay emphasis on the opportunities and challenges that the budding entrepreneurs face when they begin their journey and will make sure that they embark on the path to success that knows no bounds.

The esteemed speakers of TiECON Chandigarh 2019 are: an author and superb motivational speaker – Shiv Khera, an innovator with a track record of success in Consultancy, Education and Global Information Technology – Dr. Ganesh Natarajan,  business magnate – Karan Singh Thakral, success after multiple failures – Sidu Ponnappa, serial entrepreneur and a seasoned businessman – Vikas Bagaria and many more such idols from the business world.

TiECON is a significant platform for all the startup founders to draw inspiration from the failures and success stories of those who have made it big in their lives and with their pearls of wisdom, take off on their own journey to creating history.

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TED-Ed WOW 2018 & eChai Ludhiana

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TED-Ed WOW 2018 & eChai Ludhiana

We’ve all attended and heard of TEDx events… But what is a TED-Ed meet and when is the next one happening near you? Read on to find out!

What: TED-Ed WOW Meet 2018 – World of Words II
When : June 2, 2018 | 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Where: Park Plaza, Ludhiana

Okay, first things first. To put it very simply, a TED-Ed Club is TED’s youth and education initiative. In the spirit of ‘ideas worth sharing’, TED-Ed was created as a program of local, self organised events that combine TED Talks videos, TEDx speakers, and live student speakers to create and share a TED-like experience of thought provoking discussions. TED-Ed events are operated under a license from TED.

When and where can you attend one such meet? In Ludhiana of course! On Saturday, June 2, 2018. The brains at TED-Ed Club Ludhiana figured it was high time they hosted another TED-Ed Meet to spark intellectual conversations and bring world class ideas to Ludhiana, and through that, to all of North India. Folks from all across this part of the country flocked to the event last year and this year promises to be even more successful.

But before we start talking about this year’s speakers, there’s something more you should know. A special, invite-only, pre-event launch of a startup talk series called eChai Ludhiana is all the buzz right now. The entry to this pre-event is restricted to ticket holders of the TED-Ed Ludhiana WOW Meet 2018, so all the more the reason for you to register asap for this one of a kind meet.

eChai Ludhiana is an initiative to bring entrepreneurs from Ludhiana and around to come together to connect, share, collaborate, and co-rise! The idea is to host a series of talks on a fortnightly/monthly basis, that will be oriented towards startup ventures, early mentorship, and engagement with the entrepreneurial community. This Startup Growth Series is projected to be a first of its kind startup talk series in Punjab. The launch of eChai Ludhiana will take place just an hour prior to the main event, i.e. from 11:30AM – 12:30PM. A single idea can change a person’s life, they say. Who knows, this talk series might just be the thing to change yours!

The eChai Ludhiana pre-event launch will be followed by the regular proceedings of the TED-Ed WOW Meet, with the promise of some very engaging and stimulating sessions in store. Here’s all you need to know about some of the speakers, before you actually see them live.

Shubhi Sachan is a Mumbai-based sustainable materials designer cum researcher. That’s right, she uses her research work on sustainable materials and waste products to create designer wear clothes, under her label Jambudweep. She’ll have you know interesting facts such as ingredients for skin cleansers can be fashioned from rice husk ash. Did you know that?

Jahan Geet Singh, a 19 yr old from Chandigarh, is poised to be the youngest internationally recognised female dhol player in India. A law student by education, she started out playing the dhol as a mere hobby that has now turned into her primary profession and passion. She was first noticed by a US-based periodical for world drummers and already has more than 200 stage performances to her credit at such a young age. Catch her live at the TED-Ed Meet this June.

We hear little quips in the news or on social media about child prodigies every now and then. But here’s your chance to watch one live! A mere 9 yrs old, Sehajdeep Singh Kohli is nothing short of a human computer. He made his first asian record at the age of 3, wherein he managed to recognize the flags of 105 countries in just 52 seconds. He is also, incidentally, the youngest TEDx Speaker in the country.

What do you understand by the words, ‘use of collaborative drones for orthographic imaging’? Ankit Bhateja will tell you exactly what those words mean since that is part of his area of research. He founded his startup Xovian back in 2011 and is currently a fellow at SAM Global and a mentor at CEED Chitkara University. Ankit has also previously held audience to his words at events like the Design Summit, Indian Space Conclave, United Nations Influx, and CII/FICCI 1st Commonwealth SME Trade Summit. Just his sheer public speaking experience makes us curious about him, doesn’t it?

An expert TEDx Speaker from IIM Kashipur and Lovely Professional University, Mandeep Kaur Tangra is an enterprising woman who believes that the next great e-commerce idea need not necessarily come from a metropolitan city, but could come from anywhere! Driven by determination and perseverance, and an upholder of honesty as an integral value for success, she stands by the quote, “Want to try the toughest thing ever and do something great in life? Try being honest in everything you do.”

Amanbir Walia is a Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant who founded a virtual training academy called LearnPPCwithme that focuses on imparting digital marketing skills to individuals and business groups. She is also a certified advertiser from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot. She was recently brought on board as the Lead Trainer for Digital Marketing at the Chandigarh branch of Tata Institute of Social Sciences. If that wasn’t enough to convince you as to why you should attend her session, here’s more… Amanbir is currently working on UN’s sustainable development programme Good Health and Well-being through her own project called Shaping Vision, as an officially recognised Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum.

So what’s the wait then? Head over here and purchase your tickets for the TED-Ed WOW Meet 2018 today! You won’t regret it, we promise.



Seminar on EdTech – The Need of The Hour Today

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Seminar on EdTech – The Need of The Hour Today

There’s no denying how advances in technology and internet have changed our perception of the world and how we interact with it. Today’s experience of the learning mind is far more comprehensive than, say, even 15 years back. However, as responsible adults, we need to channelize how technology and internet are used for the education of today’s generation of growing children and that’s exactly what this seminar is out to do.

What : EdTech : Novel Ways of Teaching and Learning
When : Apr 14, 2018 | 4PM – 6PM
Where: Workcave, Sector 37-C

If the learning experience of millennials is charted against that of the premillennial generations, there’ll be a stark contrast in the ways of learning and imbibing knowledge between the two and thus a stark difference in the brain activity of the two. With technological advances taking place all around them, the young adults of the last 20 years have had a different kind of exposure to the world in a way that their parent generations have not.

Old is gold, they say. And perhaps that is why schools and institutions across the country are still turning to books as the best source of knowledge and learning. But with change in lifestyles and how information is consumed today, it is but obvious that the next step is to incorporate technology into learning habits and patterns for today’s generation of growing children. The integration of the two does not simply point to modernity in education, but also expands the scope of what is being learnt and how it is being learnt.

Thus, Workcave is hosting a seminar on the integration of technology with education for teachers, parents, and guardians alike. The seminar hopes to cover certain key topics in technology-based learning such as the importance of it and the role that it plays in education. Moreover, ideas will be bounced regarding how technology can be transformed from a mode of distraction to a mode of effective learning for children.

Each kid has their own learning graph and this seminar aims to find a solution to how individual learning curves can be incorporated into personalized learning methods for every child. Technical advances are only going to become more elaborate over the coming years and that’s another aspect that the seminar wishes to cover, i.e. how to adopt the future of technology and improvise upon traditional learning methods.

The session will be conducted by TabSchool Inc., a Chandigarh based EdTech startup that focuses on students’ progress through easy and successful learning with the help of their cloud-based education software. Their vision is to make education accessible to everyone.

To attend the seminar, prior registration is required. Click on the link below to register.

Panjab University all set to host the TEDx stage

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Panjab University all set to host the TEDx stage

TED which was initially known to be a convergence of Technology, Entertainment and Design, has been enlightening the people since 1984 with its spellbinding talks by immensely influential speakers. Presently it has been successful in bringing to stage a wide range of topics, from around the world, sharing ‘ideas worth spreading’, overcoming all the language barriers. It is indeed a very useful and noteworthy conference platform for people who are knowledge hungry  and are curious about deeper meanings of life, particularly those unique gems that have the power to bring about a mighty change in lives and the world.

TEDx is an initiative of TED and is an event that is independently organized, the purpose of which is to give a TED-like experience to the people who are intrigued about some unusual real life experiences and want to imbibe from them various pearls of wisdom to be implemented in their own lives. It supports the organizers who want to create a local TED-like event in their own community, presenting live speakers and even allowing the screening of some famous TED talk videos.

With so many stories wanting to be heard and inspire the world, we never have enough of them. With an intention to send impactful and strong vibes across the tricity, TEDxPanjabUniversity is being organized on 7th April. The long list of speakers has been creating a hype. The esteemed speakers include British Punjabi actress- Mandy Takhar, the famous dancer, choreographer and actor- Raghav Juyal, World Champion in public speaking at Toastmaster International- Mohammed Al Qahtani, the CEO of HT English, HT Media Ltd- Rajeev Beotra, Asst. Vice President at Reliance Industries Ltd- Anand Bhatnagar, an engineer who served the Indian Navy for 23 years and now a famous stand up comedian- Cdr. (Ret.) Manish Tyagi, Famous DJ- Gouri Sharma, an Indian Army career officer (retired), academic, journalist, author, corporate trainer and social worker- Maj. Gen. (Ret.) G. G. Dwivedi, India’s only woman to finish the most grueling cross-country rallies in the country including the mighty Raid-de-Himalaya and magnificent Desert Storm on a motorcycle- Ms. Sarah Kashyap. More speakers will be updated soon.

With such learned, bold and impressive speakers, TEDxPanjabUniversity is surely going to leave its mark. It is a golden opportunity for all those people, who are highly inquisitive and derive inspiration from real life heroes. The tickets for this wonderful experience are available on CityWoofer. Book your tickets to TEDxPanjabUniversity. Participate in the ongoing contest to win a Rs 300 discount on General Ticket. This is an event that will surely change your perception and will leave an everlasting impact on your mind.

In Conversation with Geetika Dayal, Executive Director at TiE (Delhi-NCR)

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In Conversation with Geetika Dayal, Executive Director at TiE (Delhi-NCR)

India has a richly thriving startup ecosystem today, and is only paving the way for more to crop up and become the next leaders of the economy. Startups need entrepreneurial risks, or better, risk-taking entrepreneurs with a vision that demarcates their venture from the rest. Here is a talk for those on the lookout for what separates the winning ideas from the losers.

What : Geetika Dayal in Conversation with Sumeer Walia
When : Mar 26, 2018 | 4PM – 5:30PM
Where : Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation, MDC-4, Panchkula

Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CEED), Chitkara University has cordially invited Geetika Dayal, Executive Director of TiE Delhi-NCR for a conversation with Director of CEED, Sumeer Walia for an insight into the world of entrepreneurship and the enabling of startups in the current ecosystem of corporates.

TiE or The Indus Entrepreneurs is a not-for-profit organisation that was set up in Silicon Valley, USA in 1992 by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region to foster entrepreneurship at a global scale through mentorship, networking, and education. To this day, their aim continues to be the nurturing of the next generation of entrepreneurs. As Executive Director of TiE Delhi-NCR Chapter, Geetika Dayal has played a key role in giving the Indian entrepreneurial system a megaboost.

Under Ms Dayal’s leadership, TiE Delhi-NCR has been a five time winner of the TiE Global Award for being the Best TiE Chapter globally and was also awarded at the World SME Conference 2016 for Exemplary Work in Building the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Small Businesses in India.  Moreover, Geetika Dayal herself was felicitated as an Enabler of the Ecosystem for Startups by CNBC Young Turks. She has previously been conferred the Best Executive Director Globally by TiE and has received the Chairman’s Award for her exceptional contribution and service to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Geetika’s leadership has seen TiE Delhi-NCR working relentlessly towards organising special interest focused group events for startups, women entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, youth, and early stage entrepreneurs. Their effort remains to create a bridge between startups and policy makers, academicians, corporates, and investors. She joined TiE in 2001, when it was in the early stage of its inception in India, and has been the guiding factor of TiE making a mark on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Join her in conversation on March 26 to understand the finer nuances of how to make an impact in the thriving startup ecosystem of today’s economic sector.

Chandigarh Urban Festival Sky Lantern Evening – A Festival of Lights!

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Chandigarh Urban Festival Sky Lantern Evening – A Festival of Lights!

Imagine a pitch black night sky dotted with a thousand lights – no, not stars, we mean lights, lanterns,
and fire! That’s what this Sunday night is going to be all about. The Chandigarh sky will be lit like a
wedding and we promise you it’s a spectacle you don’t want to miss!

What  : Chandigarh Urban Festival Sky Lantern Evening
When : March 25, 2018 | 4:30PM – 9:30PM
Where: People’s Plaza, Capitol Complex, Sector 1

They call Diwali the festival of lights. True. But nobody said we have to celebrate it only once a year,
right? That’s why Chandigarh Urban Festival is hosting a sky lantern evening as part of its closing
ceremony on Sunday, March 25. An estimated 1000 sky lanterns are going to be released by fellow
Chandigarhians and if you want to be part of this celebration, then you need to head over here and
register yourself now!

The Chandigarh Urban Festival has been an ongoing celebration of the cultural diversity and urban
architecture of the city beautiful, for the last two months. It was an endeavour undertaken by the Act!

Chandigarh to create an interactive platform for citizens, academicians, students, politicians, and
bureaucrats to come together and debate, discuss, and celebrate the existence of Le Corbusier’s
visionary city, i.e. Chandigarh!

The Festival will culminate with the Grand Carnival this Sunday, with a variety of programmes lined
up for a truly enriching experience. Starting with the Grand Open Hand March, which will be held at
Jan Marg and will showcase 2400 performers – a mix of professional and amateur folk, classical,
contemporary, and freestyle dancers and musicians. Carnival groups will be dressed up for
masquerade, wearing wigs, masks, funky dresses, and painted faces. Here’s a chance for a truly public
celebration with elements of circusry for tricity residents to come in costumes and masks and join in
the fun.

Did you know that Le Corbusier had designed Jan Marg as a 100m wide ceremonial street for the
purpose of parades, carnivals, and grand ceremonies? Only that it was never used for its intended
purpose and has simply remained a common street to this day. Thus, for the very first time, by way of
the Open Hand March, the Chandigarh Urban Festival will put this street to its actual use.

The March will be followed by a coordinated release of sky lanterns at dusk by tricity citizens at the
People’s Plaza in Capitol Complex. Participants are free to tie a written message with their sky lantern
and each lantern will be released by two people. Sky lanterns are traditionally a part of various Asian
cultures, launched at festivals and carnivals. This Sunday will be a true celebration of the UNESCO
World Heritage Site!

A Book Discussion For The Politically Oriented

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A Book Discussion For The Politically Oriented

The women’s empowerment movement has been taking the whole world by a storm. While there is also a huge backlash that it has brought with it, here is a chance to get an insight into the mind of a ‘feminist’ and the good and bad associated with the feminist perspective, especially with context to the Punjabi readership.

What  : Book Discussion & Punjabi Translation – Seeing Like A Feminist
When : Mar 9, 2018 | 2PM – 5PM
Where: Govt. Museum & Art Gallery, Sector 10

The growing popularity of the “F” word, i.e. Feminism, has brought with it a growing disdain towards the women’s empowerment movement which simply asks for equal rights to education, job opportunities, and freedom of expression. The trickledown effect of the feminist movement has brought about some significant changes in today’s mindset of the general population. That is, each citizen recognises the need for banning female infanticide and the importance of initiatives such as ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’.

However, with the kind of independance that women are donning today, a lot of conservative minds out there are hailing the feminist movement as one that wants to squash the male population. In light of this attitude, and with the growing atrocities towards women that we hear of in the news every day, it becomes our duty as responsible citizens of the country to understand the finer nuances of what feminism really is and here is just the opportunity we need to do that.

Lokayat presents a discussion on the book Seeing Like A Feminist by Nivedita Menon and its Punjabi translation by Daljit Ami. Published jointly by Zubaan Publications and Penguin Books, Seeing Like A Feminist is an insightful book about living in a conservative society and the complications that come with it. From doubting your own beliefs to being burdened by the pressure of being ‘a good girl’, Nivedita Menon writes about the political implications of seeing the world through a woman’s eyes in a simple, yet thought provoking manner. With contemporary examples of the gender debate, such as the Burkha ban in France, the book questions the assumptions that society and law systems make towards women.

The book discussion will also have journalist, filmmaker, and translator Daljit Ami give his own insights about working with such a topic from a male perspective. Moreover, the implications of translating such a piece of writing into Punjabi and for a particularly Punjabi readership will be delved upon in detail. Chandigarh based Daljit Ami’s involvement with this book and his presence at the book discussion is an indicator of this event being more than just a haughty women’s discussion. Rather, it is the active debate and participation of both men and women that will bring about the kind of political insight that this book aims to provide. If you take contemporary politics seriously, this is one event to not be dismissed as just another women’s lib thing, for sure.

PU’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit – Udyami 2018

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PU’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit – Udyami 2018

Startups are the future of entrepreneurship in India and the next big thing to impact the economy in a good way. In fact, startups are not just the future, but the present of economic progress in the country. Some of the biggest companies we depend on today were mere startups once. You too could be the brains behind the next big thing and here’s the platform you need for expert guidance.

What : Udyami 2018: Startup’s Spectrum
When : Mar 10 – Mar 11, 2018 | 10AM onwards
Where : Panjab University, Main Campus

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of UIET, Panjab University annually organises a National Entrepreneurship Summit, Udyami, with an aim to revamp the entrepreneurial and corporate sector of the tricity. Running successfully into its fourth year this time around, the summit lays claim to being one of the finest entrepreneurship summits in North India and the only one in the Chandigarh Tricity.

The two day event aims at engaging with the youth through a multitude of events such as workshops, competitions, panel discussions, intern fairs, and networking sessions with influential entrepreneurs, mentors, researchers, angel investors, venture capital firms, and various corporates. The vision behind the summit is to nurture a startup ecosystem that will pave the way for a sustainable and diverse entrepreneurial network where the experienced and the amateur will come together, taking the country’s economy to new heights.

In the previous years, the summit has invited eminent personalities in the economic and entrepreneurial sector for engaging panel discussions. Moguls like Kunal Nandwani (Founder & CEO, Utrade Solutions), Vijay Gopalan (ex-Air Asia CFO), Ramabhadran Thirumalai (Asst Prof, ISB Hyderabad), Amanjot Kaur (Director, IFM), Srikanth Sundararajan (Helion Ventures), and Bahubali Shete (Founder, CEO & MD, Connovate Technology) have previously graced the panel discussions with their opinions and insights. Udyami 2018 promises to be just as versatile this year by inviting speakers and guests from different domains to review various industries from travel to healthcare to startups of the future.

Numerous competitions have been meticulously organised such as the PLAN-A-THON, a game of plans, designed to test your on-field strategy making abilities and number crunching skills. CREATOUR, on the other hand, is designed to test your budgeting skills within a time limit. Participants get to experience being a food critic on a hunt for the best dishes at top restaurants in different continents of the world. BYOC (Bid Your Own Company) is one of the biggest hits, year after year, with participants donning CEO caps for their imaginary companies and getting to recruit new team members, giving them a sense of being in a real auction.

There’s much more on offer at the summit than can be listed out here. You’ll just have to go and attend the event to find out. Book your tickets here.

Young Achievers at TEDx Chandigarh Pre-event

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Young Achievers at TEDx Chandigarh Pre-event

The first edition of TEDx Chandigarh, held in 2017, brought to the fore several creative masterminds, artists, scientists, pioneers, changemakers and highly acclaimed visionaries who enlightened the audience with their awe-inspiring and stimulating thoughts. The esteemed personalities came from India as well as abroad to share their novel ideas which incited the listeners to delve deeper into the topics with discussions and motivated them to explore the best of their potential. Likewise, in its 2nd edition, TEDx Chandigarh is up for presenting some extremely notable people from various fields on a single stage. For its pre-event, which is scheduled on 29th December, achievers of high repute- Tanmay Bakshi and Harjit Singh will amaze the audience with their “ideas worth spreading” which is the spirit of TED’s mission.

Tanmay Bakshi is a 14 year old genius of Indian origin, currently living in Canada. He has been magnetic towards achievements owing to his extraordinary intelligence. Tanmay is an Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Developer, Algorithmist, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, IBM Champion for Cloud, YouTuber, Author and Keynote TEDxCincinnati Speaker. He is one of the youngest app developers of the world as he started programming when he was merely five years old. He has created numerous iOS apps like tGuess, tID Vault, “I Can, We Can!” his first being the iOS app, tTables, which was accepted when he was just nine.

He is immensely passionate about imparting the knowledge he has with the beginners to help them create their own solutions. This young brainiac is all set to share his invaluable thoughts at the TEDx Chandigarh pre-event and acquaint the audience with his intellect.
The life journey of the 2nd speaker is no less than an inspiration and an apt example of the saying “Great things come from hard work and perseverance.” Harjit started working when he was 15. He cleaned schools in the summer, worked at construction sites on the weekends, pumped gas, sold sneakers in foot lockers even before he was 18. But he displayed his entrepreneurial dexterity while he was a sophomore in college by starting and handling his family’s gas station and convenience store business in Loveland, Colorado.

Currently, Harjit Singh is the Co-Founder of Xurge Capital Partners, LLC and the Managing Director responsible for Company’s business in North America and Asia with a particular focus on cross-border Indian opportunities. He has worked in some of the biggest firms of the world including Morgan Stanley, DTCC, Oppenheimer and Co, and Syzygy Therapeutics where he gained an experience of over seven years in investment banking, private equity/venture capital and trade finance.

Recently, Harjit ran a Wall Street Branch for Soleil Capitale Group/Surya Capitale Securities and had a significant role in building their highly successful trade finance operations. He has worked with companies in the transportation, insurance, staffing, media & entertainment and biotechnology industries across the world.

The TEDx stage brings to you true stories based on real life experiences, giving you so much to learn and gain new perspectives about life which may help you achieve what might seem unattainable initially. The experience, indeed, leaves you remarkably stirred to bring a change and in awe of the insightful ideas of the speakers.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Finalise Your Next Big Event

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Finalise Your Next Big Event

One of the primary reasons that events fail is inefficient planning or a complete lack of it. Events fail because a lot of important factors are not taken into account while making the decisions. A lot of questions are often left unanswered, only to be discovered when it’s all a mess. Therefore, it is very important to ask yourself a set of questions before you finalise an event. Answers to these questions will help you have a better understanding of your event, you will be able to take the right decisions, and your event will be nothing but successful.

Q1. What is the nature of your event?
‘Event’ is just a word. But it’s extremely inclusive! An event can be a conference, a seminar, a workshop, an exhibition, a fair, a concert, a meetup or a competition. From a silent gathering of a dozen people, to a raucous throng of thousands, an event can be anything. It’s important to understand which category, or categories, your event is going to fall in. It may not fall in any of them and rather be a kind of it’s own. What is important, is that you should know what your event is all about. It will help you get answers to many other questions.

Q2. What will be the ideal dates for the event?
Sometimes, the dates of your event can be the difference between it’s success and failure. Even worse, dates once decided are extremely difficult to change. You can, but it can sometimes have serious repercussions. Therefore, an intensive research needs to be done before you zero down on a date, or dates, for your event. Take up a date which best suits you, and then look for these: Are there any other similar events, or any sort of event, in your area around the same date? Does any festival and/or holiday fall on that date? The questions may vary from event to event, but what is important is to time your event correctly.

Q3. How many people will turn up?
It’s important to have a rough idea of the number of people who will be ready to attend your event, beforehand. This will help you plan the things better. You need to know the number, because this very number is what will drive every other aspect of your event. You will have to quote it to the sponsors, to the invitees, to the caterers and the infra people. So do a little research, and come up with a realistic number. I said realistic, because it matters. You may go overboard and fancy a larger than life number, but that doesn’t help later on.

Q4. What will be the right venue for the event?
Picking up the right venue for your event is another thing important. A lot of this decision depends upon your answers to the question 1 & 3. Regardless, take help of your conscience and deploy some common sense as well! An open space with huge parking would be good if you are planning to host a concert, where as a well-furnished hall or a banquet might be ideal for an exhibition. There are certain essentials to check out for, while deciding the venue: adequate and well-managed parking space, public amenities, infrastructure available and provisions for makeshift, approachability and location of the venue are all important.

Q5. How much the audience will be ready to pay?
The best way to zero down on a ticket price is to conduct a survey. Launch a google form, and post it on facebook, or wherever you want to. Ask people what they would be ready to pay for an event of your kind. Don’t give them options, for they will select the lowest one! Set your price according to the responses you get, and that will be just the correct price for your event. This exercise will not only help you decide a price but it will also publicise your event, will be considered a goodwill gesture, your audience will trust you, and will feel privileged. Win, win, win!