13 Of the Hottest Night Clubs to Check Out in Chandigarh Right Now


For everyone who thought that Chandigarh did not have nightlife, here is an eye-opener! We have curated a list of some of the most fantastic night clubs in Chandigarh that you can never afford to miss during this lifetime at least. These are the places that you should check out whenever you are low on energy and want something to charge you up immediately. Without any further delay, let’s get into it.

List of Best Clubs in Chandigarh:

Paara Night club

1. Paara

This is one of the most frequently visited clubs across Chandigarh. Paara Club is one of those high-end spots where you can see yourself dancing all night. You will come across some of the most incredible delicacies and mouth-watering cocktails and mocktails here. There is a resto-bar and a luxury lounge as well. You can enjoy the fine dining experience and top it off with a groovy session on the dance floor later. This club is constantly abuzz with several awesome DJs from all across the world. You will find like-minded people hear that love to party all night.

Timing: 8:30 pm to 1 am
Cost: Around INR 2,000 for two people which includes alcohol
Location: Centra Mall, 3rd Floor, Industrial Area Phase 1, Chandigarh

The Playboy Night Club in Chandigarh

2. The Playboy Club

The Playboy Club has a very awesome vibe to it. The DJ is absolutely wonderful and if you are looking for the hottest party in Chandigarh city, you should visit this nightclub right away. The food is also mindblowing and the staff is very cooperative. You will find that the entry before 10:00 p.m. is free but after that, it is going to be 3,000 rupees per couple. This club is a great place to hang out if you have your Saturday night free and you want to check out the hottest crowd in the city.

Timing: 11 am to 4 am
Cost: Around INR 2,500 for two people which includes alcohol
Location: Floor 3, City Emporium Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh

Tamzara Night Club

3. Tamzara Club

Tamzara club is known for its loud and fun-filled Women’s Wednesdays. The drinks are on the house for all the ladies on these special nights. The staff is very helpful and is known for their incredible hospitality. This Chandigarh club has a very friendly and welcoming ambience and the live DJ is absolutely out of this world. You must try their peach passion mocktail whenever you visit this club.
Timing: 11 am to 12 am, subject to change
Cost: Around INR 1,600 for two people, alcohol not included
Location: Godrej Eternia,Industrial Area, Phase-I, Chandigarh, India, Chandigarh

Playground Night Club- Chandigarh

4. Playground

This is your Playground if you are looking for the best in beer and wine. It is one of the best night clubs in Chandigarh. Playground club have a wide menu of not just food but music as well which was very surprising because they have peppy numbers and soothing melodies as well. Needless to mention their cheesecake is something that you must have heard about already. Other things that you should try on their food menu are their nachos, Greek salad, and butter chicken. They have all kinds of drinks and probably the best among them was the very traditional mint virgin mojito.
Timing: 11 am to 12 am
Cost: Around INR 1,500 for two people
Location: SCO 48, Sector 26, Chandigarh 

The-Jungle-Bar Night Club

5. The Jungle Bar

If you are looking for a groundbreaking DJ and some of the most happening crowds in the Chandigarh city, The Jungle Bar is for you. Even staying 2 or 3 hours in this place is going to be enough to keep you happy all week. They have a whole “big projector and Hollywood club” kind of vibe going on. Both the quantity and quality of the food are going to impress you. The music is something that you will always want to shake your leg too. The chicken lollipops, spicy grilled fish, and butter garlic prawns are a must-try on this night club menu. The washrooms are clean and the performers are absolutely stunning.
Timing: 1 pm to 12 am, subject to change
Cost: Around INR 1,200 for two people
Location: Manimajra, Chandigarh

Grapho-07 - Chandigarh

6. Grapho 07

If you are a salad, pizza, and pasta lover, this place is for you. They have a generous portion of probably every food item that you can choose from their menu. When you talk about quality and quantity together, the Grapho 07 Lounge Bar is the perfect fit. They also have a lot of regional items that you can try and their long list of mocktails is not going to disappoint you.
Timing: 11 am to 12 am, subject to change
Cost: Around INR 1,500 for two people
Location: SCO 10-A (Backside, Sector 7-C), Chandigarh

Boom Box-Cafe

7. Boom Box Cafe

Boom Box Cafe has become one of my favourites because the music there is out of this world. They also have a great collection of mocktails and their garlic mushrooms are to die for. The best part of this Chandigarh club is that their staff members are very courteous and polite. The service was very quick and the food was more delicious than fancy which is something you are going to appreciate. The mixed pasta and the Virgin mojito will become your favourites. Their cold coffee and veg delight pizza are also lip-smacking and delicious.
Timing: 11 am to 12 am, subject to change
Cost: Around INR 1,800 for two people without alcohol
Location: 35-36, Madhya Marg, 9-D, Sector 9, Chandigarh

Peddlers Night club - Chandigarh

8. Peddlers

Did we forget something? No, we didn’t! If you are curating a list of the best night clubs in Chandigarh, you can never forget peddlers. This is a place for retro-chic interiors, fabulous music, international delicacies, great food, awesome crowd, and a whole lot of fun. This is without a doubt a flag bearer of sorts for all night clubs across Chandigarh. Yes, such is the popularity of this place!
Timing: 11 am to 1 am, subject to change
Cost: Around INR 2,000 for two people
Location: Hotel Heritage, Sector 35, Chandigarh

Ministry Of Bar Exchange Night Club

9. Ministry Of Bar Exchange

Ministry Of Bar Exchange is one of the most popular hangout spots among the youngsters of Chandigarh. This pub is also very much willing to give your favourite drink a personalized taste and concoction based on your preferences. You can get practically every North Indian cuisine that you can imagine in addition to Chinese, Italian, Continental, and various other options as well. MOBE, as it is popularly known among thousands of night lovers also has two large screens at the main venue where you can enjoy live sports action.
Timing: 11 am to 12 am,
Cost: Around Rs. 1,500 with alcohol for two people
Location: 41, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh

The Great Bear night club in Chandigarh

10. The Great Bear

The Great Bear is also an absolutely incredible spot in Chandigarh for some of the most exquisite drinks under the sky. They are a full-fledged microbrewery with its own concoctions of various kinds of wheat beer, German bock, golden ale, and many more. You can also find the best martinis, single malts, and shooters in their special brewery. This nightclub is the perfect place for a night out with your friends, especially if you want to spend some quality time away from your folks.
Timing: 12 Pm to 1 Am. The Happy Hours are 12 Pm to 7 Pm. You can ask for their takeaway menu between 12 Pm and 11 Pm.
Cost: Around Rs. 1,600 for two people, alcohol included
Location: 32, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh

The Finch - Night Club

11. The Finch

The Finch is known for its lively and vibrant interiors. It is a great place if you are looking for a superb DJ night and various kinds of live gigs in Chandigarh. The Finch is also known for its highly extensive menu of authentic Indian dishes, Oriental cuisine, and Chinese specialities. The food you find here is simply delicious. Also, it is one of the most premium locations in the area with a great crowd that you cannot find in any other restaurant or nightclub in Chandigarh. The place is open throughout the day and serves practically everything on its menu and the spicy tawa chicken is its bestseller.
Timing: 11 Am to 3 Am
Cost: Around Rs. 2,500 for two people without alcohol
Location: SCO 10 Back Lane, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh

The Black Room - Night club

12. The Black Room

According to some people in Chandigarh, The Black Room is one of the best night clubs in Chandigarh. It has a very exotic decor and the ambience of this place is highly relaxing and unique. This pub is known for its great taste in music. You will be able to find several local as well as nationally famous talents performing at this venue. This is why it is also one of the most crowded places that you will find here. The black room is known for excellent acoustics and an outstanding menu that never fails to impress your taste buds. The beverages are superb whether they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Timing: 12.30 Pm to 12 Am
Cost: Around Rs. 1,600 for two people with alcohol
Location: SCO 165-167, 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh

Prankster F&B Campus - Night Club

13. Prankster F&B Campus

If you are looking to have a great time with your friends and also enjoy the hottest crowd from the Tricity region, Prankster F&B Campus is the place to be. It has some of the most elegant and elite people visiting it from all over India. Prankster F&B Campus is particularly in demand during the festive seasons in Chandigarh because of its beautiful setting and intricately designed, lavish, and colourful decor. The food and beverage menu is not going to disappoint you either. With some of the hottest people frequenting this bar practically every weekend, this is one place you should definitely check out.
Timing: 11 Am to 12 Am
Cost: Around Rs. 1,800 for two people
Location: SCO 47, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh


This is not just a list of a few discs, bars, pubs or the best Clubs in Chandigarh. It is something that you should be doing right now or probably every weekend. If you haven’t visited any of these places, you have a lot on your bucket list.


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