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Soothing yet Stirring – Slam Poetry

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Soothing yet Stirring – Slam Poetry

What – Poetry Open Mic
Where – Kunzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas
When – November 12, 3pm
How To Get There – Hauz Khas Metro, Yellow Line

The past few years have witnessed a radical change in the way artists convey their humble selves and in the middle of that change came untethered the age old warrior of expression – Poetry. Renewed and somewhat dismembered, this medium carved itself to be more striking, more meaningful and more stunning. Slam Poetry is a happening new way by which poets are making themselves heard. Poetry isn’t the subtle, sombre, sometimes sly plain Jane it used to be. For those of you who are unaware, a Poetry Slam is a recital competition in which oral poets perform their original pieces and are awarded points on the basis of their performance.

Now about the event, Safarnama is organizing its first open mic Poets Chamber at the Kunzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas. Poets Chamber aims at bringing the art of storytelling and poetry to the common recreational spaces. Anyone who wishes to perform and thinks they have something to say, this is your chance. If you are not one of the speakers then make sure you go listen to these young souls opening their hearts out to you. There is no central theme, your poem can be about anything at all. No bar on the language as well. For those of you who wish to perform, send in your entries at 8742928264! Kunzum is located in the heart of HKV and is the place to be for lovers of coffee and mellow lighting.

For enquiries – Rajat Singh Thakur – 8742928264 | Sahil Paul – 7838803613

Delhi Let’s Laugh – 5 upcoming comedy events in the city you need to go for!

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Delhi Let’s Laugh – 5 upcoming comedy events in the city you need to go for!

Everyday life can be a daunting ride if you’re not investing in a little bit of fun. Take a break from work, grocery shopping and paying bills and go to one of these five super fun comedy events happening in Delhi!

  1. Sumit Anand – Completely Live
    Where – Canvas Laugh Club At The People Company, Gurgaon
    When – Saturday, November 11, 9:30pmSumit Anand is the freshest kid on the comedy block. The lad has performed at venues all over the country and abroad! His previous stints on the stage have been liked, shared and featured on pop culture pages.
    His comic timing and befuddling simplicity is an absolute wonder.
    Checkout his most famous video My Job, My home and The Maid here.
  2. Punchliners : Stand Up Comedy show featuring Angad Singh Ranyal
    Where – Food Capital, Aerocity
    When – Saturday, November 25th, 9:30pmTrust Angad Singh Ranyal to tickle the funny bones of even those who lack one. Part of the hugely successful and one of the few comedy ensembles of the country – East India Company, Angad has been performing for many years now. His fanbase is huge and definitely not only restricted to people who grew up in a Punjabi household. Go for a fun evening hang with your friends, we vouch for a good time.
  3. Comedy Night 7.0 at antiSOCIAL
    Where – antiSOCIAL
    When – Wednesday, November 15, 7:30pmAny event happening at antiSOCIAL and you can be sure of having a quality time. The event is slated to be hosted by Shimit Mathur. Take a break and enjoy a slamming night with some amazing drinks and food at the same place.
  4. Fresh Thoughts by Kunal Kamra
    Where – Aiwan-e-Ghalib Auditorium, Mandi House
    When – Sunday, December 3rd, 8pmKunal Kamra shot to internet fame with his satirical YouTube series Shut Up Ya Kunal. The lad is edgy, brimming with sarcasm and often found taking digs at the social and political environment of the country. Watch him talk about different new things that have managed to annoy him recently, at this do.
  5. LOLStars ft. Zakir Khan, Nishant Tanwar, Sumit Sourav
    Where – Siri Fort Auditorium
    When – Sunday, 26th November, 6:30pmWe saved the best one for the last. LOLStars is bringing you some of the biggest names in the comedy scene right now with the sakht launda Zakir Khan, Joke Singh sir -Nishant Tanvar and Sumit Sourav all at one place and time! Mark your calendars for this rib tickler of a gig and laugh your worries off with these brilliant comics.Have you decided on the ones you’ll be going in for? Tag Citiwoofer when you’re experiencing them live!


The Sufi Route Featuring AR Rahman and Others Live in Concert

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The Sufi Route Featuring AR Rahman and Others Live in Concert

What – Sufi Concert
Where – Kuli Khan’s Tomb, Qutub Minar Complex
When – November 18, 1pm

The beginning of November brings with it a certain melodiousness to the world. The evenings are for relaxation and peering deep into the psyche of our existence with some soul stirring music playing in the back. For those of you who are in staunch agreement with the first two lines, we have some exciting news for you. The Sufi Route concert for peace is bringing you the greatest Sufi musicians of our times at the most magical of locations – Qutub Minar on the 18th of November.

The event is being held with a motive of recreating the era of Sufism with traditional music and poetry. Fans from across the world are expected to attend this enchanting, otherworldly experience. The headlining act of the do is by none other than AR Rahman, the genius that gave us a Sufi gem in it’s own right – ‘Kun Faya Kun’ in 2011 and many many other songs that are etched in the memories of the fans. The roster also has the amazing following acts up it’s sleeve –

The Nooran Sisters
The crackling duo of Jyoti and Sultana Nooran broke all the rules with their hit song ‘Tung Tung’. The sisters have been trained for over a decade by their father Ustad Gulshan Mir, the son of renowned Sufi singer Bibi Nooran. The Nooran Sisters vocals are the right mix of soulful and exciting at the same time.

Mukhtiar Ali
Born in a semi nomadic Rajasthani community of the Mirasis, Mukhtiar Ali is another gem on the roster. His singing is a mix of poetry by Kabir, Meera or Bulleh Shah and other poets of the Sufi era. His is an act you cannot afford to this!

Hans Raj Hans
The man needs no introduction. The punjabi folk singer has had a glorious singing career and is still growing strong. His rendition of the song Kacche Dhaage is embedded in the fond memory of his fans

Other notable mentions include – NEFES – Dervish Dancers with Band, a turkish ensemble; Dhruv Sanagri.

The concert is a ticketed event and a pricey one at that. The tickets start from INR 5000 and go upto INR 25000. But the extraordinary Sufi experience is sure as heck a priceless one.

To summarise, let your soul loose with The Sufi Route concert this November and experience music in a whole new, different light.

Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Sukhna Lake

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Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Sukhna Lake

For us Chandigarhians, the Sukhna Lake is eternally engraved in our memories as a place of undying serenity enveloped in a blanket of pure fun. It’s our badge of honour for belonging to a city as beautiful as this one. It’s a mark of pride. It’s also our go-to picnic spot. More than anything, it’s our childhood wrapped in one long curving road. It’s the spot where artists, musicians, performers go to gain inspiration for their works. It’s also the spot where fishermen, hawkers, and daily wage workers earn their living. The tranquil beauty of the calm waters, the verdant foliage, and the sweet music of the birds hold many a secret that we’re unaware of. Here’s a look at some common facts about Sukhna Lake that you may have been unaware of.

A Man-made Lake of Epic Proportions
Did you know that this meeting point of lovers, birds, and foliage is no naturally occurring water body? The very man that we honour for giving us the most planned city in the country, the esteemed Le Corbusier, is also the one who envisioned and planned for the construction of our beloved Sukhna Lake. The Sukhna Choe was a light seasonal stream that flowed down from the Shivalik Hills every year. In 1958, Corbusier had a dam built around the Choe in order to create the Sukhna Lake. As of today, the lake expands over an area of 3 km2. It is found to be at a depth of 16 feet at the deepest point while the shallowest point remains 8 feet deep.

The Silt Problem
In the initial years of the lake’s construction, the Sukhna Choe would flow directly through the lake at seasonal intervals. This led to the formation of heavy silt deposits in and around the lake. As a remedy, Corbusier put 25.42 km2 of catchment area under vegetation to check the inflow of silt. In 1974, the Choe itself was redirected in such a manner that it avoided the lake entirely, so that the entry of silt into the lake is minimized. Due to siltation, the lake has today been reduced to 56% of its original volume. Every summer, throngs of Chandigarhians – old & young – flock to the lake to offer voluntary service, or shramdaan, in the desilting of the lake bed.

Landmark Year, 1988
The 80s witnessed widespread concern over the decline of the lake’s water levels and saw active involvement of Chandigarh residents in the restoration of the lake. In the summer of 1988, renowned satirist and actor Jaspal Bhatti landed up at the dry bed of the lake with his Nonsense Club members to play cricket. This symbolic act brought much needed attention to the Sukhna crisis.

Thus, in 1988, the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, officially proclaimed the Sukhna region as a land of high priority for conservation. It was subsequently recognised as a ‘National Wetland’ that required immediate attention. Soon after, the Shramdaan Programme was initiated. Chandigarh citizens proactively responded to Sukhna’s call to arms and the initiative turned out to be quite a success. Although the initiative has been carried out approximately every year since, the number of volunteers has drastically reduced, thus affecting the overall output of the cleaning drive.

Nature Trails in Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary
In March 1998, the forested catchment area behind the lake, at the foothills of the Shivalik range, was officially recognized as a protected wildlife sanctuary for preservation and conservation of the naturally occurring flora and fauna of the region. The large scale afforestation and soil conservation measures taken up after 1998 have resulted in a gradual regeneration of forest cover in the catchment area. The region has also witnessed a re-entry of flora and fauna into the preserved forest. The sanctuary is now home to the sambar deer, the barking deer, the nilgai, the chital, sloths, leopards, golden jackals, civets, mongoose, wild cats, and a large variety of avian fauna and reptiles, in addition to a wide variety of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, and climbers.

To promote ecotourism and to educate the masses about the rich floral and faunal heritage of the Sanctuary, the Department of Forests & Wildlife, Chandigarh Administration, has created ‘Nature Trails’ throughout the length and breadth of the sanctuary. These nature trails pass through the woods and water bodies and hill slopes, the gradient varying from gentle to steep.

Celebrating Urdu with the literary event of the season – Jashn-E-Rekhta

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Celebrating Urdu with the literary event of the season – Jashn-E-Rekhta

What – Jashn-e-Rekhta, Urdu Language Festival (Non Ticketed)
When – 8-10 December, 9am-9pm
Where – Major Dhyan Chand Stadium
Nearest Metro Station – Central Secretariat, Yellow Line
Register @ rekhta.org

With December begin the glorious year-end festivities and this time there’s one added festival some of us would be joyously taking part in. Jashn-e-Rekhta returns for its fourth edition on the 8th of December. Jashn-e-Rekhta, translates into ‘Celebration of Urdu’, Rekhta being the former, more poetic name of the Urdu language or the Khariboli. The beloved festival will span over two and a half days and take place in Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium. The festival hosts distinguished poets, artists and writers who bring alive the magnificence of Urdu with their talks and panel discussions. The execution of the festival has been done by Rekhta Foundation since its inception in 2015. The foundation is a non-profit organization that was formed to promote the Urdu language and its literature. On the roster are panel discussions with dignitaries, the art of ‘Dastangoi’ or storytelling, heart rendering recitations of poetry and qawallis and the most fun ‘Bait-Baazi’ a form of antakshri but with Urdu poetry. Literature enthusiasts will find themselves hooked up in the Book Corner that displays the best of Urdu prose and poetry written over the last century. ‘Urdu Bazaar’ a wonderful presentation of handicrafts and antiquities from Old Delhi is just the place to be for collectors. Foodies will be more than glad to feast on with the authentic flavours of Kashmiri, Deccani, Hyderabadi, Lucknavi, Mughlai and Purani Dilli food at the food court completing the entire Urdu experience. Jashn has previously hosted greats of Urdu writing such as Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, Wasim Barelvi. The latest edition that was held this year only saw tributary performances by musician Vidya Shah and actor Danish Hussain for 20th century poets like Jigar Moradabadi, Sahir Ludhianvi, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Majaz Lakhnawi and Majrooh Sultanpuri. The footfall of the event increased by five times from 18000 in 2015 to almost 85000 in 2017 February. The ever growing popularity of the event stands testament to the popularity of the language and the culture in the national capital. Jashn-e-Rekhta is the place to be if you have a penchant for words woven together with magic and aesthetics that soothe the soul.

Clowning Activities in Chandigarh That You Did Not Know About

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Clowning Activities in Chandigarh That You Did Not Know About

Those of us who grew up in Chandigarh are not unfamiliar with the red nose, smiling face, and funky clothes of a clown. Be it in the market, on a school fete, or at a friend’s birthday party, we’ve all encountered the happy demeanour of a clown. Now, how often did you actually stop to interact with this quirky little character? Are you aware that Chandigarh is also home to a world of amusing little clowns? They can be spotted every now and then in quaint little corners of the tricity, spreading cheer and joy with those around them. Here’s a look at some instances when these comic characters were seen out and about amidst the rest of us.

Red Nose Day @ Sector 17
On April 4, 2017, all the clowns in town stepped into the bright evening sun to celebrate Red Nose Day at the Sector 17 Plaza. Individuals from various backgrounds, including artists and non-artists, performed short sketches wearing red noses and dressed as clowns, to the Sector 17 audience that gathered around. Interactions between performers and onlookers made it possible for all present there to indulge in the frolickery of Red Nose Day. This international day of giggles and laughter is celebrated the world over at different times of the year, each country celebrating it in their unique way. In Chandigarh, a clowning workshop was facilitated by Stavros Kerellos, Asmaa Hassan, and Marwa Haiba of HsHs Clowns, Egypt, in collaboration with Chandigarh’s own Purple Mangoes and CEVA Drama Repertory Company. The outcome of this workshop then became the April spectacle in Sector 17.

Atkal Pachchu @ Tagore Theatre
The art of clowning in Chandigarh is not limited to a one-off public act, but is a constant and firm presence in Chandi’s theatre circuit. Directed by clowning veteran Sukhmani Kohli, the play Atkal Pachchu was staged at the time-honoured auditorium, Tagore Theatre, in February this year. The title of the play loosely translates to ‘randomly imagined’, a phrase that puts into words exactly how clowns lead their lives. The plot presents to us the clown Buggi and his first ever visit to Earth in his spaceship-cum-washing machine. He meets other clowns on Earth who are kind enough to help him out. In the process of exploring the planet, Buggi finds himself engaged in a series of comic occurrences, thus presenting our world to us through a humorous and farcical lens.

CEVA @ GMSH, Sector 16
Chandigarh based NGO Center for Education and Voluntary Action (CEVA) took to hospitals and destitute homes back in 2016 to spread the joy and wonder of clowning amongst ailing patients and children. The clowning sessions were inspired by the need to facilitate a patient’s healing process by giving them a healthy, happy, and cheerful environment. The programme was launched at the orthopedic ward of the Government Multi-Specialty Hospital in Sector 16, and spread from there on. Hospitals are generally drab and dry places to be at, let alone live in for days at a stretch. The splashes of colour and merriment that these clowning sessions bring to the dull corridors are known to help children and older patients adapt to and deal with a painful medical environment.

Romeo, Juliet and Seven Clowns @ Tagore Theatre
This clown play had audiences gripping their seats through multiple shows at Tagore Theatre back in 2012 and 2013. Devised and performed by actors of Purple Mangoes and CEVA Drama Repertory Company, the play took us on a journey of love along with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, to find our inner clown through them. Additionally, an ensemble cast of the seven clowns became the agents of love, but from a clown’s perspective. The play also made use of Baba Bulleh Shah’s poetry to explore this conundrum of clownery and love and present to us the curious mixture of flavours that is called life.

There we have it! There is bold proof of the underground activities of clowns in and around Chandigarh. All that’s left is to tune into their frequency and tap into their minds to know when they’ll be spotted and in which part of this city beautiful. If you feel a magnetic pull of uninhibited gaiety and unabashed frivolity, you’ll know it’s the call of the clowns. Be sure to not miss the fun!

Times Wardrobe Story: A Tale of Fashion

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Times Wardrobe Story: A Tale of Fashion

Chandigarh popularly known as one of the peaceful and beautiful place in India is now turning out to be the most happening destination. With series of events taking place in the City Beautiful, the denizens have lots to relish and cheer about on every weekend. Lately, Times Wardrobe Story, the baby of Times of India has been the talk of the town. The two day affair took place at the Lalit, Chandigarh- an ideal ambience for such fashion-cum-lifestyle events.

TWS was a much anticipated event for the shopaholics with more than 50 designers from different states and home showcasing their collection. Some of the renowned and top listed designers attracted the eye balls of the fashion lovers with their rare and unique display. The exhibition focused mainly on the designer clothing (both western and traditional), accessories/ jewelry, luxury items, cosmetics and much more. With over 1500 people turning up on the first day of the event, the organizers: Times of India and The Fashion Boulevard celebrated the success of their unique idea of bringing all the fashionistas under one roof.

What a mesmerizing event: India’s finest talent was given a platform to surprise the audiences with their artistic capabilities and unmatched creativity. Every stall had a unique and spectacular collection to die for.

Designers who showcased their collection at TWS
Aaina by Meethi Brar, Aryans Jewlery, Begum block imprints by Ramneek Kaur, Crescent, Dressing Loft, Emballage, Ever Desi, Essence of Elegance by Babli Bedi, Fashionista, Glitters, Gunaaz’s Baby Earth, Guneeta Ghai, Inder Art & Deco, Inspired Livingg Jo Ann Thakkarwal, Jugni by Jyotika, Knack Kreations, Kumud Designs, Lushlush, Manisha’s creation, Meghan Marwah, Misthi’s Closet, Neet Noisyrock Kuttis, Noor Creations, ORA by Kaajal and Meena, Paprika, Pearly Gate, Pretty Pleasures, Preety Sidhu, Razaa Reina Design Studio, Rekhakriti, Renu Art, Rent A Closet, Ritu Kumar, Royal Tinge by SK, Sanam Tamanna, Shreeda Jewellery by Savita Bindal, Study by Janak (SBJ), Style Street Tahira, Talash by Indira Threads, Utkrishth Vaga Fashions (Dubai), Vintage Touch, Wow design studio by Sahiba, Zari by Anu and many more.
This event has undoubtedly raised many expectations. Such lifestyle events not only bring together the like-minded people, but also give them platform to create a strong network. With a stunning ending of this spectacular event, the Chandigarians will desperately wait for its second edition.

Say Cheers to the Lager N Barrel Festival

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Say Cheers to the Lager N Barrel Festival

Chandigarh just witnessed the third edition of the most happening and lively Gaana Lager n Barrel festival 2017 where thirsty revelers from every nook and corner of the City gathered for some frothy time. The stylish two-day festival was the talk of the town and was toppled with unlimited entertainment, unbeatable live performances and last but not the least plenty of beer to satiate the parched souls.

The one of its kind beer festival in the north region, Gaana Lager n Barrel was co-presented by Carling beer. The event became the household name since its first edition was launched in the City. Ever since its inception the booze lovers now curiously wait for this fun frolic event every year.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the event took place at the Aura Vaseela Resort. The fitted ambiance and modish setup added a dash of voguish flavor to the event. The starry night fascinated all the music lovers who could not resist tapping their foot to the melodious beats. Sumptuous food, music, and beer; what else could you have asked for to sum up a perfect weekend.

The organizers rolled out the red carpet for the city foodies and beer lovers featuring an impressive number of food stalls from the local/ acclaimed food chains and food purveyors. All the vendors managed to produce some mouth-watering menu to savor the taste buds of the foodies. To give the tasty experience some twist, the servings were done in the creative and unique way. Some of the well-known brands like dumping hood, Amigos café, Pizza Hut, Karims served the hungry stomachs with some incredibly delicious delicacies.

The event was chock full of entertainment where city danced to the tunes of renowned and local music bands. For the thriving music experience; the Lager N Barrel festival showcased the performances by Mohammed Irfan, Millind Gaba, Raghu Dixit Project, Shirley Setia, Asees Kaur, Gurnazar Live, Bombay Bairag & more.

With plenty of beer served, Lager n Barrel gave away some fizzy moments that will be remembered until the next event. We are curiously waiting for the next one, Are you?

5 Questions to Ask Before You Finalise Your Next Big Event

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Finalise Your Next Big Event

One of the primary reasons that events fail is inefficient planning or a complete lack of it. Events fail because a lot of important factors are not taken into account while making the decisions. A lot of questions are often left unanswered, only to be discovered when it’s all a mess. Therefore, it is very important to ask yourself a set of questions before you finalise an event. Answers to these questions will help you have a better understanding of your event, you will be able to take the right decisions, and your event will be nothing but successful.

Q1. What is the nature of your event?
‘Event’ is just a word. But it’s extremely inclusive! An event can be a conference, a seminar, a workshop, an exhibition, a fair, a concert, a meetup or a competition. From a silent gathering of a dozen people, to a raucous throng of thousands, an event can be anything. It’s important to understand which category, or categories, your event is going to fall in. It may not fall in any of them and rather be a kind of it’s own. What is important, is that you should know what your event is all about. It will help you get answers to many other questions.

Q2. What will be the ideal dates for the event?
Sometimes, the dates of your event can be the difference between it’s success and failure. Even worse, dates once decided are extremely difficult to change. You can, but it can sometimes have serious repercussions. Therefore, an intensive research needs to be done before you zero down on a date, or dates, for your event. Take up a date which best suits you, and then look for these: Are there any other similar events, or any sort of event, in your area around the same date? Does any festival and/or holiday fall on that date? The questions may vary from event to event, but what is important is to time your event correctly.

Q3. How many people will turn up?
It’s important to have a rough idea of the number of people who will be ready to attend your event, beforehand. This will help you plan the things better. You need to know the number, because this very number is what will drive every other aspect of your event. You will have to quote it to the sponsors, to the invitees, to the caterers and the infra people. So do a little research, and come up with a realistic number. I said realistic, because it matters. You may go overboard and fancy a larger than life number, but that doesn’t help later on.

Q4. What will be the right venue for the event?
Picking up the right venue for your event is another thing important. A lot of this decision depends upon your answers to the question 1 & 3. Regardless, take help of your conscience and deploy some common sense as well! An open space with huge parking would be good if you are planning to host a concert, where as a well-furnished hall or a banquet might be ideal for an exhibition. There are certain essentials to check out for, while deciding the venue: adequate and well-managed parking space, public amenities, infrastructure available and provisions for makeshift, approachability and location of the venue are all important.

Q5. How much the audience will be ready to pay?
The best way to zero down on a ticket price is to conduct a survey. Launch a google form, and post it on facebook, or wherever you want to. Ask people what they would be ready to pay for an event of your kind. Don’t give them options, for they will select the lowest one! Set your price according to the responses you get, and that will be just the correct price for your event. This exercise will not only help you decide a price but it will also publicise your event, will be considered a goodwill gesture, your audience will trust you, and will feel privileged. Win, win, win!

Best Open Places in Chandigarh Where You Can Hold Events

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Best Open Places in Chandigarh Where You Can Hold Events

There are certain events which just can’t be held in a closed place like an auditorium or banquet; events like book fairs, exhibitions, and concerts fall in this category. Open air, vast and expansive spaces are required for such events. Although we have a lot of open spaces in Chandigarh, most of these are not very suitable, or rather are not open to organising such events. However, there are some such open and expansive places here in Chandigarh, to go about organising an event.

Leisure Valley, Sector 10
True to it’s name, the lush green Leisure Valley located in Sector 10 of the city beautiful is just the ideal place to hold any sort of leisure activities. You can organise musical evenings, fashion shows, concerts, fests and fairs at this beautiful place. Just opposite to the rose garden and adjacent to Matka Chowk, the place is very easily approachable. The best part is that it provides a very good ambience that’s ideal to organise cultural, fun activities and events. Some of the events that are regularly held at the Leisure Valley include the annual Chandigarh Carnival, Le Faria Flea Market and Dog Show, among numerous concerts and musical performances.

Parade Ground, Sector 17
The Parade Ground in Sector 17 hosts trade shows and expos very frequently. And it is the perfect place for such events. In fact, this ground is ideal for any event which asks for restricted entry, as it has a walled boundary. You can employ makeshift infrastructure in the ground, and have all the facilities that are generally available in an indoor location. Just next to the ISBT 17, Parade Ground is again at a very approachable location and has an adequate parking space. Apart from the annual republic day parade (from which the ground gets its name), the Parade Ground in Sector 17 in the past has hosted the CII Trade Fair, Agro Exposition, Destination North East Fair, and the Digi Dhan Mela.

Plaza, Sector 17
The Plaza in Sector 17, which is the city’s central commercial complex is just the ideal place to hold promotional events and activities. The open area in the middle of the four-storied commercial buildings is the hub of activities, and attracts great crowds. The place is also well suited to hold musical concerts and rock nights. Many such events are already being held at the plaza regularly. Such events are generally open to public, but it is one of the most lucrative places to hold promotional events.

Sector 34 Ground
Also known as Exhibition Ground or Fair Ground, the vast piece of land in Sector 34 is just the right place for exhibitions and fairs. The ground area can be conveniently manipulated, and adequate infrastructure can be deployed to meet the requirements of your event. It boasts of an easily approachable location, adequate parking area, and minimal restrictions in terms of the space and its use. The annual Diwali Fair and the Chandigarh Book Fair is held here, along with many other big and small exhibitions.