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Vegan Food Carnival 2018

By Citywoofer Team
Vegan Food Carnival 2018

Although the vegan movement has started enjoying mainstream status in western countries, it is yet to make a significant mark in India. Nevertheless, veganism has slowly crept into and found a place in Indian dietary and lifestyle choices. Here’s a food carnival that’s all about exploring the lesser known side of veganism.

What  : Vegan Food Carnival 2018
When : Apr 14 – Apr 15, 2018 | 10AM – 10PM
Where: University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University

Okay, so first things first. What is veganism? The term ‘vegan’ was first coined in 1944. It is essentially a dietary and lifestyle choice that steers clear of all products that exploit animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. In India, however, most vegans maintain focus on dietary preferences only, often cutting out on non-vegetarian foods and dairy products, and sticking to plant-based food products only. Cruelty towards animals may not always be the only reason for a person to choose a vegan diet, but it most certainly remains the key factor for most.

What are the benefits of going vegan? For starters, if a healthy plant-based diet is maintained with the right mix of protein and essential vitamins and minerals, one can lead a healthier lifestyle with younger looking skin and increased energy levels. Plant-based diets tend to have high levels of fibre and antioxidants and low levels of saturated fat. This basic difference between ingredients keeps obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other such diseases at bay.

Environmentally too, the benefits of going vegan are quite obvious! With reduced consumption of animal-based products, a vegan ensures longer life spans and protection of the environment. Production of meat and other animal products requires a great deal of investment in terms of food and water consumption for animals, transportation cost, etc. These factors have contributed to the overall deforestation of the Earth and consequential extinction of species. Plant-based diets, on the other hand, are more sustainable and require only one-third of the land and water used in maintaining a meat and dairy diet.

So, what do vegans really eat? Well, everything that a regular person eats, but with switched ingredients! In order to compensate for certain nutrients and minerals, vegans tend to turn to a new variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, pulses, and seeds that may not be part of an average person’s diet. There is no dearth of dishes to prepare for the vegan diet using alternate ingredients. From ice creams and desserts to pizzas and pastas to curries and baked dishes, you name it, vegans eat it! And that’s exactly what you’ll find at this two day carnival at UIET.

The Vegan Food Carnival 2018 promises a range of tasty and healthy vegan food that will leave you craving for more. Food, games, music, and dance will all come together to make this a memorable experience. And who knows, perhaps you may choose the alternative lifestyle too after attending this carnival!

Chandigarh’s First Ever Dessert Festival

By Citywoofer Team
Chandigarh’s First Ever Dessert Festival

Remember when you were a kid and used to dream of candyland? Yep, that beautiful dreamy paradise made of only chocolates and sweets and sugar and pudding. Well, it’s happening! For real. House of Desserts is organising the tricity’s very own first ever dessert festival this weekend for all you sweet-toothed dessert dreamers out there.

What : Dessert Festival Chandigarh
When : Apr 14 – Apr 15, 2018 | 12PM – 11PM
Where: Elante Mall, Chandigarh

Okay, so let’s say candyland is not something you can relate to. We’ll give you another picture instead. Think, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. A huge building with innumerable rooms, all full of different kinds of experiments being done on chocolate and the flavours that go with it. You’ve probably got a better picture now. Well, that – and more – is exactly what Elante Mall will look like this weekend.

Over a thousand kind of desserts – Indian and otherwise – all at one place, for two whole days! Think ice creams, cupcakes, pastries, waffles, puddings, pies, cheesecakes, souffles, doughnuts, muffins, sundaes, brownies, mousse, and much much more. Don’t worry, Indian sweets are part of the party too! Everything from gulab jamun to jalebi to rasmalai to kulfi to variations of the barfi, halwa, laddus, and so much more than can be listed. Like we said, it’s a sweet toother’s paradise.

So what are the kind of stalls you can expect? Well, for starters, there’ll be some of the most respected sweet shops and confectioneries from in and around the tricity – handpicked by the organisers. Expect the likes of Daddy Waffle with their chocolate fries, oreo pops, red velvet waffles, and more. Our beloved Crown Patisserie from Sector 17 will be there too. The Jalebi Shop is bringing its infamous XXXL sized, ghee infested, sugar loaded Gohana Jalebi all the way from Gurgaon! Cake designer studio, Caked India, will be there with their funky collection of multidimensional cakes.

Furthermore, House of Desserts plans on showcasing the best in international dessert trends around the globe. Who knew a dessert festival could turn educational? Warning: you may come across some bizzare ideas for desserts like Ambala’s deep fried ice cream pakoda by Best Burps. Or the Spanish Churros in a whole new avatar! But for those who are sceptical of mass produced food, we have even better news. The festival has extended its arms to homecooks and home bakers too! Now, there’s truly no reason to not attend, is there?

YOLO – You Obviously Love Occasions Tricity Residents!

By Citywoofer Team
YOLO – You Obviously Love Occasions Tricity Residents!

Tricity denizens obviously love occasions to go out, there’s no doubt about it. So, how about a fest that purely celebrates our love for going out? We always need an excuse to head out anyway, and here’s a festival with a bang that aims to do just that.

What : YOLO – You Obviously Love Occasions
When : Apr 7 – Apr 8, 2018 | 11AM onwards
Where: Parade Ground, Sector 17

The dewy mornings and breezy evenings in Chandigarh have been doing a good job of duping us into believing that the summer is far away. Yet, impervious to us, spring is slowing creeping out the tricity gates and paving the way for summer to set in. Come April, our work and school calendars officially marked the season as warm and sunny. And this season of heat and sweat is not going to say goodbye any time soon.

In preparation of the hot season, Rubix Events decided to throw a chilly, two day festival celebrating Chandigarh’s love for going out and hopping about. A festival that brings together all that we love about stepping out of the house – flea markets, food, music, and shopping! With their #freezingsummers hashtag taking over the tricity social media, their idea is to beat the heat with a cool and freezy start to the hot season. Consider it a frosty start to a sweltering summer.

What’s on offer? Um, two days of outdoor shopping, mouth watering food, fun games, prizes to be won, and entertaining live music! What more do we need to make us happy anyway? Whether it’s the good bargains that you’re on the lookout for, or the endless search for scrumptious food, or just an excuse to chill with loved ones – whatever be your reason to step out this weekend, YOLO is the place you’ll want to head to. From adolescents to the youngsters to those well into their prime to the oldies even… this festival is for all who just want a lively and fresh vibe, a break from everyday life.

YOLO Festival is out and about to create a fiery and energetic experience over two days. The idea is to create a platform for increase of brand awareness and outreach. This in turn will bring about better qualitative standards in brand retail. And that’s how better shopping standards will come about too. The festival promises its visitors a world class retail experience for entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

Shopping categories include everything from clothing to home decor to electronic gadgets to handmade products to jewellery to handicraft items to organic products. Real estate and automobile stalls will also be on offer, along with health and medical outlets. So, unless there’s something on the list that doesn’t tick your need, there’s no reason for you to not go, right!

A one of it’s kind – Times Tadka Food Fest

By citywoofer
A one of it’s kind – Times Tadka Food Fest

Food fests are one of the happiest of all, that take in one and all in its embrace, barring no one from being absorbed in its cheerfulness and gaiety. Any equivalents of this jubilant festival are too hard to be found anywhere else in the world. Marked by the food cravings that are beyond anyone’s control, it invokes a whirlwind of emotions, from delight and eagerness to a tinge of worry of being able to gulp all the mouth watering food around.

Ours is an incredible country with each state relishing the delicacies of its own. Bringing them together equals festivities that brighten the entire range of vision for the food lovers. Our very own tricity, where food is not only something that satiates our appetite, but a meaningful amalgamation of varied traditions that satiate our soul, is all set to witness the high-spirited and pompous food festival, at the most loved place on the weekends, VR Punjab.

Enjoy the lip smacking cuisines at the Times Tadka Food Fest to be hosted by VR Punjab mall, Chandigarh Kharar Road on 17th & 18th March, 11:30 AM onwards. Bid adieu to the winters and welcome the season of renewal, dancing to the foot tapping numbers played by your favourite bands who will set the mood right for an amazing weekend.

The whole list of long line up includes Haqiqat Band, DJ Nikhil, Hungama Band, Music Hammers, Saadhak Band and Black Hawk Band, promising a wonderful musical celebration and adding to the cheerful atmosphere with their scintillating rhythms.

The presence of food and music at one place make it an event, so irresistible and worth attending, indeed. So make the most of the coming weekend with umpteen ways of having fun, amazing music and lip smacking food all at one place. Mark the dates already and make sure you are headed to VR Punjab with your friends and family. Get to know more about the best food festival of the tricity at:-

A Quirky Food Walk Through the Streets of Chandigarh

By Citywoofer Team
A Quirky Food Walk Through the Streets of Chandigarh

Over the last few years, the tricity has seen a rise in the number of eateries and restaurants around the city. Every nook and corner is today alive and thriving with foodies venturing to new places to try out new food. It’s high time we started hosting food walks around the city, like they do in the metropolitans, and Sahapedia is here to do just that.

What : A Quirky Food Walk Through the Streets of Chandigarh
When : Mar 17, 2018 | 7PM – 9PM
Where: The streets of Chandigarh!

We Chandigarhians have a limitless love for food, and there’s no doubt about that. We find ourselves stepping out of the house for the sole purpose of eating outside almost on a regular basis. And when already out and about, there’s not a day we don’t come home without having at least spent some time eating at a roadside kiosk – whether it is to gobble down plate after plate of momos or to satiate our chatpata cravings for golgappas.

Sometimes our mood demands the elegant, sophisticated restaurant set up. Other times it’s all about the loud, bustling, noisy roadside carts. Other times still, it’s the cool, chilled out vibe of a cafe, or perhaps even the hip and happening atmosphere of the latest bar or pub in town. Whatever the choice of the day, there’s no dearth of places to go in the tricity. And so Sahapedia decided it’s high time we explored the variety of foodstuffs in and around the tricity. Thus happened, “A Quirky Food Walk Through the Streets of Chandigarh”.

The guided tour is a free tour but requires participants to register beforehand. Link to the registration form:
Registration is a must, if you want to attend. If you are unable to attend the walk after having registered, kindly inform Sahapedia over email ( or text (Avita – 9829064043).

Participants will collect at Sector 8B Market Parking, Near Wokman and head on out from there. Although the food expenses will be borne by the participants, the total bill amount will be shared by everyone equally. We suggest you wear your loose pants and a pair of comfortable shoes to gain the most out of this eating experience. Photography enthusiasts should carry their cameras too for there will be some interesting frames to be captured.

Tacomosa Festival – An Amalgamation of Indian & Mexican Flavours

By Citywoofer Team
Tacomosa Festival – An Amalgamation of Indian & Mexican Flavours

The food industry is making new leaps and bounds every single day and while we may not be aware of it, it’s happening all around us on a daily basis. The classics will always remain in the category of ‘all time favs’, but innovation is the key to successful enterprises and that’s exactly what Pirates of Grill is out to prove!

What : TacoMosa – Taco & Samosa Festival
When : Mar 8 – Mar 18, 2018 | 6.30PM – 11PM
Where: Pirates of Grill, Elante Mall

With each passing day, the world around us seems to be finding new modes of expression and creativity, inspiring a unique and original product out of this creativity. That’s exactly what happened with restaurateur Inderjeet Singh Banga and his team at Pirates of Grill. What they did is basically take two immensely popular street food items from different parts of the world, i.e. India and Mexico, and combined them to form a new flavour that inspired a host of dishes around the idea. This idea has now turned into a food festival and it’s travelling across different cities, so that more and more people get in on the buzz.

Tacos and samosas – who would’ve thought? And yet, here is an ongoing 10 day food festival that combines the flavours of tacos and samosas to bring to you authentic and original dishes that don’t disappoint. On the menu are an assortment of items, starting with the Progressive Chaat Taco with Tamarind Elaichi Curd. Believe us when we say it’s a true amalgamation of chaat and tacos, with the crispiness of the taco doing wonders for the chaat flavour of the dish heightened by the curd.

Next you’ll find the Peanut Butter Tarkari with Homemade Bun. The words peanut butter and tarkari don’t seem to be going together, do they? But they do! We promise you this one’s going to be a hit with pav bhaji and/or burger fans. Also on offer are the Deconstructed Samosa with Aloo Basil Rasa and the Oriental Pepper Chicken with Indian Samosa Crust. Both dishes are wholly suffused with samosa flavours and the chef will especially recommend you to crush the crust and sprinkle it on top to get the maximum flavour out of these dishes. While one caters to the vegetarian palate, the other pampers non-veg lovers.

But the icing on the cake, well not literally or metaphorically, but simply in terms of dessert, there’s the Captains Dessert Treasure aka Chocolate Dipped Tacos with Banana Caramel and Vanilla Cream. It comes in a small little cup with an equally cute spoon to eat it with. But don’t let the word small misguide you. The helping is plentiful and satiating enough to delight anybody with a sweet tooth.

The biggest plus? Helpings are unlimited, so you can order as many as you like. Now if that’s not tempting enough to make you drop everything and head over to Pirates of Grill, then what is?

An Ode to the Colder Weather – Nite Owl Festival at Select Citywalk Saket

By Kanika Oberoi
An Ode to the Colder Weather – Nite Owl Festival at Select Citywalk Saket

What – Nite Owl Festival
When – November 24th – 26th | 12pm – 12am
Where – DLF Place, Saket
How to Get There – Saket Metro Station, Yellow Line

The weather has taken a turn towards the colder end and all of Delhi couldn’t be happier. Well, at least most of it. With the smog almost cleared up, it’s time again to get out of our hoods (or blankets!) and head out. What better way to chill than shopping and food? And what better place than DLF Place, Saket to do it at? DLF Place just celebrated its ten year anniversary and has now come up with the amazing Nite Owl Festival for its second edition. The Festival offers everything you would want at a night out. From scrumptious delights to the Little Flea market and the added joy of having a nip in the air. The Nite Owl is a three day extravagant affair that starts from the 24th of November, Friday. The great thing about this festival is that it lasts an entire day up until 12 am. So if you do wish to spend the entire weekend sleeping, you can still catch the event going on late in the evening.

The Flea Market will be brimming with beautiful little things you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Stuff ranging from Home Decor to Indo-Western Clothing to Chunky Jewellery. It’s a perfect destination for all your fashionista friends.

And of course there will be Food Stalls for every taste palate. Sumptuous momos of more than a hundred types are likely to be present. Okay, maybe not a hundred. But you do get our point, right? Food of all kinds, shapes and sizes will be at your avail.

There is always a cherry on the top and here it will be the soulful live band performances. Groove to the rhythm of acoustic times as you wander around or while you shop.
The bands slated to perform are Zephyr, Alankaar, Savarveda, Rocknaama, and more.

So head out to DLF Place to destress your nerves and be a little bit self indulgent this weekend! There’s more to life than chasing targets and attending meetings, after all.

Six Upcoming Food Fests In Delhi

By citywoofer
Six Upcoming Food Fests In Delhi

Food is the most cherished part of any Delhiites life and why shouldn’t it be for ‘There’s no sincerer love than the love of food’. Delhi has been getting blessed with some of the best food festivals happening in the country for the last five years. With themes ranging from quintessential Indian Street Food Festival bringing you the great Indian Chaat, more often than not with a twist, to the Asian Street Hawkers market displaying the best of Asian cuisine.
If you’re a foodie and need to indulge in some self-love, here’s five amazing culinary events taking place in your city in the coming weeks! Delve right in and find your place to be this foodie season!

The Grub Fest
When – October 14 to 16
Where – Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium
Nearest Metro Station – Ten minute walk from JLN, Violet Line
The Grub Fest is the most anticipated food event of the season with some of the best restaurants in the city getting you their brilliant signature dishes and more. The venue is the open, lush gardens of JLN Stadium and some lovely music performances. Follow their Facebook and Instagram handles for regular updates!

Asian Hawkers Market
When – October 13 to 15
Where – Select City Walk, Saket
Nearest Metro Station – Saket, Yellow Line

One of the most underrated cuisines here in India is the Asian (excluding of course Chinese). Using some of the most exotic flavours and an array of spices, the stalls here serve you the scrumptious best of Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. The ambience is perfected with music gigs and a little flea market. Be sure to try out the myriad of momos – a proven lifeline of Delhiites and the delectable Vietnamese Chicken Satay there.

Ambrosia by Rendevouz-IIT Delhi
When – October 13-16
Where – Nalanda Grounds, IIT Delhi
Nearest Metro Station – Hauz Khas on Yellow Line, Shared Auto Rides from the station for 10/Head to IIT

Ambrosia is a food event created and curated by the students of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. The  yearly event is a four day affair that starts as early as 4 in the morning! Yep, you read that right. Head over there for fun outing with your friends and feast on some divine food and participate in brilliant activities like the Ultimate Cook Off!

Horn Ok Please – Food Truck Fest
When – November 4
Where – Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium
Nearest Metro Station – JLN, Purple Line

The Horn OK Please Festival is essentially one of the only few Food Truck festivals happening in India. One place, brimming with amazing food trucks from over the country! A must go all barbeque fans.

Delhi Food Truck Festival
When – November 11-12
Where – JLN Stadium
Nearest Metro Station – JLN Stadium Metro Station, Violet Line

This one of a kind food truck festival is the ‘it’ event you need to check out. It’s a two day event displaying a myriad of fresh flavours, we’re sure you’ve never tasted before. It’s an out and out fast food event serving the best of Indian and International dishes. Enjoy lipsmacking Hot Dogs or American style pizzas or a million other things at this do with an amazing set up and hearty music.

Palate Food Festival
When – November 17-19
Where – Nehru Park
Nearest Metro Station – Lok Kalyan Marg, Yellow Line

The Palate Food festival presented by Lloyd is the ultimate high street fine dining event you will attend. A wonderful gathering of some of the greatest chefs, cooking their beloved signature dishes for you as an acoustic tune plays in the back. A gorgeous venue, decorated with ambient lights and of course the aromas of spices lingering in the air. The line up included Fat Lulus, Elma’s and many many more last year and it’s only going to get bigger and better this time around.