TiECON Chandigarh 2019, an Event for Entrepreneurs | Startups

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TiECON Chandigarh 2019, an Event for Entrepreneurs | Startups

TiECON is an oasis of timeless knowledge and expertise that aids in creating a positive ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors. It has been motivating up-and-coming entrepreneurs and helping them have an edge over others by holding regular workshops and networking meetings, along with providing one-on-one mentorship too.

What: TiECON Chandigarh 2019
When: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm, 16th February 2019 (Saturday)
Where: Indian School of Business, Mohali Campus

The mission of TiE is: “To foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education, funding and incubation. With a focus of giving back to the community, Tie’s focus is on generating and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

TiECON has acclaimed business leaders from all over India and abroad, who in the day-long summit, inspire the aspiring entrepreneurs with their thought-provoking ideas, mentoring sessions and discussions. It is also a great opportunity for them to mingle with various other like-minded and driven individuals, offering them so much to learn in just one day.

TiE Chandigarh has come up with yet another edition of its flagship event TiECON Chandigarh 2019. The 4th edition of this elite conference is scheduled on Saturday, 16th February 2019 at Indian School of Business, Mohali Campus. Expected to be the biggest entrepreneurial event in the northern region, it will lay emphasis on the opportunities and challenges that the budding entrepreneurs face when they begin their journey and will make sure that they embark on the path to success that knows no bounds.

The esteemed speakers of TiECON Chandigarh 2019 are: an author and superb motivational speaker – Shiv Khera, an innovator with a track record of success in Consultancy, Education and Global Information Technology – Dr. Ganesh Natarajan,  business magnate – Karan Singh Thakral, success after multiple failures – Sidu Ponnappa, serial entrepreneur and a seasoned businessman – Vikas Bagaria and many more such idols from the business world.

TiECON is a significant platform for all the startup founders to draw inspiration from the failures and success stories of those who have made it big in their lives and with their pearls of wisdom, take off on their own journey to creating history.

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A Women’s Meet and Greet – Bloggers & Photographers

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A Women’s Meet and Greet – Bloggers & Photographers

With International Women’s Day festivities happening all around the tricity all through the month, here’s a meet up organised specially for women to meet and share ideas and experiences, with the aim of propagating women solidarity.

What : Female Bloggers & Photographers Meet
When : Mar 18, 2018 | 11AM – 6PM
Where: Sector 17, Chandigarh

Here’s an open invitation to all female bloggers and photographers in the tricity area. Come and meet fellow colleagues and comrades working in the same fields as yourself. Whether you’re a fashion blogger or a freelancer, a wildlife photographer or a travel photographer, whatever be your area of expertise, whatever be your field of work, you are heartily welcome. From travel to nature to lifestyle to fashion to events to real estate and architecture, if words are your mode of expression or picture frames your weapon of destruction, this is a one of a kind meet for women from different backgrounds to get together and share ideas, experiences, and practical knowledge of skills.

The objective of the meet is to motivate each other, build a circle of solidarity, and learn from one another. New entrants to the world of blogging and photography are also welcome. Women who foresee a career in these fields or who want to embark on a new phase of life but have not yet figured out the demands of the profession are more than welcome. Bring a friend along too, if you’re the shy kinds, or not!

Being a woman in this male dominated world is not easy and often we feel the need to fall back on our female companions who at times like these reiterate the strength that is intrinsically part of our personality. It is our experiences that make us who we are and by sharing these moments with each other, it is not just ourselves that benefit from it, but also those who receive these anecdotes from us. And isn’t that just what the essence of being a woman is? It’s not just a solitary awareness but a shared recounting where not just the one who lived those moments relives it all over again, but all of us somewhere or the other have been through it. Cause, girl, we’re all in this together!

For more details about the meet, contact Aman at +91-94643 33682.

Evening of Poetry @Garden of Fragrance

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Evening of Poetry @Garden of Fragrance

Poetry has resided in the hearts of Chandigarhians since times immemorial and now there’s something of a movement going about to bring it out of the hearts and into the open for the poetry lovers of the tricity to revel in.

What  : Chalte Chalte: Juan Elia
When : March 11, 2018 | 4PM onwards
Where: Garden of Fragrance, Sector 36

We may not be fully aware of it, but poetry has been a part of our lives right from the time we were children. From rote learning children’s jingles to analysing poetry as part of our school syllabus, to dancing to lyrical beats of poetry hidden within our favourite songs – it has been around even when we weren’t proactively looking for it.

Poetry has taught us many a lesson in life that we weren’t aware we learnt through a simple weaving together of words. It is the expression of human experience, of feelings, of thoughts and emotions. It is poetry that has, in many ways, taught us about the aesthetic balance of life and showed us what is truly beautiful in the world.

Recognising this role that poetry plays in all of our lives and wanting a platform for those who celebrate the love of poetry, the minds behind Cross Connection Poetree started meeting every month to bring verses to the general public in a free and open environment. They meet every month and recite poetry for any and every one who wants to listen, usually with a predetermined concept for every meeting, giving their segment the title ‘Chalte Chalte’.

This Sunday, Cross Connection Poetree is bringing Chalte Chalte: Juan Elia to the Garden of Fragrances as a salute to and for the love of Juan Elia’s evergreen verses. A popular Pakistani poet, scholar, and philosopher, Juan Elia was born in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh in 1931 and eventually moved to independent Pakistan in 1957. Communist in ideology, Elia was against the idea of living in an independent Muslim state, and was known to be unconventional in his ways. His poetry reflected a deep sense of loneliness, nihilism, and the despair of separation.

Juan Elia’s poetry tugs at the chords of grief within each of us and that’s the beauty of his shayari. It’s not every day that someone recites such beautiful poetry under a clear open sky. It is the one not to be missed.

PU’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit – Udyami 2018

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PU’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit – Udyami 2018

Startups are the future of entrepreneurship in India and the next big thing to impact the economy in a good way. In fact, startups are not just the future, but the present of economic progress in the country. Some of the biggest companies we depend on today were mere startups once. You too could be the brains behind the next big thing and here’s the platform you need for expert guidance.

What : Udyami 2018: Startup’s Spectrum
When : Mar 10 – Mar 11, 2018 | 10AM onwards
Where : Panjab University, Main Campus

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of UIET, Panjab University annually organises a National Entrepreneurship Summit, Udyami, with an aim to revamp the entrepreneurial and corporate sector of the tricity. Running successfully into its fourth year this time around, the summit lays claim to being one of the finest entrepreneurship summits in North India and the only one in the Chandigarh Tricity.

The two day event aims at engaging with the youth through a multitude of events such as workshops, competitions, panel discussions, intern fairs, and networking sessions with influential entrepreneurs, mentors, researchers, angel investors, venture capital firms, and various corporates. The vision behind the summit is to nurture a startup ecosystem that will pave the way for a sustainable and diverse entrepreneurial network where the experienced and the amateur will come together, taking the country’s economy to new heights.

In the previous years, the summit has invited eminent personalities in the economic and entrepreneurial sector for engaging panel discussions. Moguls like Kunal Nandwani (Founder & CEO, Utrade Solutions), Vijay Gopalan (ex-Air Asia CFO), Ramabhadran Thirumalai (Asst Prof, ISB Hyderabad), Amanjot Kaur (Director, IFM), Srikanth Sundararajan (Helion Ventures), and Bahubali Shete (Founder, CEO & MD, Connovate Technology) have previously graced the panel discussions with their opinions and insights. Udyami 2018 promises to be just as versatile this year by inviting speakers and guests from different domains to review various industries from travel to healthcare to startups of the future.

Numerous competitions have been meticulously organised such as the PLAN-A-THON, a game of plans, designed to test your on-field strategy making abilities and number crunching skills. CREATOUR, on the other hand, is designed to test your budgeting skills within a time limit. Participants get to experience being a food critic on a hunt for the best dishes at top restaurants in different continents of the world. BYOC (Bid Your Own Company) is one of the biggest hits, year after year, with participants donning CEO caps for their imaginary companies and getting to recruit new team members, giving them a sense of being in a real auction.

There’s much more on offer at the summit than can be listed out here. You’ll just have to go and attend the event to find out. Book your tickets here.