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Top Winter Sports Destinations in India

By Citywoofer Team
Top Winter Sports Destinations in India

It’s that time of the year again when Himalayas are blanketed with snow and lakes are more like blocks of frozen ice. The one and only time of the year when you can bring out the winter child in you and indulge in some snow games and powder activity! So, we decided to curate a list of some of the best places in India for you to don your snow goggles and indulge in the winter sport of your choice – be it skiing, snowboarding, or even ice skating!

Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir
This one just had to be at the very top of our list! A quaint little tourist town that thrives on winter tourism, Gulmarg seems to have been tailor made for adventure and winter sport enthusiasts in India. Whether you’re looking to ski, snowboard, or just play around in the snow, this is the place to go. From amatuers to professional sportsmen, Gulmarg has a practice slope and training courses for all levels of skiing and snowboarding aficionados, as well as some of the topmost ski resorts in the country. Moreover, the Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest cable car lines in the world, and takes you all the way up to Mt. Apharwat, if you want to be so bold as to try that! Other fun activities that you can take up in Gulmarg are ice-skating, sledding, and riding snowmobiles.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
This destination is for all the ice-skating lovers out there. Shimla is home to the largest and the only naturally formed skating rink in the country. The open-air rink attracts amateurs and professionals from all over the country every year. Open skies and clear weather is the unique selling point of this skating rink. All kinds of ice skating equipment and gear is also available for hire at the rink. The uninitiated can avail temporary membership and learn at their own pace. Sessions are held through the day and training is based on your skill level. Moreover, who wouldn’t be motivated to pick up this sport when you see highly skilled and trained experts gliding past you as if they were merely floating on ice!

Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh
It may not have the infrastructure of Gulmarg, but Solang Valley is not a place to be underestimated when it comes to winter sports. Possibly the second most popular destination for skiing and snowboarding in India, Solang is alive and thriving with sport activity all through the winter months. A skiing festival is organised in Solang every year, bringing together fanatics from all over the country in celebration of this sport. Skiing courses for all levels are available. Moreover, Rohtang, not too far from Solang, boasts of being one of the best heli-skiing destinations in India. Those looking for ‘off-piste’, i.e. non-crowded, uncharted skiing territory with fresh powder, should opt for this heli-skiing destination first and foremost.

Phuni & Yumthang Valley, Sikkim
Okay, here’s one for people who just can’t bear to deal with crowds and overworked slopes. The lesser known of skiing destinations in India, Phuni Valley and Yumthang Valley are located approximately 18 km and 25 km, respectively, outside of Lachung in Sikkim. Since not many people know about these two valleys, you’ll find relatively empty slopes and can ski or snowboard away to your heart’s content. Without the disturbance of loud, cacophonous groups of tourists and blithering idiots crashing into you, anyone who wishes to glide down in serenity can do so, irrespective of their skill level. Moreover, it’s the ideal destination for beginners, since you’ll want empty space to experiment with your equipment and your newfound love for skiing/snowboarding.

A Perfect Itinerary For A Perfect Valentine’s Day

By Citywoofer Team
A Perfect Itinerary For A Perfect Valentine’s Day

‘Tis the season of love y’all! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we figured we’ll put together something of an itinerary for those of you out there who want that perfect day with your special someone, but just can’t find the time to get down to the meticulous planning of it all. We did the dirty work so you and your loved one can go reap the fruits. Thank us later 🙂

Start The Day of Love at Rose Garden
Well, this one should be a little obvious, isn’t it? Roses have been a symbol of romance since as far back as we can remember… or, er, at least movies and songs tell us so! Take your loved one on a stroll through this enchanting paradise of a garden and let yourself be engulfed by the fragrance of roses early in the morning. Now would also be a good time to gift each other those flowers you forgot to purchase on Rose Day.

Breakfast at French Press Cafe
Head on over to this cute little cafe not far from Rose Garden, for a truly European experience of love. And what better place to pick than French Press, for isn’t France home to the capital of romance, a la Paris! We’ve heard great things about the coffee here. Sip along as you indulge yourselves in hours of conversation about all things great and small.

A Gift From The Heart
Head on over to your favourite gift shop after breakfast to commemorate your day of love. We’ll leave the choice of gift upto you, however, for only you two can know what the other’s heart craves. Perhaps a t-shirt that your loved one has been eyeing for days, or a picture frame to archive this special day of the year, or maybe you’ll want to purchase those couples items that come in pairs, like mugs or cushions or a His & Hers kit?

Watch A Tale of Undying Love
This is the day of fantasies and fairytales. Head on over to a movie theatre and catch a tale of love of your choice, one that rings true to your story. Watch your own story come alive as the actors in the film portray theirs. Our vote goes to Padmaavat, a medieval era love story of the king and queen of Chittor, whose love held them close even through separation. Let their tale inspire your love and devotion to each other through the toughest of hurdles in your own relationship.

Drive Out To Morni Hills
No date can be complete without the quintessential romantic drive through a picturesque landscape. We know you may not be able get too far away from the city, so we have just the perfect place picked out for you. Morni Hills, with its verdant foliage and refreshing air, is just the place to go! It’s not too far out but just distant enough to get away from the rush and pollution of the city, out into the peace and quiet of the hills.

A Timber Trail Finale
What better way to end this day of romance than at a picturesque resort along the timber trail, not far from Morni Hills. The region offers a wide variety of nature retreats and resorts by the countryside. Find one that fits your budget and and let mother earth engulf you in her womb. Stroll under the moonlit sky and gaze away at the vast expanse of the universe, condensed to mere stars in the night. Afterall, the cosmos has been conspiring all day long to bring you this very moment of perfection.

The Story of Tagore Theatre: Chandigarh’s Favourite Auditorium!

By Vaibhav Jain
The Story of Tagore Theatre: Chandigarh’s Favourite Auditorium!

The iconic Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh’s Sector 18 is one of the most sought after places in the city to hold any kind of closed-door event. The venue’s prime location, unmatched facilities, the aura and accessibility make it like no other venue in Chandigarh. Added to all this is the heritage value and the legacy of the place.

Let’s have a quick tour to understand how this ‘ordinary’ site has evolved to become an indispensable part of the life and culture of Chandigarh.

Tagore Theatre was constructed in the year 1961 to mark the birth centenary of Sir Rabindranath Tagore. It continued to be the only theatre in the city of Chandigarh for several decades, thus becoming an indispensable part of the life and culture of the city. Now, it has been converted to a massive auditorium which hosts several theatrical plays, functions and cultural events throughout the year.

The Creator
Tagore Theatre was designed by the notable architect Aditya Prakash, who was also a part of the Chandigarh Capital Project Team, headed by Le Corbusier. Mr. Prakash had worked closely with the legendary planner, and was a key element of the Indian team assisting him. Aditya Prakash was also the then principal of the well-known Chandigarh College of Architecture, and was entrusted to layout this cultural hub for the city.
Apart from Tagore theatre, he has also designed a number of iconic houses in different sectors of the city beautiful.

The architecture of Tagore Theatre primarily represents two square blocks: the larger one accommodating the main auditorium, the foyer, booking office, etc., and the smaller, stage, green rooms properties, reversal area, workshop, electrical installation, air-conditioning etc. The acting area of the stage is located at the meeting place of the two squares.
Externally, the structure is a bare brick-walled, cuboidal structure. The interiors of the theatre were made in consultation with actors Prithviraj Kapoor and Zul Vellani, with careful emphasis on design aspects such as acoustics, sightlines, size of stage in relation to the size of auditorium, and optimal distance for un-aided facial recognition.
The auditorium capacity of the Tagore Theatre is 600.

The auditorium, though, being more than half a century old, is well-maintained and is in good shape. It has main auditorium with a capacity of 600+, and a mini auditorium. It has two well-equipped rehearsal halls, 8 green rooms, dressing rooms and two retiring rooms. The theatre also houses a canteen in the basement, along with a souvenir shop and a book shop. There’s adequate parking space in front of the site. Overall, the venue enjoys a very good aura.

Events Held
Tagore Theatre, since its construction, has hosted several events of varied stature. Many organisations and events have chosen it to be their regular host. The Chandigarh Theatre Festival and Chandigarh Humour Festival are the annual events held here. The venue hosts cultural evenings, functions and shows. Local schools hold their annual functions here.  Standup Comedy shows are also held here regularly.

Address: Tagore Theatre, Sector-18, Chandigarh 160018
Website: http://tagoretheatrechd.org
Phone: 0172-2724278
E-mail:  tagoretheatre18(at)gmail(dot)com