Grey Shades Fellowship Program Begins on May 15


The 4th edition of the Grey Shades Fellowship program in Chandigarh starts on May 15. The fellowship programme is a curriculum–based capacity building programme for 6 months.

“We want more retired people to renew and repurpose their life and join the unique fellowship of Grey Shades,” said Inderpreet Singh, the Founder of Grey Shades, a not-for-profit Charitable Trust for Senior Citizens. “There is dedicated training through the fellowship programme which helps the retired people live fulfilling lives socially, mentally and physically,” he added.

More About Fellowship Program

The 4-days a week fellowship programme costs about Rs 8,500 per month with equity based fee model where seniors can pay as per their paying capacity. It can range from 8% to 15 % for different individuals. If person has an income of Rs 100 and no liability, they will take Rs 15 as their monetary commitment to the program.

The members or alumni can join as well but after a gap of at least one year. 45 people have already completed the training in the last three editions of the fellowship programme and a maximum of 20 people will be taken in for the fourth edition. Becoming meaningful and productive, as part of the program, the senior citizens dedicated 400 hours to community service, where their time and experience was channelised for the betterment of society.

Grey Shades Fellowship program

The Grey Shades Fellowship program for senior citizens offers a range of activities and methodologies to help participants lead fulfilling lives. These include group sessions, dance movement therapy, expression through art and craft, writing therapy, food and nutrition guidance, digital literacy, mindfulness practices, yoga, and meditation. By providing a holistic approach to wellness and engagement, the program helps elders live a healthy and meaningful post-retirement life.

Grey Shades Fellowship program

What is Grey Shades?

Grey Shades as an organization committed to working with the elderly for their physical, social & emotional wellbeing. It started in 2016 as SPEEE (Society for Productive Engagement and Entertainment for elderly) . It put  years of research and experience working in Amritsar, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Chandigarh. “Grey Shades is an experience in itself. It offers a unique opportunity for senior citizens who are living alone and fighting boredom after retirement,” said the founder Inderpreet Singh.

Participants in Grey Shades program

While interacting with the media, members of the 3rd edition shared inspiring stories and their experience being a part of the 3rd edition of the fellowship. The seniors eagerly discussed the small joys that the program had ushered into their lives. Some seniors got emotional while narrating their stories of loneliness and depression due to various reasons until they joined the unique Grey Shades program, which transformed their lives for the better.

Grey Shades program

One of the participants, Rita Sodhi, a cancer survivor who retired from the Indian Railways, credited Grey Shades for helping her overcome depression that came along with the illness. “Independence and will power to do anything and serve society is my winning story from the program”, she said.

Naresh Mehta, who has 32 years of government service behind him, said that the fellowship gave a new meaning to his life. Veena Khanna, a homemaker, shared how the program allowed her to explore the world outside her home and kitchen and pursue her passion for singing while helping women through an NGO called ‘Chhoti Si Asha’.

Devinderpal Sehgal, a Limca Book of Records holder and an enthusiast kite flyer, considers Grey Shades as a platform to express capabilities and continue learning as aging happens.

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