Have Industry Experts Invest in Your Dreams at TREX Startup Conclave 2022


How many times in life do we actually invest in our dreams? Most people question the feasibility of its accomplishment and move on with their lives. However, a few know that no goal is too big to achieve and hustle to look for a way.
Understanding the potential of your dreams, TREK Startup Conclave 2022 is here to take you many steps ahead in your journey, saving you from the initial struggle. So, are you ready to turn your dreams into reality?

What is TREK Startup Conclave 2022?

TREK Startup Conclave is a prestigious startup conclave where accomplished leaders will share their insights to help you transform your research ideas into influential startups. In addition, it is a platform that will help you take significantly ahead in your entrepreneurial journey by connecting you with mentors, investors, and industry experts.
Startup Punjab, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Punjab State Council of Science & Technology are the primary partners of this elite conclave focused on giving young entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas a golden chance to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Event Details-

Date- 24th Sept 2022
Venue- IISER Mohali

Why must you attend TREK Startup Conclave 2022?

If becoming an entrepreneur and being your boss is one of your life’s primary goals, be it short-term or long-term, this event will give you a taste of the world you are planning to step into. From preparing a solid pitch to getting the investors onboard, you get first-hand experience, the learnings from which will be priceless. Here’s what all you can look forward to-

  • Connecting with the industry leaders
    Listen to eminent speakers share their journey to success and how they overcame all the hurdles and problems that weighed them down during the first steps.
    Learn from their experience and incorporate their advice into your path. It will help you avoid taking the wrong route and stick to the way that guarantees success.
  • Grab the funding & growth opportunities for your startup ideas
    In this highly competitive world, you must do something out-of-the-box to stand out and never miss out on the opportunities life brings. This is your platform to share your fantastic startup ideas and have renowned names invest in your dream.
  • Chances to network and collaborate with people that matter
    Networking is often underrated but always goes a long way in helping you reach your goals. For any startup to be successful, it needs the support of the right people. And only networking can help you come across those who believe in your idea and are willing to invest their time, energy, and effort in it.
    It also helps you win recognition among industry experts who can help you make it big in your challenging but an exciting entrepreneurial journey.
  • Connecting with research institutes and industries
    Learn more about the industry and gain insights into the world you wish to enter. Early access will keep you updated with the latest trends and give you an edge over your competition.

How will participating in the conclave benefit you?

Besides helping you connect with the experts of the industry, like Aditi Gupta- Founder BrandWork, Shantanu Despande- Founder CEO at Bombay Shaving Company, Atul Mishra- Senior Vice President of Sales at Razorpay, Rahul Narvekar- CEO and Founder India Network, and many more, the TREX Startup Conclave will offer you-

  • Exposure to the appropriate market
  • A platform to share your intuitive ideas
  • A golden opportunity to network with industry leaders and investors
  • A chance to meet up with other startups and build essential business relationships
  • A stage to pitch your startup idea and raise funds
  • Recognition in the market

You can also get a chance to win exciting prizes at the conclave being held at IISER, Mohali.

Understand what benefits you want to derive from this conclave and register yourself for-

  • Idea Storm- to showcase innovative ideas
  • Biz Buzz- to create the next big thing in business
  • Startup Expo- to receive valuable feedback from experts
  • Startup Pitching- to pitch your startup to raise funding
  • Visitors- to join as spectators and gain the insights

Aren’t you excited about the event already? For more information, log on to https://iisermtbi.com/TREX/. And for more updates on what’s happening around you in your city, visit www.citywoofer.com.


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