Panchkula school gets ‘meghdoot’ which produces water from air


The Gurukul School, Panchkula, has come up with an innovative technology to get water from air. The school is the first in the Tricity to use this technology in their campus. The machine has been named ‘magic drop’.

The school has installed the ‘Meghdoot’ machine which extracts water from outdoor air, purifies it and re-mineralises it, making it absolutely safe and fit for drinking.

It is , of course, a novelty for the children who have been educated by their teachers about the science behind the working of the intriguing machine.

The technology utilizes the science of condensation to extract water vapour from the surrounding atmosphere.

The technology allows operation in a wide variety of temperatures (18°C- 45°C) and relative humidity conditions (25 per cent – 100 per cent).

It produces water within hours of being switched on, hence it can be used as an instant solution for potable water.


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