‘Preparing Kids for School’ Programme Opens for Toddlers


If you are worrying about your toddler who’s on the threshold of joining the school, leave your concerns aside. With a twelve-year experience teaching children, Harpuneet Ahuja has come up with a one-year ‘Preparing Kids for School’ programme for children aged between 2 to 3 years.

Harpuneet Ahuja

The programme began on May 1, 2023, and is conducted from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 12 noon.

The ‘Preparing Kids for School’ programme aims to provide a cosy and comfortable space for toddlers to interact and socialize with other children preparing them for their journey in a formal school. Harpuneet will guide and support the children as they develop essential skills that will be required in school. “It’s their first step out of the home, so we need to create a good environment around them to take away their fear and make them happy and relaxed,” says Harpuneet.

‘Preparing Kids for School’ Programme

“With me, they are not restricted indoors but move around in the garden, in the natural surroundings, dance, hop, skip, jump, move around fearlessly and confidently,” she says.

The batch size is small to ensure that each child receives individual attention and is encouraged at a comfortable pace to learn the necessary skills to enter a bigger class. The programme aims to enhance motor development skills through various activities such as yoga, meditation amidst Nature and other creative projects.

‘Preparing Kids for School’ Programme

“When I was teaching small kinder garten kids at Abohar in Punjab, I made an immediate connection with kids. I realised, they just mould easily if you tell them something in a friendly manner,” she adds.

“Small kids are fearful that is why many of them cry, but when they get a friendly atmosphere, they win over their fear and get confident each passing day,” she says.

By enrolling their kids in this programme, parents can be assured that their children will have a smooth transition from home to school, enabling them to build a strong foundation for their academic and personal growth.

Contribution:  ₹3500 monthly

Contact: 98149 27959, 98772 66362

Address: 544 Sector 18-B, 2nd Gate, Chandigarh



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