Punit Sharma’s Music Album ‘Pyar Vich Pagla’ Released


Singer Punit Sharma’s much-awaited music album ‘Pyar Vich Pagla’ was released at the Chandigarh Press Club, Sector 27.

Punit Sharma has lent his velvety and well-modulated voice to the song breezing into the hearts of his phalanx fans.

Conceptualised and created under the impeccable direction of Colossus, a top-notch music collaboration, Gourav Dasgupta has scored the music, while well-known lyricist Rajesh Manthan has composed the lyrics. The album has been produced by Right Lincks.

Punit Sharma’s much-awaited music album ‘Pyar Vich Pagla’

The makers are keeping their finger crossed over the theme of the song, a heady admixture of fascinating Punjabi and Hindi flavours. With its intriguing soundscape to its advantage, powered by the lyrical theme, the dynamics employed in the music score is all poised to leave the audience mesmerised. The theme song transcends geographical boundaries of contemporary music as has been amply demonstrated in the song sequence.

In a chit-chat with CityWoofer, Punit pinning rosy hopes on the much talked-about music album says, “Pyar Vich Pagla is all set to take music buffs on an exciting musical journey as it seamlessly blends music, melody, muse and dance copiously featured in the album. It encapsulates a whirlwind of emotions so passionately woven into the song, offering an experience of a kind”.

Accomplished directors of the album Ajay Arora and Lovel Arora, who have pretty high expectations from the song suffused with emotions of a lovelorn heart pining for a union. The rich sonic palette and attention for details have been the prominent hallmarks of the album, offering a unique audio experience, which is sonically soul-soothing and emotionally resonant.

There is no denying that, besides the meticulous musical arrangements by Gaurav Das Gupta, the album features relatable lyrics that delve deeper into the ubiquitous theme of love, longing and lot more to be happy in one’s own space.



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