Student’s Guide to Finding the Perfect House on Rent in Tricity


The Tricity, comprising Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula, is a popular destination for students from across the country. Panjab University, various girls’ and boys’ colleges, and other educational or training institutes witness a huge rush of students coming from different parts of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal. Also, Tricity is a hub of the best coaching centers for preparing students for entrance tests like NEET, JEE, NDA, IAS, state services, etc. Finding a house on rent in the Tricity can be challenging for students, especially if they are new to the area. So, if you find yourself in a fix looking for the right accommodation in Tricity, here are some tips and tricks to make the process easier.

Accommodation in Tricity

Research Online

The first step in finding a house for rent in Tricity is to do your research online. There are several online rental platforms such as, magicbricks, OLX and, where you can search for houses based on your budget and preference. You can filter your search by location, budget, and amenities to find the apartments that meet your requirements.

Network with Seniors

Networking with seniors who are already living in the Tricity can be a good way to find a rental apartment. They can provide valuable information about the area and recommend houses/flats/housing societies that are suitable for students. They can also give you insights into the cost of living in that particular area and help you make an informed decision.


Local Property dealers

Engage with local property dealers

Local property dealers/real estate agents have a good knowledge of the area and can help you find an apartment that meets your requirements. A property dealer is a middleman who is in the know of the person requiring rented accommodation and a person who wants to rent out a house. He can also help you negotiate the rent and lease terms. However, property dealers usually charge 50% brokerage.


Consider Shared Accommodation

Shared accommodation is a popular option among students as it is affordable and helps them save money on rent. You can find shared accommodation options on online rental platforms or through your college or university. You can also network with other students who are looking for roommates and share a rented house.

House on Rent in Tricity

Check for Amenities

When looking for a house to rent, it’s essential to check for amenities that are essential for students, such as Wi-Fi, study tables, and chairs. Additionally, you may want to consider a house located near your institute, with access to public transport, grocery stores, and eateries.

Schedule Apartment Visits

Once you shortlist a few rental houses, schedule visits to view them in person. This will give you a better idea of the condition of the house, amenities, and location. You can also check if the apartment is within your budget and if the landlord is trustworthy.

Beware of scams

When searching for a rental apartment in the Tricity, be aware of scams that target students. Scammers may post fake listings, ask for deposits before showing the apartment, or demand payment in advance. Be sure to verify the authenticity of the landlord or rental agency before making any payments.

House on rent in Tricity

Hot Favourite Spots for Students:

Sectors 15 and 16 in Chandigarh: The most popular among students, these sectors are located near Panjab University and are also close to any educational institute located towards Mullanpur or new Chandigarh. They offer a variety of rental accommodations, including apartments, PGs, and hostels. PGs start from 6k and can go up to 10k per month along with food and other amenities. If you are looking for an independent flat 1BHK, it will cost you 12k-15k;  2BHK will range between 17k-22k in prime locations. One can also look for options in faraway sectors like 20, 21, and 23 to find more suitable cheaper options.

Mohali Phase 6 and 7: Mohali is a popular destination among students due to its proximity to Chandigarh and also to private colleges towards the Landran side, like Chandigarh University, Rayat-Bahara, Doaba group of colleges, Chandigarh group of colleges, and others. Mohali Phase 6, 7, 3B1, and 3B2 are well-connected to the city and offer several rental accommodations.

Zirakpur: Zirakpur is a fast-growing suburb of Chandigarh and offers affordable rental accommodations for students studying in educational institutes in the outskirts of the Tricity like, Banur. It is well-connected to the city and is home to several malls, restaurants, and other amenities.

Panchkula Sector 15: Panchkula is another popular destination among students due to its proximity to private colleges located in Banur on Patiala Road, like Chitkara University. Sector 15 is well-connected to the city, relatively cheaper, and offers several rental accommodations, including PGs and hostels.

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