Vaidehi Kulkarni’s Dazzling ‘kuchipudi’ Performance Enthralls Audience


The ML Koser Indoor Auditorium, Sector 35, Chandigarh, reverberated with the melodious jingles of ‘ghungroos’ amid the soul-elating music score in sync with the body movements of well-known Kuchipudi exponent Vaidehi Kulkarni.

Performance of Vaidehi Kulkarni

Vaidehi Kulkarni, known for her amazing hold over this tough classical dance genre, mesmerized the city audience with her amazing footwork living up to the intricate rhythmic patterns in the Kuchipudi dance form.

The star performer commenced with a stellar composition, Natesha Koutvam, in which she candidly depicted his the charming persona of the fictional character. This was followed by another powerful presentation of Padmavati Shringar in which she rendered a well-meaning composition, based on Goddess Padmavathi and Lord Shrinivasa, inviting a thunderous applause from the appreciative audience.

Performance at ML Koser Indoor Auditorium

Vaidehi left an indelible mark of perfection, displaying her versatility in Javali, that followed in quick succession, a composition based on the nayak-nayika engaging pow-wow about the other women she was feeling jealous of as her nayak was enamoured by the other fictional women characters.

Vaidehi concluded with the rendition of a famous composition Marakata Manimaya. Through this composition, she depicted Lord Krishna’s divine aura, employing all traits of the dance form.

Vaidehi Kulkarni Performance

She captivated the audience with the crisp footwork she exhibited through the Arabhi raga and Adi tala. Her pitch-perfect bhav, abhinay, and her profound knowledge of taal drew admiration from the audience and art critics alike.

(The writer, Ramesh K Dhiman, is a former staffer of The Tribune and freelancer. He has written extensively for leading newspapers and magazines on art, culture, mythology, besides travelogues.)




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