Delhi Let’s Laugh – 5 upcoming comedy events in the city you need to go for!


Everyday life can be a daunting ride if you’re not investing in a little bit of fun. Take a break from work, grocery shopping and paying bills and go to one of these five super fun comedy events happening in Delhi!

  1. Sumit Anand – Completely Live
    Where – Canvas Laugh Club At The People Company, Gurgaon
    When – Saturday, November 11, 9:30pm Sumit Anand is the freshest kid on the comedy block. The lad has performed at venues all over the country and abroad! His previous stints on the stage have been liked, shared and featured on pop culture pages.
    His comic timing and befuddling simplicity is an absolute wonder.
    Checkout his most famous video My Job, My home and The Maid here.
  2. Punchliners : Stand Up Comedy show featuring Angad Singh Ranyal
    Where – Food Capital, Aerocity
    When – Saturday, November 25th, 9:30pm Trust Angad Singh Ranyal to tickle the funny bones of even those who lack one. Part of the hugely successful and one of the few comedy ensembles of the country – East India Company, Angad has been performing for many years now. His fanbase is huge and definitely not only restricted to people who grew up in a Punjabi household. Go for a fun evening hang with your friends, we vouch for a good time.
  3. Comedy Night 7.0 at antiSOCIAL
    Where – antiSOCIAL
    When – Wednesday, November 15, 7:30pm Any event happening at antiSOCIAL and you can be sure of having a quality time. The event is slated to be hosted by Shimit Mathur. Take a break and enjoy a slamming night with some amazing drinks and food at the same place.
  4. Fresh Thoughts by Kunal Kamra
    Where – Aiwan-e-Ghalib Auditorium, Mandi House
    When – Sunday, December 3rd, 8pm Kunal Kamra shot to internet fame with his satirical YouTube series Shut Up Ya Kunal. The lad is edgy, brimming with sarcasm and often found taking digs at the social and political environment of the country. Watch him talk about different new things that have managed to annoy him recently, at this do.
  5. LOLStars ft. Zakir Khan, Nishant Tanwar, Sumit Sourav
    Where – Siri Fort Auditorium
    When – Sunday, 26th November, 6:30pm We saved the best one for the last. LOLStars is bringing you some of the biggest names in the comedy scene right now with the sakht launda Zakir Khan, Joke Singh sir -Nishant Tanvar and Sumit Sourav all at one place and time! Mark your calendars for this rib tickler of a gig and laugh your worries off with these brilliant comics.Have you decided on the ones you’ll be going in for? Tag Citywoofer when you’re experiencing them live!



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