3 Stand-up Comedians Who Make Tricity Laugh the Most


Laugh as much as you can when in Tricity! Because famous standup comedians in Tricity will make your jaws pain with their humor and funny talks. Your way of hitting boredom might be scrolling social media accounts. But for how long? Comedy shows have lots of entertainment for you. You should not miss any of the shows of vibrant standup comedians- Gurleen Pannu, Vinay Bhatia (Homey B), and Jasmeet Singh (Jimmy).

Even for those beginners dreaming to perform onstage one day should never miss others performing live. While you search for a place where these shows take place, don’t forget to look at how these comedians perform and how much they are loved by their audience.

If Gurleen makes you laugh hilariously, then Homey B has the office folks to share with you. Along with it, Jimmy Paji’s instincts are funnier than pre-prepared jokes. Everyone has their strong point and is always ready to entertain you at open mic events, which you should not miss for an unforgettable experience.

Whether the lockdown or your hectic schedule, attending comedy events is an amazing way to enjoy the moment of happiness and hit boredom, you can attend comedy shows online and have fun. It means standup comedians never stop you from getting entertainment, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

So, meet these three top standup comedians of the Tricity who never fail to let the audience enjoy the shows. Cheers up! Let’s read on and know the jovial minds from where the innovative ideas come from-


Gurleen Pannu

Gurleen Pannu

Known as the first woman standup comedian in Tricity, Gurleen is one of the leading standup comedians making her place in people’s hearts. Starting performing in theatre, she has gained her name for her stupendous performance from the college times while she was studying microbiology from MCM DAV.

Her clean comedy makes her comfortable even in the most uncomfortable seats that make her a favorite with all audiences. She has performed over 100 open mic shows. She loves comedy so much that she decided to turn out to be a standup comedian. Her confidence boosted up more when she was appreciated most by the audience in the Punjabi Showcase Event.

Following her role models, Kevin Hart and Zakhir Khan, Gurleen has also gained fame by getting selected in the event- The Circuit Comedy Festival. Her name is also counted among the top Chandigarh comedians when it comes to making audiences laugh with daily experiences. Did you know if she makes you laugh, then who makes her laugh apart from her role models? Her brother, who is a student of 12th class and plays cricket at the school level! This bond is eternal and supportive always.

Jasmeet Singh- Jimmy PajiJasmeet Singh urf Jimmy Paji or Jasmeet Jimmi exhibits his skills from scriptwriting to filmmaking and, ultimately, the thing he enjoys the most, and that is standup comedy. With a great sense of humor creating humorous content on everyday topics, a great voice, and a rare ability to make really weird but cute expressions, Jimmy Paji now has a huge fan-following.

His style of comedy is observational, and his jokes are sometimes far advanced for audiences. He is energetic and shares his ideas and thoughts in such a manner that makes his show housefull. The Mohali-based standup comedian is arguably one of the biggest comedy acts, creating content fit for every type of life phase to share on the stage.

Jasmeet Singh- Jimmy Paji

Moreover, his ability to engage the audience and describe relatable situations in hilarious ways connected him to his fans. One can watch his comedy show in Taj, where his performance became a favorite of many.


Vinay Bhatia- Homey B
Vinay Bhatia- Homey BYou might (not) know him as the name- Vinay Bhatia. Still, you’ve probably chuckled at many of his jokes and his talent for presenting humor in a palatable appearance as Homey B. In contrast to his personality, his onstage style is deeply influenced by Himachal Pradesh upbringing. He has a unique talent for injecting excitement into the commonplace.

Homey B’s path to being a standup comic entailed first leaving behind a career of indulging in the field of a physiotherapist. His observation of understanding the audience makes him decide the joke he will crack on the stage. According to him, performing among corporate audiences needs self-esteem as this is where professionalism deals with humor.

He believes that one of his most notable onstage personas is a nervous comic, making him learn how to standup from a list he carries on stage while he performs. Homey B has many successful performances and the favorite one is his performance in MCM DAV. He doesn’t like to joke on political content.

Standup comedy is booming in Tricity and takes place in places such as Platinum Arts Club (sector 17) The Laugh Club (sector 34) and The Chai Brewery (sector 34). Thanks to the work of such comics in space. Comedians at corporate parties, office functions, product launches, trade shows, and industry events have been a massive trend in the last few years.

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Krishan Chauhan
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