A Perfect Itinerary For A Perfect Valentine’s Day


‘Tis the season of love y’all! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we figured we’ll put together something of an itinerary for those of you out there who want that perfect day with your special someone, but just can’t find the time to get down to the meticulous planning of it all. We did the dirty work so you and your loved one can go reap the fruits. Thank us later 🙂

Start The Day of Love at Rose Garden
Well, this one should be a little obvious, isn’t it? Roses have been a symbol of romance since as far back as we can remember… or, er, at least movies and songs tell us so! Take your loved one on a stroll through this enchanting paradise of a garden and let yourself be engulfed by the fragrance of roses early in the morning. Now would also be a good time to gift each other those flowers you forgot to purchase on Rose Day.

Breakfast at French Press Cafe
Head on over to this cute little cafe not far from Rose Garden, for a truly European experience of love. And what better place to pick than French Press, for isn’t France home to the capital of romance, a la Paris! We’ve heard great things about the coffee here. Sip along as you indulge yourselves in hours of conversation about all things great and small.

A Gift From The Heart
Head on over to your favourite gift shop after breakfast to commemorate your day of love. We’ll leave the choice of gift upto you, however, for only you two can know what the other’s heart craves. Perhaps a t-shirt that your loved one has been eyeing for days, or a picture frame to archive this special day of the year, or maybe you’ll want to purchase those couples items that come in pairs, like mugs or cushions or a His & Hers kit?

Watch A Tale of Undying Love
This is the day of fantasies and fairytales. Head on over to a movie theatre and catch a tale of love of your choice, one that rings true to your story. Watch your own story come alive as the actors in the film portray theirs. Our vote goes to Padmaavat, a medieval era love story of the king and queen of Chittor, whose love held them close even through separation. Let their tale inspire your love and devotion to each other through the toughest of hurdles in your own relationship.

Drive Out To Morni Hills
No date can be complete without the quintessential romantic drive through a picturesque landscape. We know you may not be able get too far away from the city, so we have just the perfect place picked out for you. Morni Hills, with its verdant foliage and refreshing air, is just the place to go! It’s not too far out but just distant enough to get away from the rush and pollution of the city, out into the peace and quiet of the hills.

A Timber Trail Finale
What better way to end this day of romance than at a picturesque resort along the timber trail, not far from Morni Hills. The region offers a wide variety of nature retreats and resorts by the countryside. Find one that fits your budget and and let mother earth engulf you in her womb. Stroll under the moonlit sky and gaze away at the vast expanse of the universe, condensed to mere stars in the night. Afterall, the cosmos has been conspiring all day long to bring you this very moment of perfection.


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