8 Beautiful Places to Enjoy Spring in Chandigarh


Spring is one of the most loved seasons, without any doubt. Don’t we all love the blooming season with flowers and fragrance everywhere?

Do you often wonder how you can make the most of such amazing weather and feel the closest to nature when it is at its peak of beauty?

Chandigarhians know well how divine the spring season is in the city. Roads lined up with colorful trees do take your breath away, right?

So here we have prepared for you a list of the best places to visit to enjoy the spring season in the city to the fullest.

Rose Garden Chandigarh

Rose Garden

Located in sector 16, Rose Garden is extremely famous among nature lovers since it hosts around 32,500 varieties of medicinal shrubs and trees, besides boasting of 1600 exquisite species of flowers.

Spring season is undoubtedly the best time to visit the Rose Garden because the flowers are in their full bloom, making it a worthy sight. Also, the Rose Festival happens every year in this season making it the center of attraction of the Spring season.


Siswan Dam

Located on the foothills of the Shivaliks, this place is the cyclists’ paradise. It has lately become quite a popular name when it comes to eco-tourism. All of this has been possible due to the commendable efforts of the Department of Forests and Wildlife Preservation, Government of Punjab. The region is known for its breathtaking natural beauty which is at its peak during the spring season, making it a must-visit in the months of February and March.

Bird-Park during Spring Season

Bird Park

Just behind the beautiful Sukhna Lake, there is Chandigarh Bird Park in the Nagar Van area behind the famous.

This pleasantly-designed aviary has greenery all the way that is bound to leave you mesmerized and feeling refreshed. The design of the walking tracks is such that it feels like walking in a hilly area. Isn’t that amazing and worth-exploring?

Garden-of-Fragnance, Chandigarh - Spring Season

Garden of Fragrance

The Garden of Fragrance got its name from the divinely smelling arrangement of flowering plants. Built in 1998, it is the absolute favorite of picnic-lovers.

You will find some of the most fragrant flowers here. Jogging and walking, amidst the colorful flowers and greenery is super refreshing and sure does give you an unforgettable experience. Not to forget, the spring season brings out the natural beauty of the place to the extreme.

Sukhna-Lake, Chandigarh - Spring Season

Sukhna Lake

Resting silently at the foot of the Shivaliks, Sukhna Lake is a name pretty-much known by all. The mornings are serene and the evenings are equally calming. Particularly in the spring season, the weather and the surroundings are favorable for all sorts of recreational and relaxation activities
So, head to this amazing place for a magical evening, cherishing the tranquility of the waters and the scenic mountain backdrop.

Terraced-Garden during spring season

Terraced Garden

Set up in 1979, the Terraced Garden covers a vast area of 10 acres. It has become one of the most loved places for jogging and walking.

The lighted musical fountain, the beautiful flowering plants, the multi-colored blooms of chrysanthemums add to the spectacular vibes of this place, making it an utterly pleasing treat to the eyes and soul.


Jayanti Devi Temple

Above the settlements of the tiny, secluded village of Jayanti Majri, lies the Jayanti Devi Temple. Surrounded by the lush greenery and the blue lakes, it has many picturesque views to offer to the visitors.
Apart from the temple, you can also relish the view of the Jayanti dam.


Garden of Springs

Situated in sector 53, Garden of Springs is one of the most calming and relaxing places in Chandigarh. And the spring season adds to the charm and beauty of this place, with fresh flowers and plants blooming all over the place. You’d definitely want to be here if you are looking for moments of solitude amidst nature.

Aren’t all of these places tempting you to pay them a visit? Now that you know the must-visit places of the season, what are you waiting for? Plan your weekend and explore each one of them. Do let us know which one you like the most!

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