A Quirky Food Walk Through the Streets of Chandigarh


Over the last few years, the tricity has seen a rise in the number of eateries and restaurants around the city. Every nook and corner is today alive and thriving with foodies venturing to new places to try out new food. It’s high time we started hosting food walks around the city, like they do in the metropolitans, and Sahapedia is here to do just that.

What : A Quirky Food Walk Through the Streets of Chandigarh
When : Mar 17, 2018 | 7PM – 9PM
Where: The streets of Chandigarh!

We Chandigarhians have a limitless love for food, and there’s no doubt about that. We find ourselves stepping out of the house for the sole purpose of eating outside almost on a regular basis. And when already out and about, there’s not a day we don’t come home without having at least spent some time eating at a roadside kiosk – whether it is to gobble down plate after plate of momos or to satiate our chatpata cravings for golgappas.

Sometimes our mood demands the elegant, sophisticated restaurant set up. Other times it’s all about the loud, bustling, noisy roadside carts. Other times still, it’s the cool, chilled out vibe of a cafe, or perhaps even the hip and happening atmosphere of the latest bar or pub in town. Whatever the choice of the day, there’s no dearth of places to go in the tricity. And so Sahapedia decided it’s high time we explored the variety of foodstuffs in and around the tricity. Thus happened, “A Quirky Food Walk Through the Streets of Chandigarh”.

The guided tour is a free tour but requires participants to register beforehand. Link to the registration form: https://goo.gl/zcmRyv
Registration is a must, if you want to attend. If you are unable to attend the walk after having registered, kindly inform Sahapedia over email (walks@sahapedia.org) or text (Avita – 9829064043).

Participants will collect at Sector 8B Market Parking, Near Wokman and head on out from there. Although the food expenses will be borne by the participants, the total bill amount will be shared by everyone equally. We suggest you wear your loose pants and a pair of comfortable shoes to gain the most out of this eating experience. Photography enthusiasts should carry their cameras too for there will be some interesting frames to be captured.


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