Tacomosa Festival – An Amalgamation of Indian & Mexican Flavours


The food industry is making new leaps and bounds every single day and while we may not be aware of it, it’s happening all around us on a daily basis. The classics will always remain in the category of ‘all time favs’, but innovation is the key to successful enterprises and that’s exactly what Pirates of Grill is out to prove!

What : TacoMosa – Taco & Samosa Festival
When : Mar 8 – Mar 18, 2018 | 6.30PM – 11PM
Where: Pirates of Grill, Elante Mall

With each passing day, the world around us seems to be finding new modes of expression and creativity, inspiring a unique and original product out of this creativity. That’s exactly what happened with restaurateur Inderjeet Singh Banga and his team at Pirates of Grill. What they did is basically take two immensely popular street food items from different parts of the world, i.e. India and Mexico, and combined them to form a new flavour that inspired a host of dishes around the idea. This idea has now turned into a food festival and it’s travelling across different cities, so that more and more people get in on the buzz.

Tacos and samosas – who would’ve thought? And yet, here is an ongoing 10 day food festival that combines the flavours of tacos and samosas to bring to you authentic and original dishes that don’t disappoint. On the menu are an assortment of items, starting with the Progressive Chaat Taco with Tamarind Elaichi Curd. Believe us when we say it’s a true amalgamation of chaat and tacos, with the crispiness of the taco doing wonders for the chaat flavour of the dish heightened by the curd.

Next you’ll find the Peanut Butter Tarkari with Homemade Bun. The words peanut butter and tarkari don’t seem to be going together, do they? But they do! We promise you this one’s going to be a hit with pav bhaji and/or burger fans. Also on offer are the Deconstructed Samosa with Aloo Basil Rasa and the Oriental Pepper Chicken with Indian Samosa Crust. Both dishes are wholly suffused with samosa flavours and the chef will especially recommend you to crush the crust and sprinkle it on top to get the maximum flavour out of these dishes. While one caters to the vegetarian palate, the other pampers non-veg lovers.

But the icing on the cake, well not literally or metaphorically, but simply in terms of dessert, there’s the Captains Dessert Treasure aka Chocolate Dipped Tacos with Banana Caramel and Vanilla Cream. It comes in a small little cup with an equally cute spoon to eat it with. But don’t let the word small misguide you. The helping is plentiful and satiating enough to delight anybody with a sweet tooth.

The biggest plus? Helpings are unlimited, so you can order as many as you like. Now if that’s not tempting enough to make you drop everything and head over to Pirates of Grill, then what is?


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