Anindita Mitra: Data and Technology Key to Smart Governance


Chandigarh has become the the 3rd smart city across India to host the conference on data and technology after Kochi & Panaji. Around 200 delegates from 100 smart cities are in Chandigarh to attend Smart Cities CEO’s Conference on Data and Technology. It is being held by Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) in coordination with Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India.

Smart Cities CEOs Conference on Data and Technology

Anindita Mitra IAS, Chief Executive Officer, Chandigarh Smart City Limited welcomed Kunal Kumar IAS, Joint Secretary & Mission Director, Smart Cities Mission, Govt of India and the delegates came to participate in the conference.

“Smart cities require smarter governance. Effective utilization of technology is imperative for the management of smart cities. Very soon in Chandigarh, with the promising infrastructure created under Smart Cities Mission, 5G roll out and our Micro Gati Shakti initiative, we will be experiencing, new paradigms of business models, better services and enhanced sustainability of the city,”said Mitra.

“We have created a detailed roadmap, how every individual, every department shall be benefitted from ICCC (Integrated Command and control Centre) in the coming few months. We are making dedicated efforts to make Chandigarh a data-powered city,” she said.

During the context setting session, Kunal Kumar, IAS, highlighted the need for urban leaders and practitioners to ‘think like a city’ and understand the larger picture through the use of data and technology to be able to cater to the ‘expanding’ urban population of the future.

The objective of the conference is to enable peer learning and exchange of ideas that leads to development of the best practices across all smart cities.

The conference includes Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officers and other officers of 100 smart cities along with officials from the Centre, state government, partners and sponsors. Participants got the opportunity to present and share the learnings on various topics like use case operation presentations by cities, ICCC Maturity Assessment Framework (IMAF) presentation by cities, and business plan overview & presentation by cities.


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