Aura Pottery Studio: A Haven for Art Lovers


Tucked away in an enchanting three-acre farm in the vicinity of Mohali, lies Aura Pottery Studio, a haven curated by the visionary duo, Atul and Anuja. This exquisite retreat serves as an alternative creative space, welcoming young minds to immerse themselves in the art of pottery and ignite their imaginative spirits through engaging interactions.

Aura Pottery Studio

Set amidst lush greenery, the property boasts a pottery studio, a charming family home, and a villa that graciously accommodates resident guests seeking to explore a myriad of artistic disciplines, including pottery, and ceramics.

Pottery Workshop chandigarh

With a dedicated team at hand, the studio offers regular classes and workshops, ensuring art lovers are not only nurtured creatively but also treated to wholesome, organic meals that nourish both body and soul.

As you stroll through the farms, the adorable furry friends Bosch, Bono, Fifi, Ella  greet you with wagging tails and endearing smiles.

Aura Pottery Studio Chandigarh

A Symphony of Art and Nature

As you step on the grounds of Aura Farm, a symphony of art and nature unfolds in front of your eyes. The sprawling farm serves as a muse, inspiring creative souls to delve deep into their artistic endeavours. Surrounded by verdant beauty, the pottery studio beckons visitors to indulge in the tactile joy of clay, encouraging them to shape their vision into tangible works of art. From the rhythmic melodies of a potter and wheel, every corner of this retreat resonates with the harmonious fusion of artistic expression and the awe-inspiring wonders of the natural world. The studio boasts a spacious layout, adorned with pottery wheels, workstations, and shelves displaying an array of exquisite ceramic pieces. From novices to seasoned potters, Aura Pottery Studio welcomes everyone, providing classes and workshops tailored to different skill levels.

Mastering the Art of Pottery

Pottery Workshop

Under the guidance of experienced instructor, Ruchit and Prince visitors can embark on a journey of self-expression and artistic discovery. The studio offers a range of pottery classes, covering techniques such as wheel throwing, hand building, glazing, and decoration. Participants have the opportunity to learn from master potters who share their expertise, guiding students in creating unique and personalized ceramic creations.

Beyond the creative process, pottery also provides therapeutic benefits, promoting stress relief, concentration, and mindfulness. In an era marked by digital distractions, the act of working with clay offers a refreshing escape and a chance to reconnect with our innate creativity.

Pottery Workshop

Community and Collaboration

One of the remarkable aspects of Aura Pottery Studio is the sense of community it fosters. The studio hosts regular events, exhibitions, and collaborative projects, providing opportunities to artists and pottery enthusiasts to connect, share ideas, and celebrate their craft. This sense of camaraderie amplifies the overall experience, as participants forge lasting connections while nurturing their creative spirits.

Aura Pottery Studio stands out for its exceptional 24/7 facility, setting it apart from traditional retreats. Unlike most programmes with fixed workshop schedules, Aura offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing residents to immerse themselves in creativity at their own pace.

Whether you have a spare two hours or wish to embark on an artistic journey spanning 10-12 days, this retreat caters to your individual needs. The freedom to utilize the studio whenever inspiration strikes is a rarity, making it a truly unique haven for artistic exploration. Here, rules are not imposed to stifle expression; instead, they are designed to adapt to the inner creativity of each resident.

The retreat and its philosophy is rooted in the belief that artistic expression knows no boundaries, and the team at Aura strives to provide a supportive environment where residents can channelise their creativity to the fullest. Embracing the fluidity of the artistic process, there are no limitations on the duration of your stay. If you are driven to spend months honing your craft and sculpting your masterpiece, Aura welcomes and encourages such dedication.

A Home Away from Home

Aura Pottery Studio

At the heart of Aura lies the warm and welcoming family abode, a sanctuary that exudes comfort and tranquility. Resident guests find solace within its walls, immersing themselves in an environment where creativity thrives. Here, walls adorned with captivating artwork and shelves lined with masterfully crafted ceramics tell tales of inspiration and the creative journeys that unfold within these hallowed grounds. Surrounded by like-minded individuals and nurturing mentors, residents find themselves embraced by a supportive community that fuels their artistic growth and fosters lifelong connections.

Organic Meals Too

As creativity flows, so does the need for nourishment. At Aura Farms, culinary delights take centre stage, showcasing the essence of healthy, organic meals.

Sourced from the bountiful farm itself, ingredients burst with freshness, infusing each dish with vibrant flavours. From farm-to-table feasts to a communal dining experience, meal times become a celebration of both art and sustainable living.

An Everlasting Journey

Apart from the creative workshops and sumptuous meals, Aura Pottery weaves a tapestry of memories and connections that endures far beyond the retreat and its boundaries. Here, lifelong friendships are forged, and kindred spirits find solace in the shared pursuit of artistic excellence.

Cost: Average retreat at Aura will cost you approximately between 12k-14k for two days

Address: Aura Farm, Off, Kurali Chandigarh Rd, Manakpur Sharif, Punjab

Phone: 098883 68198

Instagram: @aurapottery


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