Forest Hill Resort Chandigarh – A Paradise for Adventure & Nature Lovers


Love to relax but want to feel an adrenaline rush too?
The Forest Hill Resort is the right place to rekindle your adventurous spirit and shed off the stress of everyday life.
Just 15 minutes away from Chandigarh, this place is a warm welcoming hug that embraces you with its serene and tranquil environment.
Stretching across a massive area of 1100 acres, with meandering hilly tracks and a thick cover of trees, Forest Hill Resort is a paradise for adventurers, photographers and nature lovers across the globe. The backdrop of Shivalik Hills intensifies the beauty of the overall unadulterated surroundings of this magnificent place.
Leave your mundane routine behind and explore fun activities at Forest Hill Resort!! Vast green lawns, lovely and dark woods, the deep aqua blue lakes, acres of rich flora and fauna and blood-pumping adventure activities beckon you for the pleasurable and memorable experience with your family and friends.

Adventurous Activities – Feel the Adventurous relaxation at FHR
The place is one of the favorites among the adventure enthusiasts. Hiking to Mountain biking or Fishing to Jungle safari, Forest Hill Resort has something for every taste.

• Hiking – Explore the wilderness

Forest Hill Resort offers one of the most surreal hiking experiences you’ll ever encounter. It is a geological feast, with the main ingredient in this recipe being the panoramic views of stunning Shivalik Hills. We have mapped out trails that suit everyone, so you could go on a challenging walk, embrace the unadulterated nature & explore lush forests while taking the opportunity to sight peacocks and many species of birds, some so exotic that it may surprise even an avid birdwatcher.
• Biking/Mountain Biking –Venture out into the countryside for a leisurely spinDiscover nature with a guided bike tour through the most beautiful trails. Experience some of the most unique countryside charm, the intrigue of adventure, & the richness of nature. Choose a challenging trail or pick an easy-paced ride. Pass through majestic lush green forest & explore a rich variety of flora & fauna like never before. Freewheeling down a country lane in the warm sunshine will leave you with such an elemental, joyful experience that would be difficult for you to describe in words. Get Registered Now

Hiking & Biking

• Fishing – Good Things Come to Those Who Bait

Fish at the glorious lake!! Hide yourself among the reeds on the shore and try your hand at fishing under the guidance of the experienced Bengali fisherman. Forest Hill resort offers and customizes the best fishing adventures for you. Fishing is certainly the most popular adventurous activity here, which will cost you around INR 600 per person. Get Registered Now

• Boating – Experience The Perfect Adrenaline Rush

Enjoy a boat ride at lake on the raft amidst a picturesque landscape!! Wear your life jacket and sit on the raft, row yourself or be indulged by the boatman for a relaxed ride in the central lake. Revel in the crystal clear aqua blue water and soak up the wonders of nature with this relaxing and reinvigorating activity. The most enjoyable part of boat ride is feeling of tranquility. The pollution and noise free environs add to this feeling. Get Registered Now

Jungle Safari

• Jungle Safari – Let’s Rumble In The Jungle

Enjoy a rough ride on our 4X4 Thar!! There are trails as long as 5 Kms extending to 15 Kms in the property. See nature at its very best! Fall in love with the pristine untouched environment rich in wildlife. Forest Hill resort is home to a range of incredible and unique species such as Wild Boar, Fox, Barasingha, Blue Bull, Sambar, Jackal, wild Goat & Porcupine, and you can see them in their natural habitat. Get Registered Now

• Picnic Lunch – Enjoy The Perfect Picnic In Scenic Settings

Wish to spend a memorable picnic with your near and dear ones? Forest Hill Resort is the perfect place to be. Enjoy & relish a specially curated lunch at one of the many idyllic sites at Forest Hill Resort! Choose from the spot of your liking – a lakeshore or on a mountain top. Unwind and relax in the lap of Mother Nature, while exploring the rich flora & fauna surrounding you. Get Registered Now

Picnic Lunch

We bet you’ve already made up your mind to go try adventure activities in Forest Hill Resort. Don’t give second thoughts and just plan an awesome-sauce weekends amidst nature. Apart from adventure sports, the Forest Hill Resort will provide you an ideal environment for sightseeing that will mesmerize you.


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