Chandigarh Golf League: The ‘local’ IPL of golf


The first-of-its-kind league in UT, the Chandigarh Golf League evinced keen interest in city golfers and members of the Chandigarh Golf Club. It was held at the 7,202-yard-long, 18-hole Chandigarh golf course.

Canam Raptors won the Chandigarh Golf League by defeating Punjab Aces (4-3). The Third Place play off saw Netsmartz Tigers dominate Captain’s 18.

The league started from September 21 onward and finished on October 31.

What you should know

  • 360 members participated
  • 20 teams participated
  • Maximum 18 players in each team
  • Played in the ‘round-robin’ format in the group stage, before the teams clash in the knock-out stage.
  • 10 players were picked by the owners of each team, with the remaining eight being picked from a pool during an auction
  • Total prize money for winner team is Rs 20 lakh
  • Each team comprises of young, mid age, seniors, superseniors, girls, ladies
  • Each team has mentor and a coach


  • Canam Raptors
  • Captain’s 18
  • Chandigarh Gladiators
  • Chashma Shah Royals
  • Empire
  • Fairway Comets
  • Golf Masters
  • Green Gators
  • Hunting Hawks
  • Netsmartz Tigers
  • Ninjas
  • Partee Panthers
  • Punjab Aces
  • Signature by KLV
  • Sleepy Owl Chargers
  • Soaring Eagles
  • Sultans of Swing
  • Swinging Samurai
  • Tee Birds
  • The Mulligans

The teams were divided into three groups. Two groups have seven teams each, and one group has six teams. The teams in each group played each other once and after the round robin format, the top two teams from each group qualified for the quarterfinal stage. Each team played two singles matches and five doubles matches, with 12 players playing in one match.

“A mandatory condition was put in this time that every team will need to field a senior player above the age of 75 years and one lady golfer. We put this rule in to ensure maximum participation among the members,” Lt Col HS Chahal (retd), president of Chandigarh Golf Club

Top three teams — Netsmartz Tigers, Captain’s 18 and Canam Raptors scored big wins in the quarterfinals. Punjab Aces and Canam Raptors stormed into the final after upsetting top seeds NetMartz Tigers and Captain’s 18

Punjab Aces and Canam Raptors were face to face in the final. NetMartz Tigers and Captain’s 18 contested the 3rd place play-off.

“Many new faces are seen working hard at the range..Many members who never visited the range for years are seen taking golf lessons once again after many years,” Manjit Kochar, senior golf coach, Chandigarh Golf Club

For more information on the CGL, download Chandigarh golf league from the app store


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