CHB House Owners Can Now Make Internal Changes, Build Elevators, Without Approval


Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) house owners have reason to rejoice.  The residents of CHB colonies have got a major relief as the CHB has allowed internal changes to the allottees who own CHB flats which was a long-pending demand.

UT Administrator and Governor of Punjab Banwari Lal Purohit has given his assent to the need-based changes which have been recommended by the eight-member committee.

Chandigarh Housing Board- CHB

What is allowed? 

The house owners can make internal changes without any approval from the CHB. However, the safety of the structure will have to be taken into consideration while bringing about any changes to a housing unit.

Any change in the structure should be carried out within the borders of the said building, and within the plotted area, and there should be no change brought about to the skyline.

CHB flats

In yet another relief, the CHB has also allowed the construction of elevators within the building. However, the elevators have to be designed by the Online Building Plan Approval System.

Additional doors can be constructed while keeping in mind the full safety of the structure. Though, such doors cannot be constructed for backyards that open up to public spaces.

Tens of thousands of allottees who live in the CHB flats had been demanding regularisation of the need-based changes or extra construction in the houses and one-time settlement on the pattern of Delhi.

Out of about 70,000 CHB flats, need-based changes have been made in 60,000 dwellings. Close to 18 per cent of the city’s population, lives in these flats.

Earlier, the CHB had set up an eight-member committee under the chairmanship of the secretary CHB to consider requests for need-based changes. The committee had given its report in July subsequent to which came the CHB board of directors nod and finally the recommendations were sent for the accord of the UT Administrator.


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