FASTag System in Chandigarh MC Parking Lots


Now along the line of toll plazas run by the NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) on the national highways, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has decided to introduce the FASTag-based system, besides a smart app, at all 89 paid parking lots across Chandigarh.

Nonetheless, drivers of vehicles without a FASTag will be able to pay using Paytm, Google Pay or other scanners. At present, we all pay manually at the entry point of  parking lots and the contractors’ staff issue parking slips.  The current contract for all parking lots, allotted to two different firms, expires in January 2023.

The new smart system has been proposed in the new parking contract.  Under the new system in parking lots, boom barriers will open automatically once a vehicle approaches the entry point. No charge will be levied. At the time of exit, charge based on the time spent by the vehicle in the parking lot will be deducted through FASTag.

If the vehicle doesn’t have a FASTag, the driver can pay using a scanner app to let the boom barrier open for an exit.

Unique Features

High-resolution CCTV cameras installed at the parking lots will scan the registration plates to keep track of vehicles. These will be connected to the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) in Sector 17.

A mobile application for real-time tracking of space inside these parking lots will be launched. This will help visitors plan in advance and drive to another parking lot if space is not available.

Reduce manpower to manage parking lots

Eliminate overcharging

At the time of exit, charges based on the time spent by the vehicle in the parking lot will be deducted through FASTag.

An agenda in this regard will be tabled at the MC House meeting slated in January. The House will also decide on parking rates. The MC is planning to go in for the public private partnership (PPP) mode under which the parking agency may offer percentage of earnings to be shared with it. THE MC will put this plan of action in a phased manner and monitor it at every stage to make any changes if required.


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