Sukhna Lake’s Running Track Upgraded From Cinder to Synthetic


Sukhna Lake, one of the most picturesque spots in Chandigarh, has been a popular destination for both locals and tourists for decades. The serene blue waters, lush green surroundings, and the chirping of birds make it an ideal spot for a morning jog or an evening stroll.

A long-awaited step, the news of the synthetic track being prepared at Sukhna Lake has been welcomed by fitness enthusiasts and locals. The existing cinder track of mud and stone, which spans 1,800 meters in length and is 4.9 ft wide, has proven to be a challenge to maintain for the MC and inconvenient for walkers due to its dusty surface and lack of absorption ability. Furthermore, it has been deemed unsuitable for use as a running track. As a result, the Municipal Corporation has made the decision to replace it with a 6ft wide synthetic track that will provide a superior surface for runners and joggers.

“The synthetic track will be constructed using a durable and weather-resistant material that is also environment friendly and requires minimal maintenance. This feature will make it suitable for running under bad weather conditions too, something that was not possible with the previous cinder track. The track will be open to the public by mid-May,” says Chief Engineer CB Ojha, while speaking with CityWoofer.

The development comes as a huge relief for runners who have been waiting for this for years. For many, running on the uneven and often muddy pathways around the lake was not only a challenge but also posed a risk.

Says one of the athletes Aakash, “I’ve been running on the cinder track at Sukhna Lake for a few years now, and the lack of a proper running track has always been a major issue. The cinder track was not suitable for my training needs, and I had to look for alternatives elsewhere”.

“With the new synthetic track, I can now train in a safe and comfortable environment without having to travel elsewhere. This is a great initiative by the administration, and I hope to see more such projects in the future, “ he adds gleefully.

The new synthetic track will provide a much-needed smooth and stable surface for runners, making their workouts safer and more comfortable.

“I have been coming to Sukhna Lake for my daily morning walks for years, and I am excited about the new synthetic track. The cinder track was often difficult to walk on due to the dust, and I would come back home with dirty shoes and clothes,” says Dikshant, a jogging enthusiast.

Apart from the fitness benefits, the installation of the synthetic track is also expected to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the lake. The track, which is expected to be made of high-quality rubber and other materials, will blend in seamlessly with the lake’s surroundings, ensuring that it doesn’t compromise the beauty of the area.

The authorities responsible for the project have stated that the installation process will be carried out in a way that doesn’t harm the ecology of the area. The track will be laid in a manner that ensures minimal disruption to the natural environment, and all necessary measures will be taken to maintain the lake’s ecosystem.

The Chandigarh administration seems to be winning the hearts of city residents and fitness freaks with this step.

(The writer, Shweta Yadav, is an independent writer and researcher, passionate about uncovering untold narratives)


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