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A runner’s soul always craves for a real adventure. Chandigarh will soon witness a running event that you will always remember. And once you become a part of it, it will make you feel proud everytime you share your experience with someone. Are you also yearning for an exciting running challenge?
Here comes an opportunity that will fulfill your desire to do something out-of-the-box. So grab it while it lasts!
Tuffman is back in the city for its 3rd Edition of The City Beautiful’s Green Run- Tuffman Chandigarh Half Marathon 2022, with fresh challenges this year. Are you “tuff” enough to face them all? Here’s all that you need to know about the BIG event-
Race Day Expo
25th September 2022
24th September 2022
Capitol Complex, Sec 1,
Capitol Complex, Sec 1,
05:30 AM Onwards
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Tuffman Image

Kilometers for your Age Group

The entire course is on excellent paved roads on which runners can achieve their best timings and even get a chance to beat their own records. Also, there will be enough aid stations and medical support to keep you safe and hydrated.
Tuffman Chandigarh Half Marathon has different race-course challenges for every age group.
Start Time Duration
For 8 years and above
06:30 AM
1 hours
For 14 years and above
06:00 AM
2 hours
For 18 years and above
05:30 AM
03:30 hours

Tuffman Goodies for the Participants

Participants of 21.1 km & 10 km will get an ultimate Tuffman dri-fit T-Shirt, goodie bag, timing bib, Tuffman Finisher’s Medal, medical support during the race, post race refreshment, candid pictures throughout the race and digital race certificate.
Participants of 5 km & 3 km will get an ultimate Tuffman dri-fit T-Shirt, goodie bag, timing bib, Tuffman Finisher’s Medal, medical support during the race, post race refreshment, candid pictures throughout the race and digital race certificate.

Aren’t you excited already?

But bigger challenges demand better preparation. If you are a seasoned runner, you know it takes a lot of practice, dedication, and perseverance to cross the finish line of a marathon.
And if you are a beginner, don’t worry! We have got you covered. With proper practice and guidance, you can not only be just a participant but also a winner.

Race Day Preparation

Here are the ways to start prepping up for the marathon

Step 1

Stick to a training plan.

Step 2

Eat a well-balanced diet

Step 3

Focus on mental preparation as well

Step 4

Go for a medical check to ensure physical fitness

Step 5

Practice for 3-4 a weeks

Step 6

Stay consistent


Factors to consider before Training for a Marathon

It is wise to consider the below-mentioned factors before you start your training, as these parameters will affect the time you need for preparation.

Your fitness level:

For someone already into running, a few hour-long runs can be the ideal warm-up you need before starting training for longer runs. But a beginner will have to build up stamina, fitness, & endurance levels over a period of time.

Your susceptibility to getting injured :

If you are dealing with any issues in your joints, ankles, or any prevailing health condition, it is always wise to consult a doctor before you start your training sessions. It is crucial to listen to your body first and be extremely careful before taking up a challenge that might take a toll on your health.

Your daily routine :

Will you be able to squeeze in training time in your daily routine? You could either be working or studying, but training for a marathon requires commitment every day. You have to give your body that time to build stamina and adapt to running for longer durations.

Most importantly, do not rush into getting perfect right from day one. Over-exerting can also lead to muscle damage. Instead, ensure your muscles get enough recovery time between training sessions. Stay consistent in your efforts, and you will definitely rock in your first marathon run.
If you need any help or guidance in your journey while preparing for the Tuffman Chandigarh Half Marathon, you can always connect with us. We’d be happy to help you.


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