Hilux Treasure Trove: Auto Enthusiasts Enjoy Off-Roading Around Tricity

Hilux Treasure Trove Event

Globe Toyota, a leading automotive dealer in the region, successfully conducted the Hilux Treasure Trove event held under the ‘Hilux adventure mania’ campaign.

Off-roading Across The Tricity

The event took participants on an exhilarating journey from Mohali to Panchkula, including New Chandigarh, showcasing the impressive capabilities of the Toyota Hilux pickup.

The event garnered enthusiastic participation from adventure seekers and automotive enthusiasts.

Vivek Datta, MD & CEO at Globe Toyota said, “We are delighted to have organized the Hilux Treasure Trove event, which allowed participants to experience the incredible capabilities of the Toyota Hilux first-hand”.

Hilux Treasure Trove event

The Hilux Treasure Trove was designed to provide participants with an unforgettable adventure experience allowing them to witness the power, performance, and durability of the iconic Toyota Hilux.

Participants embarked on a thrilling expedition, navigating through diverse terrains, challenging off-road sections, and picturesque landscapes. The event provided an opportunity for participants to test the Hilux’s cutting-edge features, including its robust engine, advanced suspension, and superior off-road capabilities.

Auto Enthusiasts Enjoy Off-Roading

Toyota Hilux enjoys the reputation of being a rugged and reliable vehicle suitable for all kinds of adventures, an ideal choice for both urban commuting and off-road adventures. Globe Toyota is a well-estavlished Toyota dealer in the region.

‘Great 4×4 X-pedition’ in south India

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) also held its first-ever ‘Great 4×4 X-pedition’, offering a fulfilling drive experience to the motoring enthusiasts in the Southern Region of India. The event, held during 26th-28th May 2023, covered the serene locations of Hassan and Sakleshpur. There was a convoy of twenty-four 4×4 SUVs which included a line-up of the legendary Hilux, LC300, Fortuner and the Hyryder AWD (All Wheel Drive) from Toyota as well as participation of SUVs from other brands.

Toyota is further set to hold similar expeditions in three other regions across the country, covering North, East and West, along with a ‘Grand National 4×4 X-pedition’ being planned towards the end of this year.



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