NGT Asks Admn to Focus on Reuse of Wastewater & Making Rainwater Harvesting Mandatory


Chandigarh: Amid rising concerns over the depleting water table in Chandigarh, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has directed the UT Administration to take all measures to minimise the withdrawal of groundwater. To check the decline in the groundwater level, the green tribunal has also asked the UT to emphasize the reuse of wastewater, especially by bulk users, besides making rainwater harvesting mandatory in the city.

“Chandigarh depends on groundwater to meet its requirements of potable water. Hence, the UT must take all measures to minimise the use of groundwater sources as it’s scarce and depletable if overdrawn,” stated the NGT in a report submitted by the UT Administration on compliance with solid waste management and sewage management in the city.


NGT stated that sewage should be treated, and treated sewage with no bacterial load can be used by commercial establishments such as malls, industrial estates, automobile units and power plants requiring water for their processes or otherwise. The treated water can also be used at local bodies institutions, universities, railway stations, bus stands and playgrounds to save potable water for drinking, observed the tribunal. Resorts and hotels are required to adopt a zero waste policy, including wastewater reuse within the resort/hotel area, stated the tribunal.

An analysis of the water-level data indicates that about 45.5 per cent of the wells have registered a decline in the groundwater level in the range of 0-2 metres, whereas around 27.3 per cent of the wells have also reported a rise in the groundwater level in the same range in the city. A senior MC official said the main reasons for the depleting groundwater were over-extraction and a poor recharge system.


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