Osho No Dimension meditation, the Sufi way


Health and wellness go hand in hand, and one cannot be neglected at the cost of the other. To maintain balance, we need to delve into our inner selves. Helping us in this endeavor is the ‘Osho No Dimension meditation’ which is being hosted at Mera Qi Studio in Chandigarh.

No-Dimension meditation has a Sufi dimension, it is a  step towards ‘whirling’ meditation. The participants eventually get into whirling which is one of the oldest techniques practised by Sufi dervishes to centre oneself. However, No-Dimension meditation was developed further and designed by the Indian godman and mystic Osho.

The meditation is aimed at ‘hara’ which is the part of the body just below the navel and centering energy in that part. It is a one-hour meditation to be completed in three stages and enjoyed with meditative music.

“I have been trained by some of the very senior Osho Sannyasins over time. For the last 18 years, I have been associated with the Osho foundation, Pune. It has been a miraculous journey,” says Sahaya, facilitator for the meditation experience. She has received training as a bodyworker from Auroville, near  Pondicherry.

“I have been facilitating workshops on well-being for many years. I and my partner, Marco Novara, have been facilitating Osho meditations like Kundalini, dynamic, Chakra breathing, Nadbrahma which are Osho active meditations”.

A 900 hrs YTTC yoga teacher and a breath work facilitator herself, and also the founder of Mera Qi studio along with Arunesh,  curator Ayesha Sandhu says, “Moving of emotions is essential and in this workshop using Osho’s ways and whirling, we can step into feeling and releasing.”

What is Mera Qi?

Mera Qi is a space in the form of a studio where facilitators hold meditative or other similar health and wellness-related interesting workshops, like flow art and movement improvement jams.

From open mics to full moon ceremonies, from kirtan to yoga sessions and meditation events, Mera Qi has fast become a space of experimentation and out-of-the-box events in the Tricity. They also host picnics on certain weekends at Leisure Valley. The events are open to all. Mera Qi  was inspired from ‘meraki’ the greek word which means to put your heart and soul into whatever you do. In Punjabi. Mera Qi means ‘what is mine?’ after all we leave everything behind once the soul leaves the body .  ‘Qi’ is Chinese word for ‘energy’ and mera in Hindi is ‘mine’ so clubed together its ‘My energy’.

Date:  November 13, Sunday
Time: 5.00 pm to 6:30 pm
Venue: Mera Qi Space #544, Sector 18b, Chandigarh
Charges: Rs 400;  participants are further advised to carry a pair of socks



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