PEC E-Summit 2023: Taking the Startup Revolution Forward


Punjab Engineering College has always been at the forefront of innovation and providing an ecosystem for ideation and entrepreneurship. After hosting its flagship event PEC E-Summit successfully last year, the Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell (EIC) of Punjab Engineering College is ready with PEC E-Summit 2023 to be held on 15-16 April, 2023.

PEC E-Summit 2023

E-Summits are college conventions hosted to bring together celebrated as well as new-age entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, the academic community, and all those enthusiastic about creating creative solutions that have the potential to turn today’s problems into chances for progress. They also serve as testing grounds for students to network and try out their creative concepts for startups.

The participants will also get to relax with fun activities like IPL Auction, Bazaar: The Stock Market Simulator, Treasure Hunt, Biz Quiz, etc.

The events planned as a part of the summit are Pre-Incubation Conclave, Funding Conclave, expert sessions, Startup Expo, workshops, Networking Arena, and Intern Fair which would give students exposure to high-ranking industrialists from renowned companies and opportunities to intern at up and coming firms.

Pre-incubation conclave is for early-stage innovators with just an idea of innovation, early development stage of their prototype, which needs further support.

Funding conclave at PEC E-Summit, Chandigarh in 2022
Funding conclave at E-Summit held at PEC, Chandigarh in 2022

Funding conclave will provide possibilities and insights in fundraising, angel investments, mentorships and global possibilities with various investors, marketers and traders.

Expert sessions will host eminent speakers like Paritosh Anand, Ishaan Arora, Rasleen Grover who will interact with the attendees.

Startup Expo will give a platform to startups showcase your product, have it evaluated by experts, receive priceless feedback, and even get a chance to get it validated by investors.

Networking Arena will provide a one-on-one interaction with experts, startups, investors, mentors, business owners, students, and professionals.

E-Summit 2022 in progress
E-Summit 2022 in progress

Intern Fair will give an opportunity to startups to hire regional students for summer internships which will expose students to the work environment of a startup.

With Fireside Ventures and the Department of Industries, Chandigarh Administration backing the event as knowledge partner and government partner respectively, amongst other high-profile institutions, PEC’s E-Summit is on a steady road to becoming a nation-wide phenomenon.

More on EIC

EIC (Entrepreneurship and Incubator Cell) assists upcoming start-ups by linking them to the alumni network and providing seed capital. Opened under the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell Programs in 2015, it has mentored numerous students towards various aspects of entrepreneurship, thereby achieving its goal of nurturing businesses

With start-up culture blooming in India and more emphasis being laid on self-sustenance, PEC aims to provide a conducive environment for the growth of start-ups.


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