Register your Pitbulls & Rottweilers by Oct 31 or face penalty in Panchkula


Animals have come to mean so much in our lives … dog lovers never take it lying low if it comes to their pets. However, those who don’t own one, are heaving a sigh of relief. The Panchkula Municipal Corporation (MC) has directed all those who own Pitbulls and Rottweilers to get their dogs registered by October 31, or pay huge fines. However, this rule is not applicable in Mohali and Chandigarh.

A press statement released by Panchkula MC reads, “People have to get these two breeds registered before October 31. Pups will not be registered. Whenever pet owners take their dogs out for a walk, they must ensure a token (issued by MC) in their necks.”

If any dog owner is found in public place with his or her unregistered dog of any of these two breeds, he or she will have to pay ₹5,000 fine the first time, and ₹10,000 the second time.

Rottweiler being brought to Panchkula MC for registration

The press statement further reads, “Dog owners will also have to give an affidavit to the MC that if their dog bites any human being or animal, then the responsibility will be of the dog owner. He or she will bear the expenses of the treatment and ensure that the person gets the best treatment.” These conditions will not be applicable if there is a dog show in the city.

What is this entire fuss about these two breeds, in particular, being targeted by the Panchkula MC? In July, 2022, an 80-yr-old Lucknow woman was bitten by a Pitbull that her son owned and she died. The son, however, got the Pitbull back into the family after it was confiscated by a rescue centre.

This incident raised a hue and cry across the country regarding the ownership of Pitbulls and how such ‘life-threatening’ breeds of dogs who can harm the owner,  could be a danger to the common man. “After this incident, about 42 Pitbulls across the Tricity who were abandoned by their owners were rescued by my NPO,” says Pankaj Khandeliya, owner of NPO (non-profit organization) Foreign Fluff.

“Another reason why this issue has caught so much attention is that the panchayat polls are around the corner, there are about 14-15 Pitbulls in Kalka and its vicinity and they attack people,” argues Pankaj. Therefore, the problem does not lie in Pitbull pets biting people, but unregistered and untrained Pitbulls getting aggressive due to lack of insufficient food and loving home.

Pitbull and other dogs at Foreign Fluff, NPO for dogs

What is the possible solution? The first thing that comes to mind is to stop breeding them.  A Panchkula MC official says, “The MC has set October 31 deadline for owners to get these two breeds registered or face a challan. People are showing up and getting their dogs registered. A complete ban on breeding of these breeds has been imposed”.

“A proforma should be circulated in the panchayats around Panchkula amongst people who are breeding dogs illegally so that they get themselves registered. As a result, records will get updated every month, illegal and abrupt breeding will end, and MC will earn revenue,” says Shaurya Galhotra, President, Be-zubaan (Be the voice), another NPO dealing with dogs and working in liaison with Panchkula MC.

Jaws of Pitbull have a very strong crushing power

“In India, Pitbull breeding is banned in India, what some breeders do is send the Pitbulls to banjaras (tribals roaming around rummaging garbage) for breeding and get the puppies and hybrid them with other breeds. There might be just about 10-15 pure Pitbulls across India, the others which look like Pitbulls are mixed breeds,” explains Pankaj.

What is it that makes Pitbulls and Rottweilers scary? “The jaws of the Pitbulls have a strong crushing power about 300 PSI, so even if they don’t attack but if something gets under its jaws, the affected person doesn’t get reaction time, and the harm is already done. So, they are not genetically aggressive, but genetically prone to bite heavily, ”says Pankaj, who handles them every day.

“As far as Rottweilers are concerned, they are one of the most peaceful dogs, They are heavy, their body is pure muscle, so if their paw lands on somebody, they might surely not cause damage but for an inexperienced person, these dogs are difficult to handle,” he adds.

Rottweilers have very strong paws

Initially, the proposal introduced in the Panchkula MC  was to get all pets registered, but the discussion strayed to the so-called ferocious breeds. “Intellectually viability of such decisions is not discussed and impromptu hasty decisions result in confusion,” says Shaurya. The General House of Panchkula MC passed a resolution to put a ban on these two breeds. After the owners of Pitbulls and Rottweilers protested, it was decided that all those who have dogs of these two breeds must get them registered.

Before the deadline of October 31,  over 75 pitbulls and rottweilers were registered by their owners in the last two weeks before the deadline finished.

Before the nitification, around 400 dogs were registered out of which eight were pitbulls and 14 were rottweilers.

Rajesh, a resident of Sector 21, Panchkula, who owns a Pitbull says, “The municipal corporation’s decision does not hold ground under Indian laws. I have a Pitbull at my home and he is like my family member, how can I abandon him? There is no question of giving up our dog. We have already had a discussion and got all the formalities done be it registration or vaccination.”

All petdogs must be registered

Under the Panchkula Registration of petdogs bylaws, 2010, it is mandatory for dog owners to get their pets registered. Challans ranging from Rs 500-Rs5,000 can be imposed if any breed of pet dog is not registered, depending on the ‘nuisance value’.

Where to leave your Pitbull, if you want to abandon it

Foreign Fluff NPO

Owner: Pankaj Khandeliya

Contact no: 8146670758

Address: SCO 24, Sai market,

Pirmuchhala, Zirakpur.



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