Reliance Jio’s True 5G Connectivity in Tricity, What You Need to Know


Now, no buffering, no connectivity or network issues.. this is what Reliance jio promises as it rolls out its largest multi-state launch of True 5G services across Chandigarh Tricity including Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Kharar and Derabassi.

Reliance Jio’s True 5G

What you need to know

Reliance Jio is the only operator to launch 5G services in the Chandigarh tricity.

Jio users in the Tricity will be invited to the Jio Welcome Offer, to experience Unlimited Data at up to 1 Gbps+ speeds, at no additional cost.

Besides, good telecommunication network, it will open infinite growth opportunities in the areas of e-governance, education, automation, Artificial Intelligence, gaming, healthcare, agriculture, IT, and SMEs.

Jio users

How do you apply for Reliance 5G connection

If you already have a Jio connection which is 4G or 5G, it will automatically get upgraded. Reliance Jio towers are bring activated in the Tricity which will take about a month’s time to complete across the Tricity. As and when these towers are getting activated, your 5G will start running automatically.

If you have a 4G handset which is 5G compatible, then you need to get the software updated  

If your 4G handset is not 5G compatible, then you will have it go in for a  new 5G handset

If you have some other connection with 5G network and what to shift to Reliance Jio, then you will have to get your mobile number no ported to Jio

To register with Reliance Jio 5G,  log on to

Jio True 5G’s unique three-fold advantage

  1. Stand-alone 5G architecture with advanced 5G network with Zero dependency on 4G network
  2. The largest and best mix of 5G spectrum across 700 MHz, 3500 MHz, and 26 GHz bands
  3. Carrier Aggregation that seamlessly combines these 5G frequencies into a single robust “data highway”
Reliance connection users


“5G services will deliver exponential benefits to every citizen of the region, help in faster pace of development of the region and enhance government – citizen interface “Kamal Kumar, Sr. DDG, TERM Cell, Deptt of Telecommunications, Punjab

“The connectivity is quick and fast, with no buffering and a lot of clarity. Connectivity not very good in the outskirts of the Tricity as of now. I am using Reliance 5G in i-phone 14 Promax and Google Pixel 7” Vaibhav Arora, Marketing Manager, Hero enterprises, Punjab



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