Scrub Organics: Self-Care Products with Exquisite Scents and Lovely Hues


The very term ‘organic’ seems to have become a buzzword with many major beauty product companies using it to promote their new range of products. However, are they really ‘organic’? With winters right around the corner, we bring to you a genuine Tricity-based skincare brand.

Scrub Organics

Scrub Organics is a homegrown brand which makes handmade skin care products. The founder and creator of Scrub Organics, Rubia Chauhan, specialises in fashion and lifestyle with a strong love for skin care. “I believe in a very holistic approach to the whole mind-body-soul connection”, she says, adding “Things that are safely processed or chemicals that are minimally invasive and safe should be used in skin care, which is why I created Scrub Organics.”

With a degree in mass communication and masters from Panjab University, Chandigarh, Rubia says first she inquired what skincare products her contemporaries as well as women younger and older to her were using. She says, “I have taken a lot of insights from the strong and beautiful women around me.”  Sharing her vision, she says, “I love the idea of supporting and being pushed forward by women which is why even the small staff that work for us presently, 90% of it consists of women.”

About the products

Scrub Organics

Their wide range of ‘self care’ products differentiates them from their competitors. They make sure to source all their handcrafted products from Nature — leaves, herbs and flowers to make sure that what you are buying is genuinely ‘organic’ in every sense of the term. Added to this, their processes of production are also sustainable. In addition to essential oils and tints, they also have a range of body scrubs, bath bombs and salts as well as scented candles to choose from.

Scrub Organics makes bath salts, face and body scrubs and bombs as well as lip and cheek tints. Each one of these products is adored due to the exquisite scents and lovely hues. “The exciting part is that we use food-based ingredients used in cooking or baking for colourings. The scents we use, for example, in our lavender or vanilla bath salts are used in baking and linger on almost as long as any artificial scents available in the market,” she adds.

Rubia elaborates, “One of the ways we try to keep our line organic is by ensuring that the preservatives we use are food grade as well. This is a formulation we came across almost as unintentionally as this beautiful brand did but seems to have worked and doubled the shelf life of our products.”

Our top pick from their range has to be the beetroot tint which is all natural.

CityWoofer in conversation with  Rubia Chauhan:

Rubia Chauhan (first from left, wearing white-framed goggles)

Rubia Chauhan (first from left, wearing white-framed goggles)

How did your brand come about? Can you tell us the story behind it starting?

I and my mom are big bath bomb and salts people. We’ve been using them for as long as I can remember to just relax and de-stress.

When Covid lockdown began, we couldn’t order our favourite products from this international brand ‘Lush’ that we love and the ‘regular salt soak’ stopped being enjoyable to me. I decided to strap up and started making my own bath bombs and salts at home. Having a lot of baking experience and a love for skin care helped me come up with very interesting and skin-friendly formulae. From there we decided to bring these same beauties to the people and that’s how Scrub Organics was born.

We use Epsom salts in a lot of our products i.e. the bombs, scrubs and bath salts. An interesting fact about them is that they contain magnesium which is a natural muscle relaxant and pain reliever. They can benefit sportsperson a lot as I myself use them after my exercise and gym sessions.

What was your inspiration?

Simply put the idea was to bring as clean and socially conscious a brand like ‘Lush’ to India made by Indians, while keeping a price point that hurts no one’s pockets.

What is the price range of your products?

Ours being a completely organic and handmade body-care brand, it gives us the leverage to set our prices slightly above the market value. We ensure that our products remain on a par with our competitors. Most of our products range from anywhere between Rs 200-700 depending entirely on the quantity and ingredients used.

Any customer favourites that you get a lot of orders from?

We have a lot of loyal clients that reorder regularly but our favourites are the supply that goes out to the cafés we’re displayed at –Marta from Casa Bella Vista in Sector 10 as well as Lykke in Sector 9 and Khaalis in Sector 8.

We have a bunch of wedding planner friends, especially from Bombay and Goa that have us on speed dial for their events too.

Scrub Organics is based in the tricity though they ship worldwide. Follow them on @scruborganics


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