Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary (Nepli/ Kansal Forests)


To beat the heat, or to enjoy the pleasant weather in spring or autumn, the nearest that we know is of people heading to Kasauli. You can’t afford more than a day away to the hills for trekking but you still urge a whiff of fresh air from your mundane life, just try a trip to the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary near our very own Sukhna Lake.

Kansal Forests - Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary
Kansal Forests

Nepli and  Kansal are a lot nearer, just behind the Sukhna lake. Its refreshing to watch the varied flaura and fauna on the outskirts of the Tricity.

Kansal Forests

The Department of forests and wildlife, Chandigarh Administration, has opened up two 9-km treks for avid trekkers to Nepli and kansal forests for which permits were issued earlier, but now it is completely through online mode on

Bade pathranwala dam in Nepli
Bade Pathranwala Dam in Nepli

All you need to do is register online for these treks. The dates of the treks are mentioned here:

Month Date/Day for trekking Timing
November, 2022 12th November
6:00 AM for reporting at Nepli Entry Gate. Trekking to commence at 6:30
December, 2022 11th December
7:00 AM for reporting at Nepli Entry Gate. Trekking to commence at 7:30
January, 2023 14th January
February, 2023 12th February
March, 2023 11th March
6:00 AM for reporting at Nepli Entry Gate. Trekking to commence at 6:30 AM

Registration for 9-km Trek

Maximum 500 persons will be allowed on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis to participate in the trekking on one particular day.  One guide for a group of 50 persons is provided. The final list of participants is emailed.

Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

People are participating in huge numbers. Abdul Qayum, IFS, Chief conservator of forests says, “1000 people have already registered since October 2 when the registrations started for this year”.

Chief conservator of forests, Debendra Dalai, IFS, has a word of caution for the tekkers, ‘Please do not treat the trek as a fun exercise, it is a proper trek where any kind of hooliganism or fiddling with Nature or animals can result in the person being arrested”.

Log hut at Kansal
Log Hut at Kansal

3-km Trek in Lake Reserve Forest (behind Sukhna lake)

This trek is open from morning to dusk for the general public, one can go any time free of cost.

Sukhna Sanctuary Map


Timings For Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

Oct 1– Nov 30: 10 am-5 pm (last entry)

Dec1– feb 28: 10am to 4;30 pm

March 1– Sept 30: 10 am to 6 pm

Bird Park Timings: closed on Monday and Tuesday

(Similar timing for bird park as well)

The sanctuary remains closed for three months from July to September in the rainy season.

Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

Charges for Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

Entry fee Rs 30 (children 5-12)

Rs 50 –Over 12 yr old(Indian)

Rs 100- over 12 yrs (foreigners)

Free – Children Below 5 yrs/ school children educational tour

Parking Fee

Rs 20 two-wheeler

Rs 50 four wheeler

Rs 100 bus


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