Symphony of Seasons: Wattas’ Photographs Convey the Personality of Each Tree


Chandigarh is renowned for its stunning architecture, but what often goes unnoticed is the incredible beauty of its trees. Luckily, architect and renowned photographer Rajnish Wattas has dedicated his career to capturing the majesty of these natural wonders, and the latest exhibition of his photographs based on the treescape of Chandigarh “Symphony of Seasons” is a breath-taking tribute to the city’s flora.

Treescape of Chandigarh - Symphony of Seasons

Wattas’ photographs offer a window into the incredible diversity of Chandigarh’s trees, from the majestic seemul and jacaranda to the fiery hues of the coral tree and the golden specks of the silver oak. But the exhibition is more than just a celebration of Nature’s beauty – it is a reminder of the crucial role that trees play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem, and the urgent need to protect them.

Wattas' photographs - Symphony of Seasons

What sets “Symphony of Seasons” apart is the way in which Wattas’ photographs convey the personalities of each tree. From the graceful curves of a peepul to the striking silhouette of a mango, each tree is a unique and irreplaceable member of the city’s ecosystem.

Exhibition of photographs

Another standout feature in the exhibition is a series of photographs showcasing the various species of trees that can be found in the city. The detailed close-ups of leaves, branches and the barks of trees highlight the incredible diversity of Chandigarh’s flora, and serve as a reminder of the vital role that each tree plays in the city’s ecosystem.

As an architect and architectural historian, Wattas brings a unique perspective to his photography. He is able to capture not just the physical beauty of the trees, but also the way in which they interact with the city’s-built environment. Through his lens, we are able to see how the trees shade the streets, frame the buildings, and create a sense of place that is uniquely Chandigarh.

Wattas’ work is a testament to the foresight of Chandigarh’s original planners, who recognized the importance of incorporating trees into the city’s design. Through careful selection and placement, they created a city that is not only visually stunning, but also ecologically sustainable.

visitors wander through the exhibition of Wattas' Photographs

As visitors wander through the exhibition, they are transported on a journey through the changing seasons in Chandigarh. From the vibrant blooms of spring to the fiery hues of autumn, Wattas’ photographs capture the mesmerizing transformation of the city’s trees throughout the year.

Symphony of Seasons - Wattas' photographs

The symphony of flowering trees begins in spring with the crimson red blossom flowers of the seemul trees that adorn the city in February. The kachnar and jacaranda trees follow with their white-pink and lilac-coloured blossoms in March and April. The Leisure Valley and other parks of the city are adorned with the bright reds of coral trees and the golden specks of silver oaks. The Jan Marg is a riot of yellow flowers with golden trumpet trees, and finally, the tree flowering reaches its crescendo with the blazing orange flowers of gulmohars and the yellow gold of amaltas.

‘Symphony of Seasons’ is a must-see exhibition for anyone who loves nature, architecture, or simply appreciates the beauty of the world around us. So head down to the Rose Garden Underpass and let Rajnish Wattas’ photographs transport you on a journey through the stunning treescapes of Chandigarh.

About the Photographer

Rajnish Wattas, former principal of the Chandigarh College of Architecture

Rajnish Wattas, former principal of the Chandigarh College of Architecture, Sector12, is an expert on the city’s modern heritage, an architectural historian and critic. He has authored a compendium of professional writings and published numerous essays, travelogues, and features in leading journals and newspapers.

Wattas is also co-author of two books, ‘Trees of Chandigarh’ and ‘Sukhna – Sublime Lake of Chandigarh’, and co-editor of ‘LE CORBUSIER REDICOVERD: Chandigarh and Beyond’. He has traveled widely and has lectured at numerous prestigious forums, including Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.  As a founder-president of the Chandigarh Tree lovers’ group, Wattas is a strong advocate for the preservation of the city’s trees.

Exhibition: ‘Symphony of seasons’ photographs on Chandigarh’s treescapes by Rajnish Wattas

Venue: Sector 16-17 Underpass

On till: May 1-10, 2003

(The writer, Shweta Yadav, is an independent writer and researcher, passionate about uncovering untold narratives)


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