The Air Heroes Half Marathon – Honouring The Brave Sons Of India


What an extraordinary day to remember, respect, and honour your army! The Indian Army Day is celebrated on the 15th of January every year. It was the day when Field Marshal, Kodandera M. Cariappa took over the first commander-in-chief position of the Indian Army from General Francis Bucher in the year 1949. The Air Heroes Half Marathon 2024, 3rd edition is here to celebrate the greatness, ultimate, sacrifice, valour, and dedication of the Indian Army.

This Marathon is being held on Sunday, 14th of January, 2024 from 5 am in Dwarka. It is being organised by Grow On Events to tell the importance of the army to the entire country.

Let’s Give You A Few Details About The Event And Its Importance

The biggest aim of the All Heroes Half Marathon 2024 3rd edition is to educate the participants about the many ways the Indian Army has impacted our lives over decades. It teaches them how patriotism is the purest form of love that they can ever cultivate in their hearts. How the Indian army and other armed forces protect the integrity of Bharat is what they will get to learn by participating in this awesome half marathon.

There will be top 3 winners (male & female) in all categories. There are gifts, attractive prizes, and trophies to take home for all winners! But wait a minute, you will also get:

● Dry Fit T-Shirt (for all Participants)
● Finisher medals
● Participation Certificates
● Breakfast and other Refreshments

The What And Whereabouts Of The Air Heroes Half Marathon

Date: 14th January, 2024
Venue: Dwarka, New Delhi
Organiser: Grow On Events
Age Limit: 15 years to 65 years

There are numerous prizes to be won as well. But this is not all. The participants are going to learn how to increase their endurance, practice goal setting, improve resilience, and also why community spirit is important for a better and progressive society.

The biggest purpose of this event is to inspire participants to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. Once they conquer their fears and physical obstacles, the sense of achievement they experience is incomparable. So, what are you waiting for? Book your passes for the Air Heroes half marathon right now! Book Now


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