Unique Visual Art Exhibition at Elante Mall will Win Your Hearts


Only a few possess creative genius. Among those few, if you are suffering from a handicap, it makes us look within ourselves to look for our achievements, inspite of all our possessions.

On these lines, a unique visual art exhibition is on at the Nexus Elante Mall Visual Art Gallery to promote the art work of differently-abled artists, along with other amateur and professional artists. Before we get into the details of the art exhibition, let us delve a little  into the lives of these specially-abled artists which will intrigue you and make you view life through a different prism:

Artist Profiles

Sunil Kumar with his art

Sunil Kumar, from Haryana was born on 17th April, 1992. “When I was a kid, my arms were amputated after I suffered an electric shock in an accident when I was 4 or 5 years old. My parents abandoned me at PGI hospital, Chandigarh India. A kind-hearted social worker brought me to Saket, where I am residing currently”.

Initially, I used to write with the help of my mouth but due to long term use, it was affecting my eyesight. So, Sonika ma’am and my other teachers advised and encouraged me to write and draw with my foot. Now I write & draw beautifully with my foot. I also do other things in the same way like operating cellphones, laptop, computer, remote, play piano, etc.

Nitika Sachdeva with her art

Nitika Sachdeva, hearing impaired, cannot explain her emotions through words but the most wonderful and talented individuals are the ones who don’t fit into boxes and defy their challenges and turn them into inspiration. Here is a special and gifted artist with an undying passion, evergreen dedication and selfless surrender to creativity. She started to draw and colour at the age of 4, now she is 20. She expresses her art in the form of pencil sketches, watercolor, oil and. even through digital media using line animation. She has done Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Govt College of Arts, Sector-10, Chandigarh. She is currently pursuing her Master’s program.

Harmanpreet Singh

Harmanpreet Singh is a differently-abled artist (hearing impaired), with a passion for art since he was a little kid. Art has been my way of connecting with the world without my disability limiting me. “From scribbling on the walls of my house, I went on to get a masters diploma from the Government College of Arts, Chandigarh. It is a very oft-spoken about story in my household where my grandma boasts that I picked up a paint brush even before I learnt sign language,” he says.

His preferred medium has always been oil paints. “I like to paint buildings that have resonated in my mind on my travel trips. It’s through them that I have been able to discover my own unique style. The contrast of light and dark in my paintings is what captures my audiences and makes them connect with my pieces,” he adds. He works as a senior artist at Coloured Rims, a home decor company, helping them develop a new variety of digital artworks for sale purposes.

Jagwinder Singh with his art

Jagwinder Singh was born on 3rd April, 1991 in Punjab, without both his arms. He and his family had to struggle to get him admitted to a school. Questions about his inability to use hands became the motivation for him to use his feet for writing and other works. He was interested in drawing from his childhood, mostly influenced by his father who is a needle-worker. Watching his father do embroidery was his first creative insight. After finishing school, he did a two-year diploma in art and craft.

Jagwinder has won many prizes since his school days in art competitions, in both district and state level. After working as a teacher for more than a year, he got a government job at the soil and water conservation Department, Patiala. Jagwinder’s indulges in his creative flair in watercolour and pencil sketching. He was part of an art exhibition in Singapore, where seven of his paintings were sold. Other than being an artist, he is a prospective national para cyclist.

About the workshop

Unique Visual Art Exhibition at Elante mall

The participants include 50 budding amateur and professional artists, ranging from 15 – 90 years of age, from a wide range of professions such as businessmen, Chartered Accountants, doctors, engineers, IT professionals, lawyers, students, teachers, housewives, and special children. The artists are from various neighbouring states — Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Delhi NCR, and Jammu. Over 150+ artworks and craft items are on display.

Work of local amateur and professional artists is also on display with provision of sale of paintings and craftworks.

Person showing his painting at Unique Visual Art Exhibition

Art lovers can buy artwork at 50 percent discount and support the local artists and buyers will also get a chance to win a free painting at the end of every month.

This exhibition has been curated and organized by the Creative Karma group which aims to promote local artists by conducting various events such as free visual art classes, art workshops and visual art exhibitions etc. The exhibiton has been conducted under  the ‘Armaan Art Initiative’, in   association  with   Shanky Studio, Social Substance, SAI and Creative Karma.

Unique Visual Art Exhibition

The exhibition was inaugurated by Punjabi film Director Royal Singh, producer Parag Vijra, and Vishal Kalsi, another reputed name in the Punjabi film industry.

Salim Roopani, Centre Director Nexus Elante Mall says, “We are very excited to hold this unique art exhibition for our patrons. The Tricity has got the chance to experience this amazing visual treat.”

Curator of the exhibition, Suruchi Sharma, says, “The selection of artwork was a tough thing as we have been getting a lot of incredible artworks from all over but we had to choose best out of all”.

Unique Visual Art Exhibition at elante mall







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