Thre3some – An Evening Dedicated to 3 Years of Kitty Su


Music constitutes a huge part of our life – whether it is about the celebration of an event or to act as a company during our sorrowful times, music has always been there. Nowadays, we can easily browse new songs on our mobile phones and get the genre we want to listen. But to watch or hear your favourite band/artists perform live is a once in a lifetime experience.

Long gone are the days when the Indie music scene in Chandigarh was underrated due to less platforms and exposure. Now every other person is aware of the band culture emerging in the city. People actually take time on weekends to visit the clubs or cafes and watch the old or new artists perform live. Famous or not, people do appreciate the art and effort of these musicians.

One such band that you will be watching live soon is Madboy/Mink formed by none other than Imaad Shah, son of veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah, and actress/singer Saba Azad. The duo excels in electro-disco-funk genre and have achieved fame after their hit song “Union Farm”.

It’s, indeed, party time for Chandigarhians and the people here love to party hard. So this is the celebration that will satiate all your heart’s desires of a happening and rocking party. Prepare yourself for a wonderful evening as it bring along so much fun and excitement for you all.

Along with Madboy/Mink, you will also get to experience the thrilling performances of the infamous Khyber 13 and Baba Bass. It is surely a live show that you shouldn’t miss out. So catch Madboy/Mink, Khyber 13 and Baba Bass live at “Thre3some” at Kitty Su (Chandigarh) on April 28 as the club celebrates its 3 year anniversary.

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