When PGI Doctors Grooved to Their Favourite Numbers With Sunny Deol, Jassie Gill and Babbal Rai


Instead of stethoscopes and X-ray reports in their hands, doctors danced to the tunes of peppy numbers at the PGi’s Bhargav auditorium. Rightfully  deserved, the doctors got an opportunity to relax their over-stressed minds and bodies at the 6-day cultural fest — Zenith.

Declared open by the chief guest Indian wrestler Mrs Geeta Phogat, the annual cultural fest had an exciting start with lamp lighting by Prof Dr Vivek Lal, Director PGI.

lamp lighting by Prof Dr Vivek Lal, Director PGI

Phogat shared her warm experience about doctors who supported her through her career and insisted the importance of compassionate words and empathy from a health care provider.

The resident doctors, students and the entire fraternity of PGI came together to enjoy every moment of the exciting performances everyday by well –known performers like Jassie Gill and Babbal Rai.

Dr Rahul, president of Association of Resident Doctors (ARD), expressed his gratitude towards the Director for his constant support and encouragement.

Sunny Deol’s presence adds spark 

Sunny Deol's presence at PGI chandigarh

On the 5th day of Zenith 2022 Prof  Dr  Vivek Lal, Director PGI, welcomed Sunny Deol with lot of enthusiasm.

The Director said that Sunny Deol was the most humble celebrity and thanked him for taking time from his busy schedule to come to PGI.

Deol won the hearts of all doctors when he said that at a time when most of the world is running behind money, PGI doctors are tirelessly working towards reducing suffering of patients without asking anything in return.

Deol felicitated winners of different events during Zenith 2022. Dr Srinivas  was announced as Mr Zenith, while the corwn of Miss Zenith went to Ms Tanvi.

After felicitation of students and doctors, a nati (Pahari) dance was performed, after which the Rodrigues band rocked the stage.

Around 1000-1200 doctors participated in the event. Apart from the evening performances, other competitions also kept the doctors occupied like Sudoku competition, mehndi, comic strips, Hindi conversation, rangoli making, etc.




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