10+ Fresh Event Ideas You Should Try Out


Are you done with all the old and boring event ideas? Do the tested and proven event concepts not inspire you any more? Are you looking to bring about some fresh, exciting events to your audience? If the answer is in affirmation to these questions, then this post is for you! Here we are going to suggest some event ideas which not many people may have heard of before.

Let’s go!

1. Car Boot Sale
The first one is a really unique concept. All of us have at least some possessions, which we no longer use or need. So why not sell them out, and that too in a fun way! People can come together, bring along all the stuff that they want to get rid of (which can be literally anything), and sell them all out of their car boots. Wouldn’t it be a hell lot of fun? I can already imagine!

2. Silent Disco
Disco is all about loud music, dance and party. Not necessarily. The concept of silent disco can be an amazing new change. People would dance and party, but there would be no loud music. Each person will have a headphone, each playing the same beat and people can dance together. An onlooker may consider your group a bunch of mad people, but how does that matter? One should anyways dance like no-one is watching.

3. Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is not yet a part of our everyday lives, but it’s a hot topic of discussion in the tech world. An event around the unknown is bound to be successful. You will need to buy some VR Headsets, or rent them from a gaming parlour, and you are set for any type of event in the virtual world. You won’t need much else, for everything else is going to be an illusion!

4. Paint Jam
Paint Jam is like any other jam, except that it has an artistic side to it. The event will be bunch of artists gathering at a public place and showcasing their artistic skills by painting in front of a live audience. This can be great for a promotional activity, too!. People do actually love to see the art being made, as much as they love the end product.

5. Hackathon
Hackathons have joined the league of events that every technocrat looks forward to, these days. The concept is simple – find solutions to a given problem or set of problems within a stipulated time period by putting in continuous, non stop (literally!) efforts. A hackathon can be any duration long, from a 24 hour non-stop action, to the one extending to several days. Be sure to arrange desks, chargers and a lot of coffee.

6. Roast
The concept is still very alien to many, and you can encash on it. A roast is a comedy event intended to amuse the event’s audience at the expense of a specific individual or group. Organise the roast of a local hero, a politician or a performer and it’s going to be super successful. And yes, it doesn’t always have to be as dirty as the AIB one!

7. Webinar
Web+Seminar=Webinar (wasn’t it too obvious?). Webinars are the best solution to the constraints of space and time. All you would need is subscription to a good online software to organise your webinars. Market the online event hard, and deliver value. Your audience will be happy.

8. Kidult
Again, it’s Kid+Adult=Kidult. You can organise an event where adults would enjoy a day like kids. They would come dressed as kids, will play the kids’ games and have fun. The time travelling experience can be as much fun as you want it to be, and will ignite a nostalgia of the ‘good old days’.

9. Book Barter
This event will be every book lover’s rejoice. Invite a community, ask them to bring along their stock, and help them partake in the exchange. You never know who can give you the book you always wanted. Who knows, you might come across a book that can change your life! Book lovers will love it.

10. Fandom Gathering
A ‘Fandom Gathering’ is a small gathering of the admirers of a particular personality, art, culture or place. This can be a good platform to have open ended discussions and meet people with similar interests. You don’t need much resources or investment for such an event.

11. Secret
Sometimes, not revealing the concept of the event, coupled with some shameless marketing creates so much curiosity amongst people that they would actually buy tickets to know what it’s all about! Make sure that your event actually has a substance, or get ready to face some serious ire afterwards.

Have some more amazing event ideas? Put your creativity to work, and come up with event ideas of your own! Do let us know in the comments.


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