17 Places In Chandigarh You Just Can’t Afford To Miss Shopping At


There was a time when New Delhi used to be the shopper’s paradise of North India.Whether you are an experienced shopper or a newbie, you would have preferred to shop in and around Delhi for all your festivities because of the sheer number of options and variety.But Chandigarh has slowly slipped into the preferred list for shoppers from across the northern region. It has become quite competitive as a marketplace and comes only second to the national capital. If you haven’t shopped for Diwali and other festivities from Chandigarh, you haven’t shopped at all.


Sweets, Delicacies, And All The Goodies


1. Sindhi Sweets, Sector 17

A very distant memory of Sindhi sweets in sector 17 that I have is of New Year’s Eve when I had just moved to this city. There was a long queue of people waiting for the tables to get empty. That to me was a clear sign that this place was iconic and known for its taste and quality.

2. Gopal Sweets, Sector 8

If you notice a bright beacon of light attracting you to its luminance like a moth to a flame, you are probably close to a Gopal sweets outlet. This place is sweetness redefined and in not just one dessert but a long list of delicacies that you can never get enough of. While you are at Gopal, do not forget to try their kalakand and Raj kachori.

3. Bansal Pure Desi Ghee Sweets, Sector 26

You can feel the flavour in the air and the taste in your mouth just by the mention of Bansal pure Desi ghee sweets. This place has been the favourite of almost everyone I know for the longest time ever. The best part is that their decor is as inviting as their ghewar, jalebis, rabdi, badam milk, and kesar kheer.


Let There Be Light


4. Dias And Candles – Only Every Sector And Market!

The festive season is absolutely incomplete without numerous colourful and beautifully embellished dias, lanterns, lamps, and candles from the local market. If you think about such accessories and decorative pieces, practically every sector around the city has them. That’s right because every local market in every sector of Chandigarh is studded with colourful lights and beautiful home decor items. A lot of these items are environment-friendly as well which have become highly popular, especially among the millennials. Yes, we are all about sustainable karva chauth and eco-friendly Diwali. You will be especially surprised by the variety of eco-friendly rangoli colours and recyclable kandils that you get in the market these days.


Fragrance Of Festivities


5. The Flower Market Of Sector 35

The sector 35 inner market is known for its beautiful and vivid flowers. These are sourced from across the state as well as the country. You don’t just get roses and lilies but amazing-looking carnations and several other assorted flowers that you might not find anywhere else in the city. These are available around the year and the crop gets robbed within a blink of an eye. So, if you are there to shop for flowers, make sure to arrive early in the morning and book your bouquets in advance.


Suit Up Like A Star

suit decor

6. Elante Mall

This mall is undoubtedly the most popular in the city. People from all over the state including Patiala and Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Phagwara, and Nava Shahar flock over to the numerous shops inside the building. You have the biggest brands including Louis Philippe, Nike, Lifestyle Stores. Pantaloons. Westside, Zara, Shoppers Stop, Vero Moda, Marks and Spencer, Fabindia, Super Dry, and Being Human under the very same roof. If you haven’t shopped at this mall, you have probably missed out on a lot in your life.

7. Sector 17

The sector 17 market is the biggest planned market in Asia. It has over 100 readymade garment shops and practically countless walk-in branded stores including Raymond, Peter England, Vero Moda, Van Heusen, Planet Fashion, Monte Carlo, Louis Philippe, Levi’s, and the list goes on and on.

8. Sector 19

The sector 19 Palika bazar is as popular as that of Connaught Place/Rajiv chowk in New Delhi. It is practically heaven for thrifty shoppers from all across the city.

9. Sector 22

Whether it is the outside showrooms or the small shops located inside the Shastri Market, sector 22 never disappoints in terms of clothing and apparel. It is the mini Chandni Chowk of Chandigarh and rightly so. You can find clothing for every occasion in this one tiny locality that is always buzzing with crowds.


Household Items And Décor – Lights, Flowers, And Everything Fancy


10. Sector 17

Sector 17 also has some of the most underrated shops and showrooms for house decor and accessories. The Khadi showroom in particular never disappoints.

11. Sector 22

You can see hawkers and peddlers right in front of Kiran cinema hall and their products are a rage among the folks of the city. The small shops in this square are loaded with decor items and gorgeous accessories that suit practically every interior.

12. Sector 19

Again, you can find almost every piece that you desire to adorn your house with, in this market. It is pocket-friendly and loaded with variety.


God Idols For The Devotee In You

13. Pawan Emporium, Sector 20 Chandigarh

The Pawan emporium in sector 20 is a very popular spot for God idol shopping. This is where all your devotion takes form. It is celebrated for its most beautifully created and colourful statues of all the gods and goddesses in whom your faith lies unmoved.

14. Upasna Samagri, Sector 23 Chandigarh

From mini temples to silver umbrellas, from tiny vermilion boxes to huge decorative golden canopies, you can find every object of worship in this one spot.


Everything That Glitters Is Definitely Gold


15. PC Jewellers, Sector 22

One of the biggest brands of jewellery in the country has a stunning showroom in the City Beautiful as well. Be there.

16. Talwar Jewellers Sector 22

Talwar jewellers is one of the most popular brands of jewellery across the city and the country. Kundan, gold, diamond, solitaire, semi-precious stones, luxury jewellery, customised pieces, exquisite designs, you name it and they have it.

17. Tanishq Showroom, Sector 17

This name does not need any introduction because of the strong brand that it already is and the market segment that it commands at the moment. Right now, they are offering a 20% discount on all their making charges regardless of the piece you choose. Clearly, if you haven’t shopped in and around Chandigarh, you haven’t shopped at all.



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