Young Achievers at TEDx Chandigarh Pre-event


The first edition of TEDx Chandigarh, held in 2017, brought to the fore several creative masterminds, artists, scientists, pioneers, change makers and highly acclaimed visionaries who enlightened the audience with their awe-inspiring and stimulating thoughts. The esteemed personalities came from India as well as abroad to share their novel ideas which incited the listeners to delve deeper into the topics with discussions and motivated them to explore the best of their potential. Likewise, in its 2nd edition, TEDx Chandigarh is up for presenting some extremely notable people from various fields on a single stage. For its pre-event, which is scheduled on 29th December, achievers of high repute- Tanmay Bakshi and Harjit Singh will amaze the audience with their “ideas worth spreading” which is the spirit of TED’s mission.

Tanmay Bakshi is a 14 year old genius of Indian origin, currently living in Canada. He has been magnetic towards achievements owing to his extraordinary intelligence. Tanmay is an Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Developer, Algorithmist, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, IBM Champion for Cloud, YouTuber, Author and Keynote TEDxCincinnati Speaker. He is one of the youngest app developers of the world as he started programming when he was merely five years old. He has created numerous iOS apps like tGuess, tID Vault, “I Can, We Can!” his first being the iOS app, tTables, which was accepted when he was just nine.

He is immensely passionate about imparting the knowledge he has with the beginners to help them create their own solutions. This young brainiac is all set to share his invaluable thoughts at the TEDx Chandigarh pre-event and acquaint the audience with his intellect.
The life journey of the 2nd speaker is no less than an inspiration and an apt example of the saying “Great things come from hard work and perseverance.” Harjit started working when he was 15. He cleaned schools in the summer, worked at construction sites on the weekends, pumped gas, sold sneakers in foot lockers even before he was 18. But he displayed his entrepreneurial dexterity while he was a sophomore in college by starting and handling his family’s gas station and convenience store business in Loveland, Colorado.

Currently, Harjit Singh is the Co-Founder of Xurge Capital Partners, LLC and the Managing Director responsible for Company’s business in North America and Asia with a particular focus on cross-border Indian opportunities. He has worked in some of the biggest firms of the world including Morgan Stanley, DTCC, Oppenheimer and Co, and Syzygy Therapeutics where he gained an experience of over seven years in investment banking, private equity/venture capital and trade finance.

Recently, Harjit ran a Wall Street Branch for Soleil Capitale Group/Surya Capitale Securities and had a significant role in building their highly successful trade finance operations. He has worked with companies in the transportation, insurance, staffing, media & entertainment and biotechnology industries across the world.

The TEDx stage brings to you true stories based on real life experiences, giving you so much to learn and gain new perspectives about life which may help you achieve what might seem unattainable initially. The experience, indeed, leaves you remarkably stirred to bring a change and in awe of the insightful ideas of the speakers.


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