9 Places For Momo Lovers To Be In Chandigarh


A typical school day in Delhi ends with a plate of momos and the spiciest chilli sauce under the sky. This was something that I had been a part of for more than 3 years growing up in the national capital. After having dunked down a whole plate of chicken momos, I used to think, who could possibly eat this after a tiring day at school and in the middle of the road under the glaring sun? But it turned out that I could and so could my friends. This trend has somewhat moved on from Delhi. It has become more mainstream in Chandigarh now.

If you are looking for the best places for momos in Chandigarh, it’s not going to be that difficult of a task. Following is a list of a few places that are not only popular for street food in Chandigarh but the best wontons and momos you can find across the Tricity region:

1. Kathmandu Chinese Fast Food
Anyone who has ever studied in the Punjab University knows about the Patel Market in sector 15. It is like the most ultimate place for the best momos in Tricity. The other big highlights of this place are their noodles and of course their spring rolls. The spicy and buttery chilli sauce is their hottest selling item on the menu, literally. If you are crazy for those cute and yummy looking wontons and momos, this is the place to be. In fact every spicy food lover across the colleges in Chandigarh can be found in this one spot practically every evening as soon as classes end.

2. Sector 44 Local Market
The sector 44 local market is an up and coming place for the best Chinese food in Chandigarh. You can find chicken sausages, burgers, Chowmein, and the spiciest chilli sauce with the most mouth watering momos that are only 20 or 25 bucks a plate! This is like total value for money. The best part is that this market is relatively new and the crowd here is so much more fun than any other sector in the city. Youngsters from Mohali and all over Chandigarh can be seen flocking to these stalls where you can also find a lot of options for spring rolls and fried wontons as well. The aroma coming out of this one little area is enough to increase your appetite.

3. Momos Wala
You can find numerous stalls of momos in the open market of sector 27. They all are pocket friendly and each has their own taste. Some of them also come with a side serving of onions and coriander while others are served with the traditional spicy chilli sauce. Again, it is one of the liveliest markets across the city only because of the stalls of momos that have become a very popular hangout spot for youngsters and families alike.

4. Sector 7 Market
No! The sector 7 market is not only popular for high end restaurants and car mechanics. You will be able to point out several momo stalls near the Friends Hotel and also Burger Uncle which is very popular for nearly all kinds of street food in Chandigarh. You just can’t resist the greasy, oily and delicious taste of these momos if you are a true Chinese food lover. Chandigarh is fast becoming a hub for practically all kinds of street foods possible.

5. Shake Plaza, Punjab University
If you have been to the Student Centre in the Punjab University campus, you know that momos are everybody’s favourite. You also get a special salsa dip over there which is not as spicy as you find in other markets. It is flavourful and filled with cabbage leaves that also stuffed inside the veg wontons and dumplings. You can find a wide variety of probably the best momos in Tricity right at this one place provided you enter the campus at the right time. These offerings get out of stock quite rapidly.

6. Burgrill
Do we even need to introduce this place to you? You don’t just get your lovable Peri-Peri fries and BBQ chicken burgers here but also the best sandwiches and the city. They serve momos in probably the most elegant manner you have ever seen. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places for momos in Chandigarh and you are not going to regret stepping your foot into this restaurant and gorging on calories you never thought you could possibly stomach.

7. Dumpling Hood
When I first came to this place, I discovered that Dumpling Hood has been crowned as the king of dumplings. My love for momos that was somewhat becoming subdued ever since I had left Delhi was reignited. They have a rather limited dumpling menu but the options that you have are simply out of this world. If you ever go to sector 32, do not forget to pay this place a visit.

8. Mainland China
And who can forget Mainland China? This is the home to not just some of the best Chinese food in Chandigarh but also great tasting momos in all of Tricity. Their momos and dumplings are loaded with Philadelphia cheese. Could anything beat that combination?

9. Dimsum Box
This place is ideal for the “classy” lot reading this blog post. If you are looking for a more diverse menu that comprises beverages, sandwiches, pastas, juices and desserts along with the best in Chinese cuisine, this spot is for you. Find the best of the best here and oh, did I mention that they have a long list of momos on their menu too? Prepare to be assaulted with a barrage of flavours and aromas from Dimsum Box in sector 9, Chandigarh.

What are you thinking? You don’t have to fast the entire day to make space for wontons and momos inside your stomach. You can eat momos practically any time of the day and even if you feel stuffed and bloated afterwards, it is definitely going to be worth it.


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