Share happiness and Joy! Delightful Ways to Enjoy Festive Season 2020


With the arrival of the festive season comes the ways to rejoice it in your own style. The year 2020 may have provided us different experiences, but we can still cherish it. There are more things to consider this time. No one can deny the importance of “vocal for local” this festival season when you encourage it to help the cause and spread the worth.

Deepavali or Diwali, the festival depicting good over evil, is upon us this weekend. While we plan to celebrate the festival of lights by sharing sweets, bursting crackers, taking selfies, and building memories, what never missed is home cleaning. It signifies the welcoming of Goddess Laxmiji. The celebrations are on with the coming of Christmas and New year. You can continue sharing your happiness by coming in contact with 2 NGOs, enjoying the festival season amazingly.

So, cheer up your festive mood by sharing happiness not only within your family but also with needy people. It’s simple! While you step out of doors to buy diyas and gifts, you can light up the lives of others as well. These two NGOs have better ways to live, and you can bring spark for them this festive season-

ChhotiSiAsha: A Positive Change to Brighten up Needy’s Lives!

A volunteer-driven non-profit organization has been working since 2006 for adolescent youth and women’s livelihood and economic empowerment in Chandigarh. The meaning of this NGO is “a small hope,” portraying a positive change in the lives of those belonging to this family. It operates a livelihood centre at village- Khudda Jassu near Chandigarh. The neighbouring communities come together to self-manage initiatives such as stitch-a-living, Badlaav, and Hamara Bank.

ChhotiSiAsha Soft Toys

A stitch-a-living emphasizes hand-stitched bags, lifestyle decor products and other merchandise to design hand-printed bags, clothes, and more, which are sold through exhibitions, conferences, and online and offline stores. It also makes Diwali decorative items such as beautiful diyas, lamps, and more. Isn’t it great to set the festive mode on by buying such things created with good efforts?

ChhotiSiAsha Bags

On the other hand, Badlaav means change is an After School Education program for children in the village communities. It is an intent to help children cultivate their logical thinking skills and understand their surroundings. Also, Hamara Bank is a microloan and informal program managed by the women members of this NGO community. When ChhotiSi Asha has initiated a marvelous work to change people’s lives, why don’t we make it prosperous this Diwali?

For more products by ChhotiSiAsha you can visit their official website


ASHI’s (Association for Social Health in India) mission is to care, educate, and provide homes for orphaned and destitute children, empower women by imparting knowledge of value, and enlighten youth against social evils and for ethical, healthy living in schools and colleges. It seeks a resolution through individual and collective action, enabling children to realize their full potential. The NGO also wants children to discover their potential for change and action.

This NGO serves nutritious food to all children, along with facilities such as Anand Siksha supporting children in education rather than begging outside the temples. The Computer Learning Centre by ASHI provides free computer learning to children from economically weaker sections of society. This NGO also boosts women empowerment, helps organize the infrastructure of various schools, and scholarships for higher education.

ASHI Diyas
ASHI Candles

What’s coming in your mind about doing something excellent in this festive time? Yes, your contribution can make someone’s life beautiful. And more than it, an unforgettable celebration!Planning to do something exciting contains many ways, and contributions to NGOs is one of them. This amazing festival can be a stress-buster amid a pandemic where people need a reason to meet with family and friends. While you do this, make sure you don’t forget that COVID-19 pandemic is not ended yet.

For more products by ASHI you can visit here

To order these products you can call on 8146196548, Ms.Kiran
– Manager or get in touch at

How to Celebrate Festive Season in the Pandemic?

In this extraordinary year where everyone’s look for the normal life like before has brought masks and social-distancing as a compulsion. Over the months of the pandemic, an increased focus and attention on the home without distractions of the outside world have become important. The impulse to build the home a place of comfort and delight has become strong. With the coming of the delightful festival season, it is the best time to strengthen bonds with your family members. This time, emphasize on your roots and traditions, and how far we have come from those childhood days where we would steal home-made sweets during the festivals.

Wear masks while you purchase crackers and celebrate festivals with your loved ones. Also, make contributions to a social cause, cook delightful meals, and decorate your homes. Also, keep participating in the virtual events so that you don’t miss anything joyous this festival season.

Enjoy festive season and light up family moments with happiness!


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Seema gupta
Seema gupta
3 years ago

Best wishes to team ASHI Haryana

Seema gupta
Seema gupta
3 years ago

Best wishes to team Ashi Haryana panchkula