5 Highly Prevalent Myths Of The Corona Virus Vaccine Busted


The District Relief Fund Society of Jalandhar has started a Covid-19 vaccine drive at a centre near you. This commendable initiative has been taken by the Jalandhar Administration and it is going to ensure that every citizen between the ages 18 and 44 years gets their Covaxin jab without any hassle. Yes, this vaccine drive is being carried out for everyone whether it is your first dose or the second one.
The vaccine being administered is Covaxin which is India’s first indigenous Covid-19 vaccine by Bharat Biotech developed in collaboration with the ICMR which is the Indian Council of Medical Research – National Institute of Virology (NIV).
Checklist For Your Safety – Punjab Fights Corona

Prior To Vaccination

  • Begin by going for a registration for corona vaccine and scheduling an appointment
  • Accept the vaccine
  • Carry your medical documents with you
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Remember to wear a mask
  • Stay home for as long as possible

At The Time Of Vaccination

  • Carry your Aadhar card for verification
  • Wear a mask
  • Wait for your name to be called out
  • Wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt is recommended
  • Procure and save your vaccine card
  • Always take a single jab at a time

After The Covid Vaccination

  • Follow all the Covid-19 protocols
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Ensure plenty of fluids in your diet
  • Wait at least 28 days for your second dose
  • Take medicine for any post-vaccination side-effects
  • Incorporate immunity-boosting foods in your diet

But this is not it. No matter how many vaccine drives and initiatives the government runs, as responsible citizens it is only upon us to make these vaccination drives a success. We have arrived to a point where there is abundance of misinformation circulating all over on the internet and other platforms and channels as well.

Any such claims are completely baseless and you should stay away from these rumours.
We need to be able to differentiate between what is true and what is not. The following section sheds light on what the various myths and facts relating to the Covid-19 vaccine are and how we should stay away from any lies and false claims that prevent us from taking the vaccine and making our lives easier.

1. First Myth
The most common misconception about the coronavirus vaccine among people is that it was made very quickly and so it is unsafe / ineffective
All the authorised vaccines whether it is the Covaxin Vaccine or any other formulation made by any American or Russian companies that have come into circulation have been proven safe and effective by several authorities and world-renowned organisations. All the safety standards are being met and rigorous compliances are in place to ensure the efficacy, purity and safety of these vaccines throughout the country. It is only because of the unprecedented worldwide collaboration against the virus and the humongous investments made by several countries that this a vaccine was developed in record time.

2. Second Myth
As soon as you take this vaccine, you will suffer from severe and unavoidable allergic reactions
The truth is that some participants in initial vaccine clinical trials did report a few minor side effects which are very much similar to the ones being experienced by common citizens these days. They include muscle pain, headache, body chills and a bit of uneasiness. There have been no reports of any severe allergic reactions to the vaccine regardless of whether it is your first jab or the second one.

3. Third Myth
The Covid-19 vaccine that has been developed in India can cause infertility in people
This is the perfect example of the false claims and lies that we spoke about earlier. There have been a lot of messages on social media that suggest that this vaccine is going to cause infertility especially in women. The truth is that the placental protein and the spike protein share a similar amino acid profile / sequence. However, experts have clarified on several occasions that this sequence is too short to trigger any such harmful effects or immune responses from the female body under any circumstances. Therefore, it is not going to affect fertility in any human being.

4. Fourth Myth
Once I have had my Covid-19 vaccine, I will not need to wear a mask at all
The truth is that you can still get infected with the virus as per several reports coming from all over the world. Re-infection is possible and this means that you will still have to exercise necessary caution when going about your normal daily activities.

5. Fifth Myth 
I have already suffered from the Covid-19 virus and recovered completely recently so I do not need the vaccine
Like pointed out earlier, re-infection from this virus is very much possible. You can avoid severe complications after getting re-infected if you have taken your jabs at the right time. Evidences have come to the fore that suggest that immunity acquired from getting infected and recovering from the Covid-19 is not that long lasting. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you take both the recommended vaccines at the prescribed time interval to ensure that you do not fall prey to this virus again.

A Few Facts About The Coronavirus Vaccine You Should Be Aware Of

  • Research has shown that this vaccine is suitable for all blood types as opposed to many rumours circulating about
  • The vaccine is not going to increase your risk of getting infected from another infection under any circumstances
  • There is no live virus in these vaccines which means you will not test positive for the coronavirus after you have taken the jab successfully

Remember, this vaccination in Jalandhar is going to be a success only if it has our complete support and contribution. Our scientists and vaccine developers did not skip any testing steps and procedures when coming up with the coronavirus vaccines. All the vaccine projects being carried out across the state and the country have plenty of resources and governments across the plane are invested in not just researching and coming up with better and advanced vaccines but also so ensuring that every citizen gets their jab on time. Covid-19 is a highly contagious and widespread virus. It is upon us how seriously we take this situation and how considerate we are not only towards our own health but to the rest of the world’s as well. Online vaccine registration in Punjab is very fast and easy. Lets’ fight and beat this pandemic together.


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