This Fashion Show Celebrates Acid Attack Survivors


An acid attack can change a person’s whole life in a matter of minutes. From medical treatment to social sidelining, an acid attack survivor has to deal with a lot of physical and emotional pain through their lifetime. A fashion show like this one, however, is a bold step in the right direction for acid attack survivors.

What : Kadam- Ek Pehal
When : Mar 17, 2018 | 6PM
Where: Chandigarh Club, Sector 1

You know your country is in a sad state of affairs when the term ‘acid attack’ becomes commonplace. India is said to have the highest number of acid attacks in the world, with upto 307 officially registered cases in 2016. And the number does not seem to be going down. What’s worse is that till 2013, there was simply no provision in the Indian Penal Code that recognised acid attacks as a separate offence. Post the February 2013 amendment, cases are now registered separately but the statistics give no indication of a decrease in the number of acid crimes in India.

Acid attack survivors, however, have to deal with a lot more than just an incompetent judicial system. From being blinded beyond repair to being scarred beyond recognition, an acid attack survivor is robbed of their sense of self and identity in a matter of a few moments. Moreover, society sidelines them to a mere victim, ignoring the potential that lies dormant in each and every survivor. Often, survivors suffer a major hit to their confidence levels, unable to step out of the house for psychological, emotional, as well as security reasons.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Chandigarh based NGO – I Am Still Human is taking a commendable step towards the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors by organising Kadam – Ek Pehal, a fashion show that celebrates the confidence and perpetual beauty of acid attack survivors. Often, survivors find it difficult to get employment because of their appearance and are thus unable to support themselves. A fashion show of this nature can help towards changing this attitude of employers and spread awareness about survivor’s stories and experiences.

Acid survivors often have to deal with constant stares and glares from people in public places. Here is an event that will show you that at the end of the day, they are also simply people like you, with similar aspirations, hopes and desires in life. If you are someone who was previously indifferent to this cause, or simply unaware of the plight of acid survivors, then it is imperative that you attend this event.


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